Charles Tyrwhitt's Customer Service Hacks You Have to Know

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Charles Tyrwhitt's Customer Service Hacks You Have to Know

Charles Tyrwhitt is a British multi-channel men's cloth retail shop specializing in dress shirts, suits, shoes, casual wear, and accessories. Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler founded the company in 1986 as a mail-order company. With a strong e-commerce presence, 26 stand-alone networks in the UK, and global wholesale operations, you probably expect to be kept on hold while contacting Charles Tyrwhitt customer services.

Delays in response from Charles Tyrwhitt customer services may result from the massive volume of customers they're dealing with and the fact that most of their sales are made through their call centre. You don't have to worry about this anymore.

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Reasons Why You Would Contact Charles Tyrwhitt Customer Services

Customers can reach out to for different reasons. Some of the factors that would prompt you to reach out to their services include:

Complaints About Their Online Services

Some of the complaints associated with Charles Tyrwhitt's online services include:

  • Failure to click when a customer wants to complete an order
  • Missing item in a checkout
  • Unclear pricing
  • Missing discounts or coupons

Complaints in Their Stores

Some of the common complaints about Charles Tyrwhitt in stores may include:

  1. Rude and inadequate attention from the sales team
  2. The perception of unfair
  3. Issues with returned goods

Complaints Associated With Credit

Credit cards are used to pay for products bought from the Charles Tyrwhitt online store. Some of the complaints associated with their use include:

  • Billing mistakes
  • Lack of communication or solutions with their billing questions
  • Consumer rewards associated with credit card expenditure

Complaints Associated With Returns

Consumers usually contact Charles Tyrwhitt customer services to pose such as unclear product return policies.

How to Contact Charles Tyrwhitt Customer Services

Charles Tyrwhitt recommends their customers read out their FAQs and try to resolve their issues before they reach out to them. However, if you cannot find the answer you're looking for, you can use the following options to contact them:

Charles Tyrwhitt Support/FAQ SiteContact Page
Charles Tyrwhitt Phone Number0344 482 4000
Charles Tyrwhitt Fax0208 735 1066
Charles Tyrwhitt Live ChatLive Chat
Charles Tyrwhitt AddressHead Office: Cotton Centre, Cotton Lane, London SE1 2QG, UK

Distribution Centre: CT: MK, James Way, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MKI ISU, UK

Charles Tyrwhitt Social MediaFacebook



Charles Tyrwhitt Support EmailEmail Form

How to Contact Charles Tyrwhitt Customer Service via Live Chat

Click here to contact Charles Tyrwhitt via live chat. Their chat service is available every day between 9 am - 3 am UK time.

How to Contact Charles Tyrwhitt Customer Services via Email

You can send an email to Charles Tyrwhitt customer service. Their agent should respond within 24 hours, which can take longer during busy periods.

How to Contact Charles Tyrwhitt Customer Service via Phone

Charles Tyrwhitt's customer service team can receive your call any day of the week between 9 am - 3 am UK time. They're only closed on Christmas Day and have limited hours on Boxing day. You can contact their customer service through their UK line at 0344 482 4000. Their Fax line is 0208 735 1066.

How to Contact Charles Tyrwhitt Customer Service via Postal Services

If you prefer to write to Charles Tyrwhitt customer service, you can file your complaint to the following address:

  • Head Office: Cotton Centre, Cotton Lane, London SE1 2QG, UK
  • Distribution Centre: CT: MK, James Way, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MKI ISU, UK.

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