How to Reach Arket Customer Service Easily

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Contact Arket Customer Service the Easy Way

Arket is all about sustainability. This one-stop-shop for travel accessories, home accessories, and men's, women's, and children's apparel offers goods that have been responsibly crafted from carefully sourced materials. This is the perfect store to buy from if you like high-quality goods and knowing exactly where they've come from. With Arket, you'll get enduring value and the peace of mind that comes from consumerism that has a minimal environmental impact. However, if you ever have to deal with , you may be less than impressed.

Challenges connecting with the Arket customer service team are less about Arket itself and more about the nature of the retail industry. In an effort to save money and streamline their operations, many retail giants like this one are limiting their numbers of live phone operators and employing virtual tools instead. Thus, when you call in to speak with an Arket customer support agent, you may be greeted by a virtual chat assistant. If you aren't, you could spend long minutes waiting in a packed phone queue. These waits only add to the ire that disgruntled consumers are already feeling.

The good news is that DoNotPay offers a way to always get in touch with customer service departments fast. With DoNotPay, you can jump to the very front of the Arket phone queue with absolutely no effort on your part.

Contact Information for Arket Customer Service

If you have a question or concern about your most recent Arket order, you can start by trying the normal channels. Arket has several ways for its clients to connect with customer service. Arket has detailed its expectations and everything that consumers can expect when seeking customer service in its Customer Service Terms and Conditions agreement. If you need help understanding this document and the complex jargon it contains, take advantage of the DoNotPay Terms of Service Reader. This way, you'll know exactly what you're signing on for when you accept this agreement.

Manage Discount-Related Issues With Klarna

For UK customers, Arket customer support services are largely provided by Klarna. Klarna can assist with the application of discount codes, promo codes, and other savings offers. You want to use the online Klarna support tools on its official website if your concerns are related to discounts that were not correctly applied to your order.

If your issue is not discount-related, you can contact the Arket customer service team directly by calling 020 38689990. You can also relay your concerns by drafting and sending an email to

Other Ways to Get Your Arket Customer Service Issues Sorted

For certain Arket customer service issues, it may be necessary to take your complaint to the next level. If you're dissatisfied with your purchase and with your treatment from customer support, you can use the Arket Alternative Dispute Resolution Process.

Before seeking alternative dispute resolution, it's generally best to first

  1. Exhaust all other possible channels
  2. Gather all tangible and photographic evidence of your complaint
  3. Document your conversations with customer support agents
  4. Have a clear explanation of why you'd like to escalate your complaint
  5. Determine your goals for dispute resolution

Contact the Arket Head Office

The Arket head office is worth contacting if Arket customer support agents have not been able to resolve your problem and if you aren't quite ready to pursue alternative dispute resolution. Contacting this office will help you escalate your concerns and obtain an adequate solution.

Ways to Contact Arket Customer Support
Phone Number+46844686444
AddressH&M Hennes & Mauritz GBC AB

Mäster Samuelsgatan 46 A

106 38 Stockholm, Sweden

Online Contact Form

Let DoNotPay Help You Initiate a Refund or Chargeback With Arket

When you're unable to get an acceptable response from any of the customer service channels that Arket has made available, DoNotPay can help. With DoNotPay, you can initiate an instant chargeback or submit a refund request. DoNotPay will even follow up on your refund request by tracking its progress and helping to collect and supply necessary evidence for supporting your claim. Check out the DoNotPay File a Chargeback product to get things started.

Common Reasons People Contact Arket Customer Support

Although Arket is known for producing high-quality goods in an ethical, sustainable way, this doesn't mean that things cannot go awry after placing an Arket order. Common reasons for contacting Arket customer support include

  • Late delivery of ordered products
  • Items were never delivered
  • Items were damaged or defective when they arrived
  • Items received did not match their online product descriptions
  • Payment methods on file were overcharged
  • Relevant or applicable discounts were never applied

Use DoNotPay to Connect With Arket Customer Service in No Time

There's no easier way to get in touch with the customer support team at Arket than by using DoNotPay. With DoNotPay, you don't have to spend any of your time listening to canned music while you wait on hold. You can bypass long and fruitless conversations with virtual phone assistants and sidestep the frustration of detailing your issues to emotionless virtual chatbots.

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