Sign Up for Yahoo Mail Without a Phone Number Using These Easy Hacks

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Sign Up for Yahoo Mail Without a Phone Number Using These Easy Hacks

Apps and online services always ask for a few pieces of personal information when you create an account. Increasingly, your cell phone number is one of them.

While there are legitimate reasons you might want to provide a phone number, such as a backup method to access the account if you forget your password, some people prefer not to share that kind of personal information if they can avoid it.

Why Is Yahoo Asking Me for a Phone Number?

Yahoo uses your phone number for account verification — to make sure you’re a real person, not a bot — and for account recovery. In some cases, Yahoo might ask for phone verification as an extra login step after entering your username and password. This is typically the case when Yahoo locks you out of your account.

Common reasons for this extra security step include:

  • Yahoo detects unusual or suspicious activity such as multiple failed login attempts
  • You’re signing in for the first time with a new device or a different browser
  • You’re traveling and Yahoo detects an unusual location

Yahoo’s privacy policy acknowledges that your phone number will be used to offer account features, content, and advertisements that are relevant to you, but the company says they will not use the number to send marketing and promotions directly to your phone.

Does Yahoo Email Require Phone Verification?

Yes, a phone number is required if you sign up for an email account directly through Yahoo. Unlike some email services, including Gmail and Outlook, this step is not optional. A phone number is one of five pieces of information Yahoo requires to sign up:

  1. Your full name (first and last)
  2. The username or email address you want to use
  3. A secure password
  4. Date of birth
  5. A mobile number that can receive verification messages

Once you’ve entered that information, Yahoo prompts you to verify the phone number to make sure it’s legitimate. You’ll get a text with a five-digit code to enter.

Can I Open a Yahoo Mail Account Without a Phone Number?

The only workaround Yahoo offers is signing up using an existing email account from another provider. In that case, you won’t have to provide a phone number.

You can use Gmail, which recommends but doesn’t require mobile verification, but you’ll have to create an account if you don’t already have one.

Or you could use an existing work or school account, but if you change jobs or leave school you might lose access. Also, you may not want to link personal and professional accounts.

3 Smart Ways to Bypass Yahoo Phone Verification

People have come up with all sorts of creative ways to avoid giving Yahoo their real phone numbers. These are some of the most common hacks, along with the potential downsides or hassles you can run into trying to use them.

Googling Fake Phone Numbers
  • A phone number won’t do you any good if you can’t receive incoming messages for verification
Using A Friend or Family Member’s Number
  • You’ll need access to the phone for verification, so the person needs to be nearby or easily reachable
  • If you’re not willing to share your own personal information, it’s hard to justify asking a friend or family member to provide theirs
Buying a Burner Phone
  • You’ll have to buy and keep track of a burner phone, in addition to your primary phone, plus cover the cost of a phone or data plan

Why People Use Burner Phones and Fake Numbers

Reasons for using a burner phone or fake number vary based on the person and any issues that come along with the particular app or online service. Common reasons not to provide a personal phone number include:

  • Privacy — If you’re signing up for a dating service, you might not want the service or potential matches to have access to your primary phone number.
  • Security — Some people are concerned about the risk of a data breach, which could expose your number to unknown or nefarious groups.
  • Avoiding spam texts — Many people don’t want to risk their mobile number getting in the hands of spammers or being added to marketing lists.

In the case of companies like Yahoo, maybe you just don’t want a huge enterprise to collect information that can be used to send you advertising and other unwanted offers.

Use DoNotPay To Create Any Account Without a Phone Number

DoNotPay has created a burner number service as a convenient alternative to buying a burner phone or trying your luck with fake numbers.

Use the service to get a burner number in four quick steps:

  1. Head over to DoNotPay in your .
  2. Select Yahoo or any other service you want to sign up for, then click on “Create a temporary number.”
  3. Use the temporary number that’s generated to sign up for the account, service or app.
  4. Navigate back to DoNotPay to see the message you’ve received for that number, which includes the verification code or any other information provided.

The number you receive is designed for one-time use, so it will be deactivated after 10 minutes. However, if you need another number to sign up for a different service, just repeat the process to generate a new number.

DoNotPay’s Burner Phone product is much cheaper and faster than buying and managing a physical burner phone. And unlike fake numbers you find on Google, it always works.

DoNotPay Virtual Credit Cards Help You Avoid Charges After Free Trials End

If you’re hesitant to give out your personal phone number, chances are you’re not thrilled about sharing credit card information either — particularly if you just want to test a service during the free trial period. We’ve all been burned by forgetting to cancel before that subscription fee is deducted from our bank account.

DoNotPay’s virtual credit card service is included in your $3 per month subscription, and it works much in the same way as the burner phone number service. We generate a credit card number to use when you sign up for a free trial. When the trial ends, you’re automatically unsubscribed from the service because the credit card cannot be charged.

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