Connect With Bristol Energy's Customer Service Reps Quickly

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Connect With Bristol Energy's Customer Service Reps Quickly

Bristol Energy has been a major gas and electric supplier in the UK for decades. They service both residential and commercial customers. However, recently, the beloved company has been acquired by a new company, which can make it confusing for customers to figure out who to contact. If you are wanting to learn how to contact , DoNotPay can help.

Bristol Energy Is No Longer in Business

In January 2022, Bristol Energy announced that they were ceasing to trade. This means that you will no longer when you have a query. Instead, you will contact British Gas.

If you were a Bristol Energy customer, you do not have to do anything to switch to British Gas. The company will automatically switch your records to your new energy company. This means:

  • You will still receive your Warm Home Discount if you are eligible.
  • If you are in credit with Bristol Energy, that credit will carry over to British Gas.
  • If you pay automatic debit to Bristol Energy, you will continue to make payments until you are told otherwise by British Energy.
  • When you are finally switched over to British Gas, you will automatically be put on a "deemed" contract, which means that your monthly bill could increase.
  • If you were in the middle of working out any issues with Bristol Energy when the switch happened, the British Gas' customer service department will take over and try to find a resolution for you.

Common Reasons Why Customers Have Been Contacting the Energy Company

Since the switch, many customers have been bombarding British Energy's phone lines to get some answers.

Some of the most common reasons why people have been contacting British Energy are:

  1. To find out if their service will be interrupted during the switch
  2. To send the new company their current meter readings.
  3. Many customers are curious why their monthly bill suddenly increased and if there is any way that they can lower it.
  4. Some customers contact the company to notify British Gas that they are moving to a new residence and they will need their services shut off at their old address.
  5. Some customers call British Gas to find out if there are any energy-efficient solutions for their homes.
  6. A portion of customers contact the energy company when they are struggling to pay their monthly bills. Sometimes, British Gas will work out an affordable payment plan with you to prevent your services from being cut off.

How to Contact Bristol Energy Customer Service

As previously stated, you will no longer contact . Even if you have not been officially notified of the switch, all Bristol Energy customers are to contact British Gas from now on.

British Gas Customer Service Contact Information
Customer Service Phone Number0800 072 8625
Gas Emergency Phone Number0800 111 999
Energy Report Phone Number

(if your meter not working properly)

0333 202 9845
Energy Report Phone Number

(for Electrical Outages)

Dial 105
Energy Report Phone Number

(if your Top-Up Card or Key is not working)

0333 202 9845

Who Do You Contact if You Need Additional Advice?

If you were unable to get a resolution from the telephone numbers listed above, you can Citizens Advice at 0808 223 1133.

Additionally, you can contact the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) directly by getting in touch with them on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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