Getting Hold of Spirit Airlines Customer Service The Easy Way

Spirit Airlines is an American ultra-low-cost airline that is known for its cheap, no-frills flight packages and its notoriously unresponsive customer service department. Though the airline provides you with some viable customer support options online via its website, some concerns cannot wait, they require an immediate response. But with Spirit Airlines long phone queues, getting a quick response can feel impossible. But don’t lose hope! DoNotPay can help you ease some of the hassle by taking care of the process and connecting you only after it has reached a live human. 

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Phone numbers to contact Spirit Airlines’ support

Spirit Airlines allows customers to connect with them via their mobile app, which is available both in the App Store and Google Play. You can change or cancel reservations, book and manage flights, and request for assistance for other specific needs using the airline’s app. However, should you have other concerns that you can’t solve through the app, Spirit Airlines urges you to contact them using these numbers:

Spirit Airlines Main Hotline and General Sales & Services 801-401-2222
Spirit Vacations 954-698-0125
Spirit Sales Only Representatives for Central America Guatemala: 502-2292-0828/502-2368-1695

El Salvador: 503-2534-8228

San Pedro Sula: 504-2544-0300

(WhatsApp: 504-9452-0239)

Tegucigalpa: 504-2544-0300

(WhatsApp: 504-9472-8517)

Nicaragua: 505-227-81149

Costa Rica: 506-4032-9449

Spirit Sales Only Representatives for the Caribbean Haiti: 011-509-2940-4422
Spirit Sales Only Representatives for South America Colombia: 57 3009120761

Armenia: 57-6-7497244

Medellin: 57-4-4485158

Cartagena: 57-5-674-1359

Bogota: 57-1-249-0688

Spirit Sales and Service for Central America Panama: 50-783-67701
Spirit Sales and Service for the Caribbean Jamaica: 877-211-1546
Spirit Sales and Service for South America 511-641-9131
Baggage claim 1-877-888-5926 ext. 7004

Spirit Airlines’ live customer service agents are available 24/7. But don’t get your hopes up too high. This Reddit thread summarizes just how difficult it is to get to speak with a human Spirit Airlines representative. According to the thread, most complaints are answered with a formal letter, which in many cases doesn’t have anything to do with their claims.

If you tried contacting the airline via phone, but to no avail, you can also reach them via Spirit Airlines’ official Twitter account or their Facebook page. Customer service representatives will respond to your queries, but expect generic answers when you use these options. Email response, meanwhile, could take well over 48 hours due to the massive number of questions and complaints the company receives every day.

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Email address for Spirit Airlines’ customer support

You can send Spirit Airlines an email using this link. There, you can ask questions regarding member programs and promotions, submit complaints, compliments, or a baggage claim, or confirm flight details and changes, among other matters.

Topics that you can inquire about using the link above are:

  • Flight details and changes
  • Check-in information
  • Additional fees and charges
  • Assistance for traveling with special needs
  • Baggage claims
  • Free Spirit Member Programs
  • $9 Fare Club Member Programs
  • Promotions
  • Vouchers
  • Queries about destinations

If your concerns do not fall on one of the topics mentioned above, call Spirit Airlines hotline using DoNotPay. Skip the long phone queues with the help of DoNotPay! Download for free for iPhone or use the DoNotPay app in any web browser.

What info should I prepare to get the fastest service when contacting Spirit Airlines support?

Spirit Airlines’ Help Center exists to provide you with the assistance and answers that customers need. It also urges them to modify any booking changes they would like to make using its app to avoid additional charges. However, if your concerns are not among those listed on the Help Center webpage, you can contact Spirit Airlines via email or phone for answers. Be sure to prepare the supporting documents that you need to provide for faster service. These may include:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Flight details
  • Flight reference number
  • Confirmation Code
  • Passport details
  • Frequent Flyer Number (if available)
  • Customer Property Form (for baggage claim)
  • Other supporting documents

If you’re filing a complaint, the site will ask you to describe your complaint in detail. Make sure to prepare all the necessary documents you’ll need to support your complaint submission.

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Where can I get the quickest help on issues with Spirit Airlines?

Find quick answers and manage your trips using Spirit Airlines’ mobile app, which offers tons of features that can make your journey a little more comfortable. Using the app, you can view and access details of your upcoming trips, check-in, and even make changes to your flights with just a few clicks. Almost everything you need to know regarding your flight can be found in the app. Aside from allegedly being the quickest option to get help, the app also helps you save money as it won’t require any additional charges, unlike when you ask Spirit’s Guest Service Agents to make the modifications for you.

If you don’t have the app, you can also ask questions and submit complaints through the airline’s customer support page. Follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click the “help” tab, which can be found in the menu at the top of the site.
  3. Clicking the “Help” tab will redirect you to the Spirit Airlines Support page, which has a rundown of the possible issues you’re having.
  4. Explore all the support topics and click on the relevant item.
  5. Provide all the necessary details and submit your questions or complaints.

For concerns not listed on-site, you may call Spirit Airlines’ support at the numbers listed above for further assistance or visit the company’s social media pages.

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Corporate addresses for Spirit Airline 

Knowing your airline’s corporate address is useful for many reasons, particularly if you intend to sue the company in a small claims court or send a demand letter.

United States


2800 Executive Way

Miramar, FL

33025, USA

Executive team

Primary Contact






Joan McField-Mortimer

Manager Guest Relations

2800 Executive Way

Miramar, FL 33025


Secondary Contact






Vanessa Hardy-Bowen

Sr. Manager for Contact Centers

2800 Executive Way

Miramar, FL 33025

Chief Executive






Ted Christie

President and Chief Executive Officer

2800 Executive Way

Miramar, FL 33025

(801) 401-2222


If you think your case wasn’t adequately addressed after weeks of waiting for an email response or after a couple of attempts at connecting with a customer service agent, you can contact Spirit Airlines’ top executives using the publicly available contact info above. Only do this when you have exhausted all other options and received no response.

You can reach out to them using these options:

  1. Send an email to the executive’s email address. Note that you should not contact them all at once. Start with the one in charge of customer concerns before going further up.
  2. Call corporate headquarters and ask to be directed to the office of the executive. Of course, they won’t instantly connect you with Mr. Christie, but this option will increase your chances of getting redirected to the department that could handle your concern.
  3. Write a letter and send it to the headquarters. The respective department may write back to you, but this could take weeks.

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What are the main issues people contact Spirit Airlines’ support about? 

Customers usually contact Spirit Airlines to address complaints and questions about the following:

  • Flight changes and cancellations. 
  • Flight details including check-in time, boarding pass, seat assignment and selection
  • Flight status
  • Baggage limits and restrictions
  • Vacation packages
  • Promotions and frequent flyer upgrades
  • General concerns like food and drinks offered on the plane
  • Assistance with special needs 
  • Refunds and status
  • Other special requests

Though Spirit Airlines’ support is open 24/7 to respond to your queries and requests, they strongly suggest that you utilize their app when modifying flights and making booking changes to avoid additional assistance fees. The airline offers no-frills flights at a minimal cost, and that is because they charge extra fees for every additional service that you might need.

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