How to Cancel a Spotify Premium without Login and Get a Refund

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How to Cancel a Spotify Premium without Login and Get a Refund

Launched in 2008, Spotify is a Swedish music streaming and media platform offering over 60 million songs that users can browse by genre, artists, or albums. It is mostly a freemium service, but there are also Premium plans.

Check out the table below for all the Spotify Premiums.

Premium Plan


Premium Individual

  • No ad interruptions
  • Highest music quality
  • Access to over 50 million songs
  • Available without internet connection
  • Pick and play any track on mobile
  • Access to podcasts and audiobooks
  • Travel abroad with your music

Premium Family

  • For up to six people living together
  • Six premium accounts at one reduced price
  • Family Mix—a playlist compiled for each individual’s taste
  • Parental control of explicit music

Premium Duo

  • Two premium accounts at one reduced price
  • Duo Mix—a playlist in each account matching both individuals’ tastes

Premium Student

  • 50% off a Premium subscription
  • Up to four years on the reduced rate

Does Spotify Offer a Free Trial on Premium Plans?

Yes, it does. From time to time, Spotify offers Premium free trials for a limited duration. The company may require payment details for some trials, and if you provide them, you agree to be automatically billed from the first day following the trial run-out.

Take DoNotPay’s Virtual Credit Card to Keep Charges at Bay

To avoid getting billed for subscription charges after your free trial runs out, DoNotPay has come up with an ingenious solution—the virtual credit card.

It is a temporary card you can use to subscribe to free trials without worrying that the test run will turn into a paid membership at the end of your free trial.

The benefits of using this DoNotPay feature are:

  1. It gives you anonymity by not disclosing your personal details, such as name, email, and home address to sign up for a free trial
  2. Services approve it on free trial pages
  3. Services deny it on subscription pages

How Do I Cancel Spotify by Myself?

You can cancel Spotify Premium by taking the following steps:

  1. Access your account page
  2. Under Your plan, tap Change plan
  3. Scroll down to Spotify Free and click Cancel premium
  4. Follow the instructions to the confirmation message

How Can I Cancel Spotify With DoNotPay?

So, you’ve opted to discontinue your Spotify subscription with DoNotPay’s help. The steps are simple and take just a couple of minutes.

Once you’ve requested our assistance, your job is done. We’ll handle the rest.

See for yourself by accessing our app from any and:

  1. Selecting Find Hidden Money
  2. Typing in Spotify for the service you want to cancel

Once we’ve canceled your subscription, you’ll be in the know.

We can also audit all your subscriptions and identify the dormant ones that you are regularly paying for. We will advise you on which ones to terminate. Should you so decide, you can have us cancel them for you. All you have to do is link your email or bank account to DoNotPay.

You can also learn how to request a Spotify refund with DoNotPay by checking this page.

How Do Spotify Charges Look Like on My Bank Statement?

Check the table below to see how your bank statement can reflect Spotify charges.


Can I Get a Prorated Cancelation Refund?

No, you can’t—Spotify’s Terms and Conditions of Use state that partial subscription terms are non-refundable. You can continue to use the Premium subscription for the remainder of the paid period.

Potential Issues With Spotify Cancelation

If you managed to cancel your Premium Spotify subscription, but you are still getting charged, it could be because you subscribed via a third-party account.

In that case, you have to contact that company and cancel it through them.

What Are the Best Spotify Alternatives?

Wonder what some great Spotify alternatives there are? Check out the table below for the two most popular ones.





  • Free
  • Premium individual: $11.99
  • Premium student: $6.99
  • Premium family: $17.99
  • AI-tailored playlist
  • Gives access to all song versions


  • Deezer Free
  • Deezer Premium: $9.99
  • Deezer Family: $14.99
  • Excellent interface
  • Rich music library

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