Reach a Live Customer Service Agent at Avro Energy Effortlessly

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Reach a Live Customer Service Agent at Avro Energy Effortlessly

If you've been trying to , you've probably hit a wall. In September 2021, Octopus Energy took over operations for the failed Avro Energy company, and while Octopus has been commended for their efforts, former Avro Energy customers have still experienced a bumpy road—particularly in regard to getting their accounts credited with payments they'd made in the past. Are you a former Avro Energy customer trying to reach Octopus Energy customer service? DoNotPay can help you get in touch without wasting your time sitting on hold.

Problems People are Having With the Transfer From Avro Energy Customer Service to Octopus Energy

While most of these problems were resolved by the Spring of 2022, the transfer of account information from to Octopus was riddled with issues, including incomplete and erroneous Avro customer records. According to Octopus Energy, as of April 2022, more than 99 percent of the 580,000 former Avro Energy customers were successfully migrated to Octopus, with fewer than two percent still requiring refunds or credits.

But if you're still awaiting confirmation of your balance, you deserve a resolution. Fortunately, Octopus continues to make good on their promises. You just might need to nudge them a little.

Tips for Contacting Octopus Energy Customer Support

Octopus Energy Website
Octopus Energy Business hoursM-Th: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Fri: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Octopus Energy Phone0808 164 1088
Octopus Energy

If you're worried about getting your issues resolved with Octopus Energy, there's good news: In July 2021, the company earned 17th place in the UK Customer Service Index, making them the only energy utility in the top 50. Octopus has made serious efforts to keep up with its pace of growth, and its contact page posts recent response times for customer service email enquiries.

If you have the following information at hand when you contact them, you can make it easier for Octopus Energy to assist you:

  1. The name in which your account is registered
  2. Your Avro Energy account number
  3. Any documentation from Octopus about the transfer of your account
  4. Your Octopus Energy account number (if different)
  5. The address at which you receive service
  6. A brief description of the problem you're experiencing
  7. How you want the issue resolved

Whether you interact with Octopus Energy customer service by email or telephone, this information will help them better serve you.

Get Through to Octopus Energy Customer Service Using DoNotPay

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