How to Reach Carphone Warehouse Customer Service Agents Without the Wait

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How to Reach Carphone Warehouse Customer Service Agents Without the Wait

There are many legitimate but annoying reasons to contact any company's customer service department. When something is wrong with a purchase, it can be infuriating. Contacting department is no walk in the park either. It can actually make the state much worse by the time you reach a real person.

Waiting on hold is just the beginning of the disappointments. It ends after going through an endless phone tree and finally getting a human on the other end of the line. On average, a person spends almost two months of life waiting on hold. Does anyone have that kind of time to waste?

DoNotPay helps ease the stress of waiting on hold with a robot dialer that does the work of connecting for you. You just wait for the human agent to pick up.

Carphone Warehouse Customer Support Information

Carphone Warehouse has suffered a few complaints over the years about everything from damaged merchandise to fraudulent charges and not honouring their return procedures. While the website promises to return correspondence in less than 5 minutes, it typically takes more than 45 minutes for an agent to respond. There are a few ways to try to get hold of . They are

  1. Phone
  2. Email
  3. Customer service desk
  4. FAQs
  5. Postal mail
  6. Social media
  7. Use the Device Advice section of the website

The Contact Us page of their website states that customers can use their email app to send them questions and concerns directly on the website. Use the drop-down menu to choose a topic and describe your problem.

Calling Customer Service

The customer care phone numbers are listed on the website. Consumer complaint forums are populated with posts saying it can take 30 minutes to over an hour to get a real customer service agent on the line. The customer support numbers are:

Phone NumberSchedule
Customer service0370 111 6565Monday through Friday from 9 am until 6 pm
Repairs0800 276 1373Monday – Friday from 8 am - 8 pm. Saturday from 9am - 6pm. Sunday: from 10 am - 5 pm

Contact a Store Option

The website has a Contact the Store option on the FAQ page that allows users to locate the particular store they purchased merchandise from. It provides the address, phone number, and email of the specific store.

Postal Mail

If you prefer to mail a letter to the management of Carphone Warehouse, you can send it to the following address:

The Carphone Warehouse

PO Box 689



Device Advice

The website has a section called Device Advice. If you click on it, you'll find every phone that Carphone Warehouse sells and a help section, particularly for those phones.

Corporate Addresses

It's often necessary to use the postal office to deliver documents or to make a personal appearance at the actual address of the Carphone Warehouse corporate office. You may also need the address if you file a lawsuit in small claims court against them. Their address is Unit F, Townsmoor Retail Park, Great Bolton Street, Blackburn BB2 3PX

Top Reasons Customers Contact Carphone Warehouse Customer Support

The complaints on customer review sites, like Reddit, and other public threads have shown a substantial decline in the quality of Carphone Warehouse customer service in recent years. Complaints have run across the board to virtually every division. The most widespread issues people call Carphone Warehouse customer service are

  • Accidental charges
  • Wrong merchandise
  • Damaged merchandise
  • Missing deliveries
  • Fraudulent charges
  • Not sticking to their return policy

How to Contact Carphone Warehouse When All Else Fails

Carphone Warehouse and other shopping experiences that have an online presence are infamous for their defective customer service concerns. Fortunately, DoNotPay has an easy and fast way to solve the problem. Waiting for a human customer service agent for hours at a time makes the situation worse, and DoNotPay realizes that. That's why we offer the Skip Waiting on Hold product. We make it possible to skip waiting on hold forever. DoNotPay calls any customer service phone number you want us to and waits on hold in your place. As soon as a support agent takes your call, we notify you, so you can get to the issue and get the answers you need.

Here's how you can use DoNotPay to skip Carphone Warehouse's phone queue:

  1. Open your web browser and sign up for DoNotPay.

  2. Type in Skip Waiting on Hold and select the product.

  3. Search for the company you'd like to call.

  4. Click on the name of the company and have us do the work for you.

That's it. DoNotPay will let you know the instant someone picks up so you can talk to a customer support representative without having to spend a second waiting on hold.

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