Shelby County Sex Offenders—The Fine Points of the Rules That the Convicts Need To Follow

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Shelby County Sex Offenders—DoNotPay Delivers Automatic Reports

In the State of Tennessee, Shelby County is number one by the number of registered sex offenders. The counties that come right after Shelby in the offender numbers are:

  1. Davidson
  2. Hardeman
  3. Knox

If you live in a county with the largest population of sex offenders in the state, you need to take measures to keep your family safe.

The first step should be regular checks of the Tennessee sex offender registry. If you’re short of time, the state registry website also offers email notifications. The trouble with these is the lack of customization. You can sign up for updates on two ZIP codes and up to ten registrants.

The easier way of staying on your toes (and not getting fed up) is turning to DoNotPay. and gain access to the Sex Offender Search tool. It allows you to personalize search queries and delivers automatic reports every week.

A Quick Look at the Shelby County Sex Offenders’ Numbers

The capital of Shelby County—Memphis—has 2,293 registered sex offenders. Expressed in proportion to the regular citizens, it comes down to one Memphis sex offender per 285 people.

The density of the offender population is somewhat lower on the territory of the whole county—an offender per 386 citizens.

The safest city in Tennessee when it comes to sex crime is Germantown. The ratio of sex offenders to the rest of the population here is one to 9,778.

Shelby County Sex Offender Registry Laws

Quickly after Megan’s Law was enacted in 1994, Tennessee got its Sex Offender Registry. The state sex offender laws require all offenders to register, regardless of the tier they were assigned.

The registrants also need to conduct regular verifications of their personal data, and here the frequency does depend on the tier. Check out the overview:

  • Tier 1—Once a year
  • Tier 2—Once in six months
  • Tier 3—Every 90 days

The same rules apply to the Shelby County Sex Offender Registry. This complete list allows the County’s residents to access the correct data and search the database by:

  • Offender’s personal details
  • City
  • County
  • ZIP code
  • System-sent email notifications

Note that the offender map link exists, but the state has blocked the content due to security concerns.

The Tier Classification of Shelby County Sex Offenders

According to the federal sex offender registration laws, the registrants in most states are divided into three tiers (or levels). Here is the classification followed in Shelby County:

TierCriminal HistoryFrequent CrimesMandatory Registration Duration
Tier 1First-time offenders
  • False imprisonment of a minor
  • Receipt or possession of child pornography
15 years

(10 years for good behavior)

Tier 2Prior sex offense with the punishment longer than one year
  • Involving a minor with prostitution or solicitation
  • Enticing a minor to engage in sexual activity that is criminal
  • Sexual contact with minors 13 and older
25 years
Tier 3Prior Tier 2 offense
  • Non-parental kidnapping of a minor
  • Committing sexual acts through the use of force, by rendering the victim unconscious, or drugging them
For life

The Shelby County Sex Offender List—Restrictions the Offenders Must Follow

Released sex offenders are still under supervision after they leave custody. They have to follow a list of rules. In some cases, offenders aren’t allowed to do certain jobs, and in others, they are to follow strict residential prohibitions.

Here are some of the major restrictions to which Shelby County sex offenders must comply:

  • Have to report all traveling plans to the authorities
  • Cannot practice medicine
  • Can’t live with their adoptive child if the child is younger than 13
  • Mustn’t live (or work) within 1,000 feet of an education facility for minors if their victim was underage. This rule doesn’t apply if their residence before the crime was within this radius
  • May not live within 1,000 feet from their victim or approach them closer than 100 feet

The released offenders mustn’t ignore their registration obligations and stay unregistered or fail to comply with the sex offender law in any other way. For this form of conduct, they can be charged with a Class E felony. If the offenders disregard their compliance obligations while on parole, they can be returned to prison.

Keep Up With the Shelby County Sex Offender Registry! DoNotPay’s Custom Alerts Make It Effortless!

Here’s an appalling thought—Shelby County sex offenders can live by the school if their victim was older than 13. What about the older children? It’s up to you—their parent—to protect them.

Searching the Shelby County Sex Offender Registry daily or even weekly can feel like a burden. Setting up reminders, filling out the boxes, and scrolling away—a busy parent can’t manage this type of obligation. To make things worse, the registry’s email notifications don’t have many customization opinions, so your reports can turn out to be overwhelming.

Our app has a feature that can help you. Our Sex Offender Search tool:

  • Is fast and convenient
  • Has two search methods
  • Includes three search radius settings
  • Offers regular alerts about the local offenders

To do your search and set up your personal alert preferences, you should:

  1. Go to your and find the Sex Offender Search tool
  2. Choose the look-up methods
  3. Pick the distance from your destination to your base (one, two, or three miles)
  4. Apply for the tailored reports

Our app will scan the Shelby Sex Offender Registry and quickly send you the alerts so you can be on the lookout.

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