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Get in Touch With Bensons for Beds Customer Service Fast

Bensons for Beds is one of the biggest bed retailers specialising in selling beds, mattresses, and other bedroom furniture. The company has been in service for over 70 years and has reputable customer service. In case you have a query, you can reach and have it resolved.

However, your response might be delayed since your call might be placed on hold, waiting for the next available customer care agent. Similarly, your email might not be responded to instantly due to the high number of emails the company receives daily. You don't have to wait anymore as DoNotPay can help you skip the long queue less frustratingly.

What You Need to Know about Bensons for Beds Customer Care Phone and Email

If you have any queries concerning your Bensons product, you can call the company support at 03332226800.

The following is the company’s weekly schedule.

  • Monday and Tuesday: 9 am-8 pm
  • Wednesday-Thursday: 9 am -7 pm
  • Friday and Saturday: 9 am -6 pm
  • Sunday: 10 am -7 pm

If you want to call to place a direct order, you can contact the company support through 08081446160.

Since Bensons for Bed is a multinational company, your phone call will likely be placed on hold until it's your turn to be served. When your call goes through, you are advised to be brief and concise with your query since many people are to be served.

Contact through:

How to Reach Bensons for Beds Customer Support
WebsiteContact Us and Help Center

Where Can You Get a Fast Response From Bensons for Beds Customer Care?

When you call the company support, your call will be placed on hold until the next care agent is available; hence you are not guaranteed a fast response. If you want your query to be responded to quickly, you should try the company's social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Ideally, no company would like its name to be tarnished in public, and therefore, Benson's customer support is always on alert to respond to any complaint posted online. The bottom line is that you will receive a quick response when you post your complaint than when you contact them privately through call or email.

What Are the Reasons for Calling Bensons For Beds Customer Care?

People contact the company support for many reasons, including to:

  1. Inquire about the nearest Bensons for Beds store
  2. Seek more information on the company website
  3. Ask where to start to buy a new mattress and mattress
  4. How to care for the new product
  5. Ask about the guarantees of the products
  6. Inquire about the delivery date for a product
  7. Ask for a refund
  8. Ask about the company head office address
  9. Ask about the preferred payment method
  10. Ask how to make amendments to any order
  11. Ask whether the company charges for delivery

Bensons for Beds Corporate Address

The company address is as follows:

Bensons for Beds,

Huncoat Industrial Estate,

Bolton Avenue,



BB5 6NJ,

This corporate address information is essential if you want to send demand letters to the company in small claim courts. It will help you know the location where to file your claim.

If Bensons for Bed Refuses to Assist You, Can You Send Demand Letters To Them in Small Claim Courts?

Yes, you can send demand letters to the company if your complaint is ignored. You can take the complaint to a small claims court and have it addressed from there.

In most cases, the complaint is money-related where the company has failed to refund you or made unjustifiable deductions from your bank's credit card. You should go to the courts and have your complaint attended to. Please note that it will be challenging to contest with a big company like Bensons for Beds in court; hence it's advisable to hire an attorney to do it on your behalf.

Get in Touch With Bensons for Beds by Yourself

If you have any queries, you can contact the company customer support through the phone number or email provided on the company's official website. You should be aware of the company's weekly working hours before contacting customer care.

The call traffic is sometimes congested, meaning that your call might be kept on hold for a long time. DoNotPay, through its Customer Service product, can let you know when the following customer care representative is available, thus saving your time.

Get in Touch With Bensons for Beds Using DoNotPay

You would like to reach Bensons for Beds but you just keep getting placed on hold. You don’t have the luxury of time to keep waiting for customer service to answer your queries.

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Below is a four-step guide

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  3. Search for the company you’d like to call.

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Aside from contacting customer service with Skip Waiting on Hold, DoNotPay can help you with many other issues.

If you are a Bensons for Beds customer and have run into a problem, today and let us help you without much strain.

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