Fake Primary Phone Numbers for Phone Verification

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Fake Primary Phone Numbers: Using Burner Phones

Have you ever signed up for a website or app requesting phone verification to prove your identity? This is a common procedure that continues to create privacy issues for many app users.

Besides, giving out your primary phone number to a possibly controversial app might mean you are receiving considerable spam emails, texts, or phone calls.

Take a look at how burner phones and solve this issue. We can help at DoNotPay .

Why People Use Burner Phones

A burner phone is designed to create a temporary phone number, allowing you to verify your identity without compromising your real primary phone number.

Burner phones have been around for close to 25 years as a prepaid phone, with a huge resurgence in the internet era. As apps began to require phone verification to prove someone's ID, they became all the more important. Many burner phone services are expensive, though.

Some good reasons why they continue being used:

  • Possible harassment on dating apps if you give out personal information.
  • Getting an influx of spam of all types, including your data getting into the wrong hands.
  • A general invasion of privacy.

Everyone is still fighting to maintain their privacy in the online world. It's still not easy much of the time, but burner phones continue to offer an effective workaround.

Why Do Companies Ask For Phone Verification?

The reason companies do phone verification is mostly because companies want to know whether you 're a robot. It costs them business if a bot signs up for the service over a real person.

Without confirming someone's identity, bots could just take over many app services and never have many human users. Social media sites already have this problem. Nowadays, it 's not uncommon to have "I Am Not a Robot" verification tests before even being able to sign in.

Many apps requiring users to be over 18 also do phone verification to make sure users are who they say they are.

Other companies sometimes do phone verification for alternative reasons. The more they know you're a real person, the fewer problems they'll have with moderating their services or content.

How Else Can You Avoid Phone Verification?

Some other methods are available to overcome phone verification. All are a little awkward and sometimes complicated to use, yet burner phones are usually the first thing people turn to. The problem is, many burner phones now cost as much as $50 or more. A lot of people waste too much money buying them just for one-time use.

A few other things app users attempt:

Use Google to find fake numbers on websitesThese sometimes work, if not always reliable.
Google VoiceThis is a good service for businesses since it allows calls on smartphones and the web. Creating a one-time number is still complicated.
Borrow someone else's phoneDo you have a friend who's willing to use their number for an app you're signing up to use? They'd have to be a trusted friend.

Potential Issues With Phone Verification

You may encounter numerous issues trying to complete a phone verification in the first place. Our features at DoNotPay help you with much of this.

Several common problems people encounter include:

  1. Not being able to find fake numbers on Twitter since the social media giant bans businesses that offer them.
  2. Not having a phone available, or maybe experiencing phone theft. Either way, not everyone has their phones readily available to take care of verification.
  3. Not receiving the verification code.

In the latter case, it's sometimes due to someone's phone blocking the verification call or text due to a spam block. Other times, it's the app itself having technical problems and not being able to send phone verification to everyone. Any of you encountering this can have it solved with DoNotPay 's Customer Service feature.

Use DoNotPay to Sign Up for Any Service Without a Phone Number

At DoNotPay, we've created a new burner phone system to eliminate you having to spend a fortune to buy one. Instead, we use Burner Numbers. These are we text you to use for phone verification and only good for ten minutes.

If you don't use the fake phone number we sent in the allotted time, it's deactivated, and we'll send you another. To make this work, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open our DoNotPay app and select our Burner Phone option.
  2. Click "Create a Temporary Number" after you select the app needing verification.
  3. We'll send you a text that's good for the above time window. It's usable on virtually any type of digital service requiring your phone ID.

Our Virtual Credit Card

We offer yet another option to do phone verification if you don't own a credit card. Some companies require you to give a card number to allow you to sign up.

Instead, use our Virtual Credit Card. It works similarly to our burner numbers. We generate a temporary fake credit card number for a brief time. Now you never have to worry about exposing your bank information to a questionable app or website.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

We want you to discover all you can do at DoNotPay beyond our fake phone number app . Our list of options to help you with issues and methods to protect your privacy are comprehensive, such as:

Visit us to find out more about what DoNoPay offers.

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