How to Connect With RockAuto Customer Service Easily

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Reach RockAuto Customer Service in Record Time with DoNotPay

Reaching out to can sometimes feel like a drag. You don't want to spend significant time on the phone when you have other tasks to attend to -- like getting the right parts to fix your current vehicle problem. DoNotPay helps you reach RockAuto in record time so you don't have to spend forever on hold.

In fact, DoNotPay can help you reach the customer service department of any company. Whether it's a large business like Amazon, Walmart, or Marriott, or a smaller company, DoNotPay will get ahold of them quickly so you can get the assistance you need.

Who to Report to at RockAuto

If there's a problem with your order, you'll want to start by visiting your account details. You're easily able to:

  1. Check on your order status
  2. Request a change to your order
  3. Report a problem with your shipment, and
  4. Get return instructions

With your email address and order number available, you can easily find your order information and check on details quickly. You can also look up your order with your email or phone number.

RockAuto suggests creating an account for easier order look-up in the future. It keeps track of your full order history so you can always see which part numbers you've ordered in the past if you need to replace them again.

If you still need to speak with about your RockAuto order, try the following:

RockAuto Support/FAQ SiteHelp Page
RockAuto Phone Number608-661-1376
RockAuto Promotions and RebatesCurrent Promotions
RockAuto Support
RockAuto Facebook
RockAuto Instagram PageRockAuto

If you can't seem to reach RockAuto using the traditional methods, you can always shoot them a message on their social media sites. Just be aware that not all companies use their socials regularly. It may be a while before you hear back, if you hear at all.

However, note that Facebook messenger typically informs you of exactly how responsive a company is on their system. When you attempt to send a message to RockAuto, a notice at the top of the screen indicates that they typically reply within a few hours. They also have an automated system set up to help get a few questions answered promptly, such as:

  1. Getting help finding a part
  2. How to ensure you're selecting the correct part
  3. Getting help placing a new order
  4. Getting assistance with an existing order

Do You Need to Contact Corporate?

It's not usually necessary to contact corporate unless you have a very serious issue. If the customer service department did nothing to help you, and you're feeling dissatisfied with your service, you can reach out to the corporate offices and see if they have a better answer for you. If not, it may be wise to look into DoNotPay's Complaint Letters product to send demand letters to the company in small claims court to get your dispute handled.

Their corporate address is:

RockAuto, LLC Corporate Headquarters 6418 Normandy Lane, Suite 100 Madison, WI. 53719

You can call them at 1-608-661-1376.

Check RockAuto's Help Page

Before attempting to call, you can check RockAuto's help page. Lots of great information is listed there to address common questions. You'll find answers regarding:

  • Whether the parts being sold are new or used
  • What the flags next to vehicle names on the catalog mean
  • How to find the correct part for your vehicle's problem
  • How to search by part number
  • Whether parts are available for motorcycles, boats, or other types of vehicles or crafts
  • If gift certificates are available for purchase
  • How to get notified when a part becomes available

Why Do Most People Contact RockAuto Customer Service?

Some people find it difficult to address their concerns online and would rather speak with a real person. Oftentimes, a quick conversation can address concerns far easier than searching on a website for answers. It's easy to miss the answer amongst a full web page or more of information.

Customers who are having a tough time with their order or finding the information they need may prefer to reach customer service and talk with a representative. Perhaps the question goes beyond what the website details. No matter the case, you can always reach out to RockAuto customer service if you feel you need additional assistance.

Call RockAuto Customer Service With DoNotPay

Rather than wait on hold to speak with someone at , let DoNotPay handle it for you. We'll wait on the long line so you can focus your attention elsewhere. Then, we'll notify you as soon as someone is available to talk and answer your queries.

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Does DoNotPay Assist With Other Company Complaints and Problems?

Absolutely! DoNotPay assists with various company complaints, problems, and account details. We'll help you:

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