Dispute Santa Monica Parking Tickets

DoNotPay is a chatbot that can help you dispute your parking tickets without charging you anything. Business Insider published an article that shares how this robot lawyer was able to beat hundreds of thousands of parking tickets and millions of dollars in fines.

santa monica parking tickets

Here are some quick and simple steps for you to appeal your ticket with DoNotPay:

  1. Download the free app. You can get it either with the iPhone or use it directly in the browser.
  2. The chatbot will ask you a few questions regarding the ticket you received. You need to give honest answers so that it can give you proper advice.
  3. Provide a picture of the ticket and upload it via the free app.
  4. Once you send in everything that it needs, DoNotPay will email you the exact template to use to dispute and beat your ticket. 

Watch how to contest a parking ticket in two minutes flat:

Is contesting a Santa Monica parking ticket worth the hassle? Can I beat it?

money.com article about Joshua Browder's DoNotPay app helping people overturning parking citations

Yes. Contesting a parking ticket is always worth the hassle because even the smallest thing can get your citation overturned. With DoNotPay, you can get help disputing your parking infraction in 120 seconds for free. It uses AI technology and can offer different suggestions to appeal your parking ticket, such as:

  • The street sign or marker is unclear or faded
  • Issuance came after the owner sold the car
  • The omission or lack of essential details
  • The owner does not have the vehicle

If you can provide evidence that you were not at fault, it is worth trying to appeal your ticket. You can send in proof, such as any showing that:

  • Street restrictions lack clarity
  • The parking ticket is illegible
  • Some information on the ticket is incorrect
  • There is no mention of specific vital details on the ticket

How much time does DoNotPay save?

DoNotPay helps citizens overturn parking infractions in two minutes

Generally, DoNotPay can help you fight your ticket in 120 seconds! You will have to gather as much evidence and data as you can to support your appeal and upload it to the app. It takes about two minutes. You will answer questions related to your citation, and the app will guide you through the dispute process and make everything smooth.

However, if you want to do everything yourself, you will have to spend hours. Deciding to do it yourself means you need to collect witness statements and bring your documents to the appeal. Besides, you still need to wait in lines, prepare checks, and draft and send letters on your own. 

If you have to appeal your ticket, it is best to choose the option that takes the shortest amount of time. You do not want to miss work for a prolonged time, as it will cost you more than just paying the parking fine. 

Will DoNotPay help me fight tickets in Santa Monica from private companies?

cbs describes how donotpay can help people save millions on parking citations

Yes, DoNotPay will help you fight and win parking citations from any private company such as:

  • Ace Parking
  • Towne Parking
  • Laz Parking
  • Douglas Parking
  • Imperial Parking, aka Impark
  • SP+, aka Standard Parking
  • Lanier Parking
  • ABM Parking Services

Do I need a lawyer?

Fortunately, you do not need to hire a lawyer to help you dispute your City of Santa Monica parking ticket. This is excellent news because getting a parking infraction lawyer will be costly. 

To save time and money, DoNotPay would make a great alternative. DoNotPay is the very first AI-powered robot lawyer that can help you fight your parking infractions for free. Plus, you can dispute your citation in a couple of minutes! You only have to explain your situation as concisely as you can and answer the robot lawyer’s questions to get a step-by-step solution.

However, if you decide to get a lawyer, you will need to do a couple of things.

  1. Do extensive research – It is essential to make sure that the lawyer you are planning to hire is good at his job. Try to check with your friends and family if they have any recommendations. You can also find information about legal advisers through the internet.
  2. Check credentials – This step is quite similar to the first one. You need to know if the lawyer is capable of solving your issues and that they have a clean track record. There are online reviews available that you can read through before making your decision. You can see the cases they have worked on before.
  3. Take note of any warning signs or red flags – Try analyzing the information you read about the lawyer for any signs of a scam. Plenty of people claim to be lawyers to earn money without following through with the agreement. 
  4. Cost – Again, it is expensive to hire a lawyer. Depending on their level of expertise, lawyers can end up costing way more than your parking ticket. Do not pay more than the price of the fine to get a good lawyer. 
  5. Conduct an interview – The best way to learn about the potential legal representative you found is by talking to them. Schedule a meeting to know more about them professionally. 

How much does a parking ticket lawyer in Santa Monica cost?

Gizmodo on DoNotPay helping appeal hundreds of thousands of parking tickets for free

In General, the cost of hiring a lawyer can range from $200 to $1000. It depends on which state or area you are living in and the details of your case. Though most of them do their best to get the job done, there are still a lot of scam artists that will try to cheat you. Make sure to do your research and hire a legitimate lawyer. 

If you do not have the funds to pay for a legal representative, you can always use DoNotPay to help you deal with your problems. With this app, you will not have to pay anything. What you need to do is provide the necessary documents and evidence to support your case. Most of the evidence you send in will be images. 

As soon as you send in proof, DoNotPay will compile all of it and arrange it neatly into a single file. You can then easily send everything to the city officials, whether online or via another method. After that, you only need to wait for any updates or notifications regarding your dispute. 

How do I pay off my ticket?

BusinessInsider review of DoNotPay's robot lawyer helping overturn 160,000 parking tickets

It is genuinely worth it to appeal your parking tickets, especially when you know that you did nothing wrong. DoNotPay makes it even easier for you to dispute the parking ticket by giving you the chance to use their free app. You can download this app on your iPhone or fight your ticket directly from your web browser.

However, there are some cases wherein government officials decide to refuse your appeal. In this case, you will have to pay the fees through any of these methods:

  1. Online – To save time, you can submit your payment online. This option is safe as the local government has provided a system that is secure and user-friendly. 
  2. Credit card by phone – You can call their automated telephone system and pay with your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card anytime. This option is available 24/7, and you only have to follow the instructions the system gives you. 
  3. Mail – You can pay Santa Monica parking tickets by sending your check, money order, or cashier’s check to their address. Never send in cash or credit card numbers through the mail. 
  4. In-Person – Some people prefer to pay in-person, especially those who wish to pay with cash. However, do remember that they do not accept credit card payments. You can only pay with a credit card via the online system or by telephone.

Dispute or Pay?

Ease Time it takes Cost Benefits
Dispute It is quick and straightforward with DoNotPay. You can do this in a couple of minutes. It is free with DoNotPay. You get to save time and money with the free app.
Pay It is quite convenient to pay online. Your payment will be reflected in a day or two. All you need to pay for is the fine specified. Your wallet will be lighter.


Can I get my parking ticket reduced?

In some cases, the officials do lower the fine you have to pay just because you disputed your ticket. Depending on which city or state you are living in, there are other ways to get a deduction on your citation fees.

Around 80% of people do not bother to dispute their tickets. Often those that do will get a discount on their fine. If you cannot pay the fine, you can show the court evidence of your family’s financial hardship. They may help you by reducing the fee, give you a different payment plan, or let you do community service. Remember, not all courts allow this, and not all types of violations are subject to the same opportunity.

What happens if I don’t pay off my ticket?

The punishment for disregarding a parking ticket differs from city to city. Here are some possible scenarios you could undergo if you do not pay your parking ticket fine:

  • The fine for your violation increases
  • Officers can impound, boot, or tow your car
  • They may prevent you from renewing your vehicle’s registration
  • Suspension of your driver’s license
  • Lower your credit score

If you do not pay the fine in the specified period, you can get additional fees on top of your original citation. The court can also charge you with an infraction for “failure to pay.” However, if you appear before the judge in court, you will not have to go through any of this. It is best to respond to the citations quickly and resolve the issue as soon as possible to avoid any other penalty. 

Sometimes, the city may take your car away from you and auction it. The money they get from auctioning off your vehicle will serve as payment for the fees that you have neglected to pay. 

When the city realizes that you haven’t paid your fine, they will place that violation on your record. This record is available or reported to credit bureaus and can affect your credit score.

Do infractions go on my record?

Parking tickets will not go on your driving record. However, if you ignore the citation and decide not to pay the fee, the city will report it to the DMV. This could impact your ability to renew your car registration or driver’s license.

To have peace of mind and prevent the risk of not being able to renew your license, choose one of the two options. Either pay the fine or, if you feel wrongly accused, dispute it. 

What if I got a parking citation and someone took it off my car?

If someone else takes the parking ticket off of your car, the respective authorities will send you two letters to notify you about the citation. If you choose to ignore the notifications and not pay the fine, they will give you additional penalties. Additionally, if you do not respond to these two notifications, the parking infraction will be reported to a collection agency, thus lowering your credit rating. 

You can always call the parking enforcement to clarify the situation once you get the letter. It is better to deal with it as soon as possible instead of letting penalties build up, causing you to suffer even more. 

Here is a discussion regarding a similar situation. 

Can my car insurance go up?

Generally, getting a parking ticket will not increase the rate of your car insurance. However, if you fail to pay the citation and your license gets suspended, there is a chance that your premium will increase. This rule is used by Esurance, for example. 

Do I need to pay parking tickets I get in Santa Monica if I’m from out of state?

You need to pay any parking citation given to you, no matter where you live or which state you visit. You are expected to follow all the traffic and parking rules in whichever jurisdiction you are driving. You can appeal the ticket to a specific city or state. However, do take note that it is more challenging to dispute the ticket if you do not live there.

If you do not wish to go to court out-of-state, you can opt to use the DoNotPay app. This app gives you step-by-step instructions and advice on what you need to do to dispute the citation. You can get things done in just a couple of seconds. Plus, it’s free.

Read through this discussion thread to learn more about the situation.

Can I get a citation while sitting behind the wheel?

Though rare, officers have the right to issue parking tickets if they find grounds that you are violating any law. It doesn’t matter if you are still sitting in the driver’s seat. You need to be mindful of where you are parking and not be distracted by using your phone. If you ever get a citation in this situation, try using DoNotPay to dispute the ticket. 

Also, pay attention to where you park when you use your phone. Ideally, you would have your phone on silent mode while driving. If you absolutely must take a call, make sure you park correctly to avoid getting a ticket.

If you do end up getting a citation, DoNotPay can help you dispute it in a matter of minutes. 

Do I have to pay parking infractions I get in a rental car?

Usually, when you rent a car, you will be given a rental agreement to sign. Most rental companies, like Avis, will not cover any of your parking fines, or other traffic violations you committed while driving their vehicle. On top of the ticket fine, they will charge an administrative fee to the card you used on the rental

To learn more about Avis’s rental agreement, you can read this page. You can also read this discussion regarding this situation. 

How much does Santa Monica make from parking tickets?

Santa Monica is a city in Los Angeles County. In 2015, Los Angeles collected $148 million in parking fines.

Even though much of the revenue is reinvested, 70% usually goes to administrative overhead. If you’re a little rebel and don’t want to contribute to the man, dispute your parking ticket and keep your money!

What else can DoNotPay do?

Other than disputing parking tickets, DoNotPay can also help you by:

  • Getting you an appointment with the DMV faster
  • Canceling free trials automatically before any payment goes through
  • Make a virtual credit card to avoid getting charged at the end of a free trial

Using DoNotPay can help you save time and money. You also won’t have to figure out how to navigate the legal battles out for yourself. With the DoNotPay app, you get all the power of the first AI-powered robot lawyer in the palm of your hand.

For example, if you have signed up for a free trial, DoNotPay can cancel it before the first payment is due. Additionally, it can create a single-use credit card number you can use to sign up. This alleviates the risk of getting charged and losing money on services you do not want.

To Summarize

It is quite easy and quick to appeal your parking ticket. All you need to do is download the DoNotPay app entirely for free. 
There are additional penalties if you decide to ignore a citation instead of dealing with it as soon as possible.  Make sure that you either pay the fine or dispute it as soon as you get it.
Santa Monica gives you different payment options. Online, in-person, by phone, or by mail. Remember, you should not send cash or your credit card number through the mail.  
Parking tickets will not reflect on your driving record. However, the credit bureaus will know about your violation if you refuse to pay the fine. 
There are some instances in which your fine can be reduced. By simply disputing the ticket with DoNotPay, you may receive a reduction in the fine.
You will have to pay for a ticket even if someone took it off your car or it was lost.  Parking enforcement will send letters to the address on your car’s registration.
You have to pay parking fines issued to a rental car you were driving.  On top of that, you need to pay an administrative fee to the car rental company. 
There are other services that DoNotPay offers. Other than parking tickets, they help you deal with traffic and speeding tickets, too. 


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