Learn How To Get a UNCW Application Fee Waiver

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How To Avoid Paying the UNCW Application Fee

The University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) is a part of the University of North Carolina System. It has more than 14,000 undergraduate and over 2,000 graduate students.

If this university is on your application wishlist, you should know more about the money you’ll need to give to this school. The expenses are not negligible when you take into account the tuition and numerous other college fees. The good news is that there are ways to lower the costs. The best place to start is by looking into college application fees and the ways to get fee waivers for them.

What You Should Know About College Application Fee Waivers

An average American who wishes to apply to a university won’t put all his or her eggs in one basket. The chances of enrollment are higher when expanding your options and sending applications to several schools.

If you decide to go with this approach, you should count on spending several hundreds of dollars on application fees. Most universities in the U.S. require you to pay the fee, and they don’t give refunds.

The average amount that students spend on application fees can be anything between $50 and $100. For people coming from low-income families or difficult living conditions, that amount is a lot. This is why fee waivers exist—you can get rid of application fees and cut your costs to a point.

The easiest way of obtaining college fee waivers is DoNotPay, and we can tell you all about the simple way of using our app for this process.

Waive College Application Fees With DoNotPay

If you want to waive college application fees the fastest way, you should turn to DoNotPay for help. We can assist you in getting rid of enrollment deposit fees, transfer student fees, and new student application fees. You only need to heed these instructions:

  1. Access DoNotPay from any
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  4. Pick the college you are applying to
  5. Answer a few questions regarding your economic status

Inform us if you need a counselor’s signature. DoNotPay will complete the form and send it to the counselor to sign. If you don’t need a signature, we will mail the form to the financial aid office of the university of your choice.

The University of North Carolina Wilmington Application Fee

You will need to spend as much as $80 on your application fee for UNCW, and it is not refundable. This is one of the most expensive fees, and not everyone can afford it. If you meet the criteria, you should apply for a fee waiver. The fee waivers can help you avoid spending too much money.

What Makes a Student Eligible for a UNCW Application Fee Waiver?

Students who come from low-income families are usually the ones eligible for fee waivers. Sometimes universities add more factors, but usually, the student has to be:

  • Homeless
  • Living in a foster home
  • Residing in a federally subsidized public housing
  • A ward of the state or an orphan
  • Eligible or a part of any program that aids students from families that struggle financially
  • A part of the family with an income in alignment with the USDA Food and Nutrition Service Income Eligibility Guidelines
  • Eligible to get public assistance
  • A part of the Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch program

Depending on the number of family members, the income shouldn’t be more than $23,606 (one family member) or $65,046 (six family members).

How To Obtain a UNCW Application Fee Waiver on Your Own

You can request a fee waiver when you send in your application to UNCW. Take a look at your options in the table below:

Can You Request a Fee Waiver WithYes/No
The Common AppYes
College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC)Yes

How To Request a UNCW Fee Waiver via Email

In case COVID-19 has affected your employment status, you can request an application fee waiver by sending an email to UNCWTransfer@uncw.edu. Make sure to include:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Name of employer
  • The termination date

How To Request a UNCW Fee Waiver With the Common App

First-year students can apply with the Common App and request a fee waiver by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to your account on the app
  2. Open the Common App tab
  3. Click on the Profile link
  4. Select the Common App Fee Waiver category
  5. Provide the information regarding your eligibility for the fee waiver
  6. Select all the economic factors that apply to you
  7. Answer other questions
  8. Finish the process by providing your signature

Your counselor will need to vouch for your answers if you haven’t already gotten an SAT or ACT fee waiver. This is usually done with their signature.

How To Request a UNCW Fee Waiver via the College Foundation of North Carolina

You can apply to UNCW via the College Foundation of North Carolina. You will need to create an account and follow all the directions. This way of applying is available for both first-year students and transfer students. You will need to include the fee waiver request with your application.

How To Request a UNCW Fee Waiver by Letter

You may also send all the required documentation along with the fee waiver request by mail to the University of North Carolina Wilmington, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 601 S College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403-5904.

Who Is Eligible for an Automatic College Application Fee Waiver?

In case you already received an ACT or SAT fee waiver, you are automatically eligible for college application fee waivers. You should always check with the university for the specifics and see what they take into consideration just in case.

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