How To Stop GoDaddy Email Spam

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How To Get Rid Of GoDaddy Email Spam

GoDaddy is among the industry leaders in the area of domain name registration. The company also offers website and email hosting packages.

As it goes with large businesses, they can get overzealous with their marketing offers and promotional emails.

In this step-by-step guide, we will cover how to limit or completely stop marketing offers from Godaddy.

If you don’t want to cancel GoDaddy or ask for a refund, you can opt-out of their annoying spam emails effortlessly with the help of DoNotPay!

Identify if the Emails Really Are Coming From GoDaddy

First, you need to ensure that the emails cluttering your inbox are coming from GoDaddy instead of someone else trying to spoil the company’s reputation. You should be suspicious of emails in your inbox if:

  • There’s a different phone number or email address compared to the one you can find on the official website
  • The URL does not match the official website’s one
  • The received message is significantly different from the earlier messages you got from the company
  • It is an unsolicited message and contains an attachment
  • The message asks for personal information, such as account password, credit card number, CVV code, your mother’s maiden name, etc.

As GoDaddy is a corporation, it’s important to identify if the email is coming from one of their subsidiary companies. Here is a list of all legal entities associated with them.

  •, LLC
  • Blue Razor Domains, LLC
  • Starfield Technologies, LLC
  • Domains by Proxy, LLC
  • Outright, Inc.
  • Mad Mimi, Inc.
  • Media Temple, Inc.

How To Stop GoDaddy Email Spam on Your Own

If you want to stop receiving emails from GoDaddy, there are multiple ways to do so. You can opt out of receiving spam emails through:

  1. Your email spam filtering
  2. GoDaddy panel
  3. DoNotPay

How To Stop Spam via Your Email Provider

Here is how to mark GoDaddy emails as spam from your inbox:

  1. Open your email client
  2. Locate the GoDaddy spam email
  3. Open it
  4. Click the Spam or Junk button at the top of your screen

This way, you will also opt-out of emails pertaining to your account. This includes hosting expiry, domain name renewals, and similar email alerts.

How To Stop Receiving Spam Emails via GoDaddy Panel

Here is how to manage your email and other settings from GoDaddy Panel.

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account
  2. Expand your Account Settings
  3. Navigate to Contact Preferences
  4. Check off all boxes that you can find under Email Settings
  5. Make sure to hit Save

Keep in mind that GoDaddy does not offer the option to separate essential account updates from marketing and promotional offers.

No Need To Stress—DoNotPay Can Help You Resolve GoDaddy Spam Emails

If you are sick of spam emails cluttering your inbox, DoNotPay can help you with that in no time. With one of our best features, you do not have to worry about being a scam victim or having your inbox piled up with useless messages.

To get rid of GoDaddy spam emails, you need to:

  1. Open DoNotPay in any
  2. Choose the Spam Collector option
  3. Insert your email to connect it with DoNotPay

As soon as you receive a spam email, forward it to

From there, DoNotPay will handle the rest. You will be automatically unsubscribed. In case that there is a class action lawsuit against the sender, you will be notified so that you can join and earn in the process.

What To Do if You Receive a GoDaddy Scam Email

If you receive a scam email from someone who claims to be a GoDaddy representative, don’t panic. Scam emails are not a joke, but they are not a big deal if handled appropriately.

Here’s what you should do:

What To Do When You Receive a GoDaddy Scam Email
Report it The first step you should take is to report all unwanted emails that look like scams. By reporting them, you will stop receiving messages from that email address. You will also protect not only yourself but other users as well.
Never provide personal details Scammers use emails to trick you into giving them your personal, important information. Phishing emails may also include attachments or links that urge you to update your payment details or provide additional info. Keep in mind that GoDaddy will never ask for your personal data outside of a live call with their customer support representative.
Use DoNotPayBy using DoNotPay, you will get unsubscribed from any mailing list. Also, you may receive compensation if there's an ongoing class-action lawsuit against that sender.
Delete it When faced with an unsolicited email, delete it without responding or clicking on any links or attachments.

What To Do if You Followed a Link in an Unsolicited Email?

If, by mistake or a momentary lapse of concentration, you already opened a scam email or even clicked a link that was inside it and submitted your personal and financial information, you need to act fast.

Notify your bank about this immediately. They can freeze your account or block transfers to new and unknown accounts. Make sure to change the login details you use for any account that might be at risk.

If you open a link or attachment from a scam email, the situation escalates. These kinds of links can infect your computer or phone, which helps scammers get insight into everything you type, including important login credentials. To remediate this, ensure that your antivirus program is up to date and run a full device scan.

Spam Emails Can Cause a Significant Damage—DoNotPay Will Help You Learn How To Deal With Them

Spam emails are as dangerous as they’re annoying. Your first line of defense is to understand the risks and how to remediate them. You are not alone—DoNotPay is here to help you learn:

DoNotPay’s Unique Feature Will Help You Get Rid Of Physical Junk Mail Too

Physical junk mail is much harder to ignore than email spam. The risk that physical mail carries is less significant, but it’s so much more irritating. Not to mention all those lovely trees that were sacrificed in the process!

DoNotMail will help you put an end to that. All you need to do is send us a photo of unsolicited real-life junk mail, and we will take care of the rest.

Here is what you should do:

  1. Select the DoNotMail feature on the DoNotPay portal
  2. Click the Enroll Now button
  3. Upload a photo of your physical junk mail

In case that there is a class-action lawsuit against mailbox spammers, you might earn in the process!

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