How To Request a ConnectNetwork GTL Refund

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How To Get a ConnectNetwork GTL Refund

ConnectNetwork is a service designed for connecting inmates with their friends and family members.

The company is owned by the Global Tel Link (GTL), a telecommunication company focused on providing services to correctional facilities.

ConnectNetwork allows its users to communicate with inmates by:

  • Sending messages
  • Scheduling a visit
  • Receiving phone calls
  • Making deposits to an inmate

Signing up for an account is free, and there is no monthly subscription. Once you're in, you can make a deposit or add funds to activate the service of your choice.

What Is the ConnectNetwork Refund Policy?

ConnectNetwork offers a variety of services with different refund rules.

The general policy allows you to cancel your account within the first 30 days and get a full refund for funds you have added to your account but have not used.

Can I Get a ConnectNetwork Refund if I No Longer Need My Account?

Yes, you can get a refund for any unused balance in your account.

This rule applies to the AdvancePay accounts as well, since this type of account allows you to add money in advance to receive phone calls.

Can I Get a ConnectNetwork Refund for My AdvancePay Account if the Inmate Is Moved to an Incompatible Facility?

In most cases, the account can remain active even if the inmate is moved, without any interruption in service. The only exception is when the new facility is not supported by GTL. In that case, you need to cancel your account, but you will get a full refund for any unused funds.

Can I Get a ConnectNetwork Refund for Phone Call Related Issues?

ConnectNetwork offers no refunds for certain phone call issues.

You cannot get a refund for:

  • Any call that is cut off prematurely
  • Poor audio quality during calls
  • Issues with phone calls made to cell phones or processed through call forwarding service or Internet-based telephone service

If you experienced a different problem with a phone call, you can request a refund, and it will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Can I Get a ConnectNetwork Refund for the Unused Message Credits?

There are no refunds available for the paid but unused message credits after the first 30 days of creating the account.

Can I Get a ConnectNetwork Refund for Unused Funds in the PIN Debit Account?

You can't get a refund for the PIN Debit account, but the inmate can after their release.

When you create a PIN Debit account, it belongs to the inmate. The account balance is inmate controlled, you can add funds to it, but cannot check the balance or request a refund once the account is not in use.

Can I Get a ConnectNetwork Refund for Link Units?

When you make a deposit to the inmate’s Debit Link account, the funds are turned into Link Units, a form of in-facility currency.

Link Units are generally not refundable, but if you believe your situation requires a refund, you can ask for one. Take note that you will have to pay for the conversion and close-out fees.

Methods To Request a ConnectNetwork Global Tel Link Refund

Some factors to take into consideration before requesting a refund are:

  • If you are closing your AdvancedPay account and want to ask for a refund, you will have to submit your request online and validate your identity. You can make a phone call first to inquire about the details
  • If there is an unused balance in your account, you will need to confirm your address before your refund request is accepted

You can try a few different methods to get a refund from ConnectNetwork.

Can You Request a Refund Via

Yes / No








In Person


Requesting a ConnectNetwork Refund Over the Phone: What Is GTL Refund Number?

You can request a refund over the phone by calling the contact number designated to your specific service.

Here is the list of all available phone lines:

  • Customer Service: (877) 650-4249
  • Visitor Support: (855) 208-7349
  • AdvancePay: (800) 483-8314
  • Trust Fund: (888) 988-4768
  • PIN Debit: (855) 706-2445

In most cases, the correspondence will continue via email, or you will be asked to fill out the Inmate Family and Friends Refund Form.

Requesting a ConnectNetwork Refund via Email

You can also try asking for a refund via email. You don't get to send an email directly, but use the form on the website. ConnectNetwork will send their response to your email address.

Here is how to fill out the email form:

  1. Go to the ConnectNetwork website
  2. Click on Contact Us in the header
  3. Scroll down until you reach the Contact Us via Email section
  4. Click on the complete this form link
  5. Enter your full name, phone number, email address, facility name, and inmate's name
  6. Select Refund Request from the Topic drop-down menu
  7. Explain why you want a refund and for what service in the Message textbox
  8. Click on Submit

How To Get a ConnectNetwork GTL Refund With DoNotPay

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DoNotPay will help you do a chargeback on your credit card transaction by sending a dispute letter to your bank. The difference between a refund and a chargeback lies in the fact that a chargeback bypasses the merchant. You resolve the issue directly with the bank.

We can also contact the merchant and request a refund from them.

Disputing a credit card charge is your right, according to the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA). You can use DoNotPay's File a Chargeback feature to get your money back from other services as well, as long as you do it within 60 days of the purchase.

Check out how to get your money back from these popular services with DoNotPay:

How Long Do I Have To Wait for My ConnectNetwork GTL Refund?

If your refund request is approved, it will be issued between 30 and 60 days from the date of your request.

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