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How Do I Contact Wish Customer Service?

The most annoying part of using any company's product can be when you have an issue or problem and have to get a hold of someone in the . It's one thing to call the customer service department and hope to get an answer to your problem. What you often get is an entirely different run-around and no real answer to the problem to which you are seeking a solution. Frustrating problems can abound, such as the website is not processing your payment correctly, or you need to make a return or something else entirely. Reaching customer service is just sometimes frustrating and seemingly impossible.

On top of that, it's another thing entirely these days to reach a live, speaking person and not a machine or an automated message with the classic, "Press 1 for... press 2 for... press 3 for..." accompanied by endless options of all the things you don't need and numbers to press to get assistance with problems that you don't even have in the first place.

Contacting customer service centers are supposed to be helpful rather than a time-consuming, painstaking process, which is what it has become with many companies in the internet age. It can leave you feeling annoyed, frustrated, and sometimes downright angry. You feel like your time is wasted listening to automated messages, and when waiting to speak to a real, live person. Sometimes they can help and sometimes they can't. Other times, they shuffle you through several people before you get to someone who can help.

Wish Customer Support Number & Email

Wish is an American e-commerce company that was founded in 2010 that is designed with the aim of making shopping online more convenient and fun by facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers of a variety of different products. lets you buy basically anything you can imagine, from jewelry to clothes or video games. Wish's interactive shopping experience can often come with its own host of challenges that can lead to you needing to reach the customer service department for assistance with a particular matter.

If you find yourself needing customer assistance while shopping on, you can use the following information to get a hold of someone at Wish:

Customer Support number1-800-266-0172
Company/FAQ SiteWish Help Center
Customer Support

When you get hold of someone from the , they request that you have the following information ready so that they can best assist you with your problem:

  • Full name
  • Address/zip code/email/etc. (you might need to provide some information to confirm your identity)
  • Your account number
  • Your order number
  • Shipping identification numbers (if any items shipped or that you are receiving are involved)
  • The type of product you need assistance with
  • ISBN/identification number of the product you are looking for assistance with

Having this basic information on hand will allow you to provide the customer service representative with the information that they will need in order to help solve your issue in a timely manner. The representative can then look up your information and pull up your account to help you solve the problem you have.

Wish Corporate Address

The corporate address for is the following: Headquarters

2841 Unicorn Rd.

Bakersfield, CA 93308 is an American company, and they do not have any international offices located in any other countries. However, international shipping is available to some places outside of the United States. Over 500 million customers have shopped on today, and they ship all throughout the continental United States as well as some other countries throughout the world.

Can I Send Demand Letters To in Small Claims Court?

Yes, you can send demand letters to, or any other business entity within the United States in civil claims court. DoNotPay cannot send demand letters to any company for you as we are not legally licensed through a court of law. However, we can help you take certain steps to prepare your lawsuit and send your information and papers to the respective parties to let them know that you are preparing a lawsuit against The following are some ways that DoNotPay can help you prepare for your lawsuit:

  1. Create Your Demand Letter

DoNotPay can help you create a letter that states your intent to send demand letters to You will need to provide us with information about your lawsuit and why you intend to send demand letters to We will provide all of the details and organize them into a letter for you. We can send it to the parties that you wish to notify once you supply us with the name of the entities that we should be sending the information to. We are here to save you the hassle of having to create a letter to mail out to these parties yourself.

  1. Fill Out Your Court Forms

You will have to fill out quite a few court forms to go through with a lawsuit. Oftentimes, many of the forms will ask for the same information in several different ways. Once you enter the information, you will be able to use the DoNotPay smart tool to help you fill out all of the forms that you will need to complete in order to proceed with your lawsuit. We will fill out the forms through our smart tool and save you the headaches of having to fill out all of the forms by yourself, which can get cumbersome and plain exhausting.

  1. Filing Formal Complaints

If you wish to file a formal complaint against, DoNotPay's smart tool can help you fill out all of the information and compile your formal complaint. Once you provide us with the basic information, we will fill out all of the forms and compile them to file your formal complaint.

  1. Serve the Company Their Notice

DoNotPay will compile a notice and send it to the company or the entity to notify them that they are going to be sued in a small claims court. We will send the information to the client and serve them the papers to notify them of your lawsuit against the company.

These are a few ways that DoNotPay smart tools can help you prepare for your lawsuit if you wish to send demand letters to (or any other company or entity). DoNotPay will help you make the process more manageable and less stressful in order to allow you to send demand letters to a company that has wronged you or not provided services that they were committed to providing you as their customer.'s Executive Team has an executive team that helps run its online e-commerce platform. The founder and CEO of the company are Peter Szulczewski who has been in that position since the company's founding in 2010 and the international launch of the company which happened in 2011. Sculczewski is currently estimated to be worth about $1.9 billion and his LinkedIn information can be found here.

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Vivian Liu is the head of's finance committee that oversees the company's vast revenue each year. Wish,.com $656 million in the 3rd quarter of 2021 alone. Liu's profile and information on LinkedIn can be found here.

These executives are not the customer service team at They should only be used as a last resort to reach out when you have exhausted all other possible avenues, including using the current customer service information on the companies' website.

Moreover, reaching out through the customer service team for the company is more likely to be much more productive and useful for most customers who are facing normal, daily problems with’s services or products.

What Common Complaints Do People Using Have?

There can be quite a few issues that arise when you are using an e-commerce website to purchase or sell goods throughout the United States (and sometimes to international communities). The following are some of the most common complaints against and the experience using their website:

  1. Items that are received are not as advertised.
  2. Seller took too long to ship the item/never shipped the item.
  3. Seller behaved unprofessionally.
  4. Items arrived damaged.
  5. Seller receiving an unfairly low rating.
  6. Refunds took too long to process (more than 10 business days).
  7. The process of returning the item was challenging/difficult.

These are the complaints that many people have when using to order or purchase products. Most people seem satisfied with the customer service provided by and agreed that the solutions that were offered were satisfied with the solutions that were offered by the company to any problems that may come up while using their platform.

Skip Pressing the "Hold" Button With DoNotPay:

DoNotPay may not be able to file a lawsuit or make a decision, but we can help you skip the aggravating phone calls and the endless "waiting times" that sometimes come with waiting to speak to a real, live person at the other end of the line. All you have to do to skip customer service phone calls is simply use the following 4 steps in order to allow DoNotPay to be able to help you contact customer service with your problems:

  1. Open your web browser and sign up for DoNotPay.

  2. Type in Skip Waiting on Hold and select the product.

  3. Search for the company you'd like to call.

  4. Click on the name of the company and have us do the work for you.

Following these steps will allow you to "Hold" the line that causes you to wait on the phone for long periods of time in order to get assistance with your problem. Instead, if you provide us with the basic information about your problem, complaint, or issue, DoNotPay will file a complaint with the company to let them know that you need assistance with your issue or problem. Someone from the company will reach out to you when they receive our form and they will help you with your problem.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

We are glad that you asked! DoNotPay can offer you a variety of ways to save time and money by using our smart apps and our tools.

The following are some ways that DoNotPay can help you with both saving time and money:

DoNotPay looks forward to helping you save money on these different things, as well as on things like your utilities, subscriptions that you no longer use, credit card fees, and much more. DoNotPay is here to help.

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