Chase Customer Service Hacks

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The Hassle-free Way to Contact Chase Customer Service

The main contact number for Chase is 800-935-9935. Customers usually spend 20 minutes on hold when contacting Chase by phone. To avoid the wait, try downloading DoNotPay. Access DoNotPay through any . DoNotPay contacts support for you, waits in the queue, and notifies you once it reaches a live human.

The contact numbers for Chase customer service

Chase customer service is available at five different phone numbers. Their general customer support number is 800-935-9935. You can contact this number 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The average waiting time is 20 minutes. It is best to call at 9:05 am.

To get targeted help, you can contact numbers specifically for mobile banking, freedom cards, and lost cards. You can also find a separate number for international customer service. Calling a targeted help number will increase the chances of resolving your problem fast.

For mobile banking concerns, call 877-242-7372. This number has a hold time of about 20 minutes. It is preferable to call this number at 10:15 a.m. To quickly get a live person, dial 0.

Contact 800-524-3880 for freedom card concerns. It takes 50 minutes or even longer for someone to answer the phone. This can be a real pain, so try to call at 10:15 a.m. for the shortest possible hold time.

Contact 800-945-2006 for lost cards. On average, the waiting time is 20 minutes. Calling this number is free of charge, and it is most time-efficient to dial it at 9:45 a.m.

International callers can contact 713-262-1679. At the time of writing, the hold time was 20 minutes. This number is not toll-free. It is best to call it at 10:15 a.m.

Customer service numberMobile banking numberFreedom cards numberLost cards numberInternational number
800-935-9935877-242-7372800-524-3880 800-945-2006 713-262-1679

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How do I get in touch with Chase by email?

Rather than contacting them by email, Chase requires customers to log in to Chase OnlineSM to use Chase’s Secure Message Center.

Here's Chase's key contact information:

Main Contact Number:Web messaging service:
800-935-9935Chase’s Secure Message Center

Remember, contacting Chase's customer service does not mean you will instantly get a reply, or even get a reply at all. Chase is a massive world-class corporation that receives thousands, if not millions, of messages from around the globe.

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How and where can I get immediate help regarding my Chase concerns?

Submitting your issue to Chase is only the initial step. Unfortunately, inquiries have to go through a lengthy process of assessment before they can get a response from the company.

  1. Start by visiting Chase’s website. Then, go and scroll to the very bottom of the page. At the right-hand corner under "About Chase," click on Chase customer service.
  2. Under customer service, you can access the most requested topics, helpful videos, privacy and security, accessibility, the military services contact, feedback, and specific help.
  3. The website divides the first section, the 'most popular topics' into subtopics, which include account management, payments & statements, and banking tools.
  4. Meanwhile, the helpful video category features how-to videos for using the Chase mobile app.
  5. Privacy and security are composed of articles that address the protection of customers' personal information and funds.
  6. Accessibility provides information regarding support for individuals with disabilities.
  7. Chase provides contact numbers for military personnel and veteran services.
  8. The complaints and feedback section provides a secure messaging option, numbers to call, and social media accounts to contact.
  9. Chase has accounts on practically every social media platform. Contact Chase on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, or Linkedin. Contacting Chase on social media might get you the public attention you need to get a quick resolution of your problem.

On the Chase customer service site, you will also find links to pages with in-depth help on topics like:

  • Credit cards
  • Personal banking
  • Auto loans
  • Home lending
  • Investments and retirement plans
  • Chase private clients
  • Commercial banking
  • Business banking

Contacting Chase through their corporate addresses

Chase or JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a leading global bank. It is also one of the most prominent and most well-known banks in the United States States. Its headquarters are in New York.


270 Park Avenue,

New York, NY.

United States

Mailing address

Chase Bank

P O Box 36520

Louisville, KY 40233-6520

If you wish to send demand letters to JPMorgan Chase & Co, you'll need to send the company a demand letter to one of the addresses above.

Chase’s executive team

Primary contact

Nancy Stoneman

Senior Operations Manager

4 Chase Metrotech Ctr

Brooklyn, N.Y 11245-0003


Secondary Contact

Deborah Walden

Executive Vice President of Customer Experience

270 Park Avenue

New York, N.Y 10005


Gordon A. Smith

Consumer & Community Banking CEO

270 Park Avenue

New York, N.Y 10005


Chief Executive

Jamie Dimon

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

270 Park Avenue

New York, N.Y 10005

(212) 270-1111 or


Try contacting an executive if you have a major problem and have exhausted all other means of communication.

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What are some of the reasons people reach out to Chase support?

    1. Disputing charges
    2. Contactless debit card: people seek information on Chase’s new contactless debit card.
    3. Forced arbitration clauses: Chase is adding a new forced arbitration clause to the Chase Freedom Credit Card, and people are outraged.
    4. How can you get a Chase Sapphire Reserve card?
    5. Refusal to Deal with Conservatives: people are complaining about Chase’s bias against politically conservative citizens. There have been reports of Chase not dealing with, shutting down, or terminating the accounts of those who are politically conservative.
    6. Benefits of Choosing Chase: netizens ask what the benefits of going for a Chase credit card are.
    7. Bank Account Theft: one netizen has complained about a stranger walking into a Chase branch and withdrawing 8,000 dollars from their account.

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If I don’t have any success dealing with customer support, can I send demand letters to Chase in small claims court?

The answer is probably yes. DoNotPay can help you send demand letters to Chase in the small claims court. Here is a detailed guide, but the basic steps are simple:

  1. The app will generate a demand letter you can send to Chase. The purpose of this letter is to try and settle things outside of court.
  2. If you don’t get an answer, the next step is to fill out the court forms. DoNotPay helps you fill them out in just a few minutes.
  3. Then, you must file a complaint with the court. As always, the app will guide you through this step.
  4. You will then serve Chase, which means that you will inform them that you are suing them, and why you are suing them.
  5. Finally, you will show up in court and present your case. DoNotPay will generate an exact script so that you will know what to say in court.

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