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Get an Audible Free Trial With No Hidden Fees

Owned by Amazon, Inc, Audible is one of the world’s largest libraries of carefully curated audiobooks, podcasts, and original ad-free audio shows narrated and performed by the world’s A-list storytellers.

If you are a passionate book lover but don’t have much time to sit in your favorite chair and enjoy the printed word, you can participate in the adventure by purchasing Audible content individually or under a subscription plan.

In case you are not sure whether it is your cup of tea, you can take advantage of Audible promotional offers to test the service.

Does Audible Offer Free Trials?

According to Audible’s Conditions of Use, the service sometimes offers trial memberships to certain eligible customers. If trial members want to avoid getting billed for a subscription once the trial run is over, they should cancel the plan before it expires.

In case a promotion or trial offer requires a valid payment method on file, the company may validate it by requesting a temporary pre-authorization from your financial institution.

If your payment method is invalid, you may lose any benefits, Credits, or Content you may have had access to as part of your plan.

Are There Any Active Audible Free Trial Offers?

Yes, there are. Audible offers 30-day free trials for Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus, respectively.

Once the free trial period is over, the plan will automatically turn into a paid subscription.

How Do I Decide Which Plan to Select?

The plan you choose depends on the content you are interested in.

If you are into content featured in the Audible Plus Catalog, you should select Audible Plus. This option is great if you like podcasts and short-form content.

The Audible Plus Catalog contents are:

  • Podcasts—topics like comedy, journalism, and true crime
  • Audiobooks—fan-favorite genres, such as thriller, mystery, and motivation
  • Audible Originals—exclusive titles created by various storytellers and produced by Audible

In case you are interested in everything that Audible Plus offers but want more, you should choose Audible Premium Plus. It will give you access to the latest releases and best sellers and let you keep titles in your Library for good.

The benefits included in the Audible Premium Plus membership are:

  • The Audible Plus Catalog
  • Credits for any premium titles
  • No wasted credits
  • Easy exchanges
  • 30% discount for additional audiobooks
  • Exclusive deals and sales

Note that your credits will be valid for up to a year. Also, the number of credits depends on your Premium Plus plan. You can refer to the Other Audible Premium Plus Plans section for more details about credits.

What Devices Are Compatible With Audible Audiobooks?

You can use Audible on a variety of devices.

Some of them are:

  • iOS devices
  • Windows Phone
  • Android devices
  • Kindle (eighth gen)
  • Kindle Oasis (eighth and ninth gen)
  • BrailleNote & Apex BrailleNote

For more information about other supported devices, follow this page.

Can I Get an Audible Membership for Free or at a Discount if I Am an Amazon Prime Member?

Regrettably, you cannot. Audible memberships are separate from Amazon Prime, so there are no discounts or special offers for Amazon Prime members.

How Do I Register for an Audible Free Trial Membership?

In case you haven't used Audible services and want to take advantage of the 30-day free trial, here's how to start it:

  1. Head to the Audible Free Trial page on your PC
  2. Sign in using your Amazon account details (if you are new to Amazon, you can create an account right on the spot)
  3. Tap Try Audible Free, and a trial plan will be added to your shopping cart
  4. Tap Next Step
  5. Select a credit card or add one if you don’t have it on Amazon file
  6. Click the Complete Purchase button

DoNotPay’s Virtual Credit Card Lets You Sign Up for Free Trials Risk-Free

If you want to register for a free trial but avoid getting charged in case you forget to unsubscribe on time, you can easily do it with DoNotPay’s Free Trial Card.

Our virtual credit card is an excellent tool if you run Audible free trials that don’t require pre-authorization. This feature generates a 16-digit credit card number you can provide during registration, and the best thing about it is that it has no funding source linked to it.

The perks of our card are:

  • Approval on free trial pages
  • Rejection on subscription pages

Note that if Audible requires your payment method on file for a free trial, you will have to provide it. The trial run will not be approved in case pre-authorization is necessary.

Can I Cancel or Pause My Audible Membership?

Yes, you can. If you cancel your membership, you will lose access to the Audible Plus Catalog at the end of the billing period, but you will get to keep all the audiobooks you have purchased up to that point.

If you are not sure how to cancel your Audible subscription, DoNotPay can help you.

Audible monthly members can pause their membership for a period of up to three months every 12 months. Follow this page for more details on how to do it and what restrictions membership pausing will entail.

What Is the Price of Audible Memberships After Free Trials Expire?

In case you are interested in transitioning your free trial plan to a paid subscription, you can check the price of each in the table below.

Membership Plan


Audible Plus

Audible Premium Plus (one credit)


Do You Know Where Your Money Is Hidden?

DoNotPay’s Find Hidden Money feature can help you take the reins of your subscription expenditures by getting rid of all the memberships you barely use.

We will audit your subscriptions and suggest which to terminate if you:

  1. Create a DoNotPay account in any
  2. Link your email and bank accounts to our app

Other Audible Premium Plus Plans

Premium Plus plan has a few variations, and they all come with the same benefits as the standard Premium Plus, the only difference being the number of credits.

If you’d like to learn more about those plans, you can check the table below.

Audible Premium

Number of CreditsPrice
Audible Premium Plus (two)Two per month


Audible Premium Plus (12)

12 per year$149.5/year
Audible Premium Plus 24 per year


DoNotPay Responds Without Delay

Perhaps you are interested in requesting an Audible refund too?

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