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Word Genius Email Spam—How Many Words Is Too Many?

Word Genius is a website that advertises itself as a vocabulary builder. They have features like word of the day, daily vocabulary questions, trivia questions, and articles on different vocabulary-related topics. Word Genius offers to send quizzes and words straight to your inbox, but the trouble with spam email begins as soon as you provide your email address to this company.

Word Genius Privacy Policy

When you go to the Word Genius Privacy Policy page, you can find out that this website belongs to Inboxlab, Inc. It's a company that builds brands based on email marketing and data optimization, which explains all those spam emails from Word Genius.

The list of purposes that Word Genius or Inboxlab use your personal information for is long, and it includes:

  • Operating the services
  • Displaying advertisements
  • Sending marketing and promotional communications
  • Research and development
  • Employment-application recruiting and processing management
  • Compliance with the law, fraud prevention, and safety
  • Creating anonymous, aggregated, and de-identified data

If you want to stop this company from making money off of your inbox, learn how to unsubscribe from emails, and report spam, you’ve come to the right place. DoNotPay will deal with this nuisance in an instant.

Get Rid of Word Genius Email Spam With DoNotPay

Word Genius might look fun at first, giving you the opportunity to learn new words or pass some time doing quizzes. When they start bombing your inbox with unsolicited messages about products and services you’re not interested in, it’s time to pull out the big guns. DoNotPay can help you stop receiving emails you don’t want in a few simple steps:

  1. Set up your DoNotPay profile in a
  2. Click on Spam Collector on our homepage
  3. Connect your email address with the app
  4. Wait for the next spam email from Word Genius and forward it to

We will automatically unsubscribe you from this sender’s list. If there is an ongoing investigation or a class action against Word Genius, DoNotPay will notify you, so you can join the lawsuit. Since sending emails without the recipient's consent is illegal, you might get financial compensation for your trouble! Stopping spam emails with our Spam Collector brings an average user up to $500 per year from class-action settlements.

How to Stop Word Genius Email Spam Manually

Stopping spam emails manually should be as easy as hitting the unsubscribe button found at the end of the unsolicited message in question. Based on the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, marketing emails must offer their recipients an option to stop receiving such communication if they don’t want to. Otherwise, they could even end up in court. Word Genius emails need to comply with this rule, but some reports on Better Business Bureau (BBB) indicate that the unsubscribe option in their emails doesn’t work.

Word Genius offers another method of unsubscribing in their Privacy Policy. You can reach out to them by sending an email to, but they also state that you may continue receiving service-related and other non-marketing emails.

Beware of the Possible Word Genius Phishing Emails

While Word Genius emails might be spam, it doesn’t mean they’re dangerous, at least for now. Phishing email scammers use spoofing to impersonate legitimate companies, so the recipients click on dangerous links and compromise their online security. For that reason, it is well worth being cautious when opening any email that doesn’t come from a trusted source.

Here’s the overview of the most common email scam attempts that could pose a threat to your sensitive information:

Scam Type


The Government Maneuver

These emails look like they come from an official institution, and they always include a call to action based on a fear of retaliation
The Friend Method

Emails using this method abuse the identity of your friends and invite you to send them some money under the pretense of some danger in a foreign country

The Checkup

One of the most credible scam types that asks you to verify your account information with a spoofed company

The Expiration Date

Emails state that your account with a spoofed company is about to expire, and you must click on a link to protect your data.

What Else to Do to Protect Yourself From Word Genius Email Spam

The fact that email scams cost Americans $1.3 billion in 2018 alone, confirms the necessity of using whatever you can to protect yourself. One basic rule goes a long way—never click on links in suspicious emails. Besides that piece of advice, here are some other suggestions on how to protect yourself from spam email:

DoNotPay Can Protect Your Mailbox From Junk Mail Too

Getting spam to your email inbox is annoying enough, but cleaning your physical mailbox from loads of leaflets, catalogs, and scam letters can be an even bigger bore. Maybe you’re not receiving many letters via snail mail these days, but why risk losing them in the sea of unsolicited promotional material?

DoNotPay has a tool for this as well. With our help, fighting physical junk mail is as easy as cleaning up your email inbox:

  1. Take a picture of physical mail you no longer want to receive
  2. Go to DoNotPay’s website or open our app
  3. Find DoNotMail and click on Enroll Now
  4. Upload your photos

This method will protect you from falling prey to scammers who are getting more and more resourceful. It will also help you to go even greener and reduce paper waste.

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