Get in Touch With ASDA George Customer Service Easily

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Contact ASDA George Customer Service the Easy Way

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ASDA George Support Contact Number and Email

Do you have any issues regarding ASDA George's services? If so, can you contact them on your own? You can contact ASDA George through the email or number.

Here's a table showcasing all the ASDA George Support contact information you need

ASDA George customer care phone number0800 952 0101
ASDA George support online help online help centre
Email (for refunds)Asda.custhelp

You can reach the ASDA George customer service agents through WhatsApp if you're inquiring about your refunds. According to ASDA George, you're set to receive your refunds within 14 days after filing a complaint. If you don't receive your refunds, consider contacting them via WhatsApp.

How to Get ASDA George Refunds

One of the main issues that ASDA George customers encounter is refund issues. To get your ASDA George refund, you can contact the customer service via their online help centre, email, or WhatsApp. However, the ASDA George team encourages their customers to check out the Faster Refunds option when dealing with refund issues. The choice is much quicker, and all you need is to claim your refund through their page.

Is ASDA George customer care not helping you? Consider contacting DoNotPay; we can help you solve refund issues. All you need to do is let us know the company you want your refunds from, and we'll work on cancelling your order and getting your refunds back through our Cancel Anything product.

Alternative Ways to Solve Your ASDA George Customer Service Complaints

What happens if you've contacted the ASDA George customer service and haven't received help? There are alternative ways you can solve your George at ASDA customer service complaints, including

Use ADR Schemes

An ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) is a service that helps both parties reach an amicable solution and provide an independent arbitration on a dispute. If the ADR scheme doesn't work, you can proceed to the ombudsman service.

Use an Ombudsman

An ombudsman is also a form of an ADR scheme. You need to have reached a deadlock position with the ASDA George company to use an ombudsman service. Request for a letter of deadlock from ASDA George company to indicate that you've tried all you can to resolve your complaint.

Use a Small Claims Court

A small claims court should be your last resort after trying all other ways to resolve your issue with the company you're dealing with.

ASDA George Corporate Address

George Asda's corporate address is:

Asda George

PO Box 9564,


NG24 9GF, UK

Knowing the ASDA George corporate address is crucial, especially if you intend to file a lawsuit in a small claims court. The address will allow you to notify them of the lawsuit by serving or sending them a demand letter.

Common Reasons Why People Contact ASDA George Customer Service

Are you wondering whether you can contact the ASDA George customer care team? Various reasons may require you to contact the support team. Some of the common reasons why customers contact the ASDA George customer service include

  1. Returns and exchanges
  2. Order issues
  3. Refunds
  4. Order tracking
  5. Payment issues

Get In Touch With ASDA George Customer Care Service Using DoNotPay

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