How To File Planet Fitness Complaints and Get Compensation

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How To File Planet Fitness Complaints and Get Compensation

Planet Fitness is an attractive place to work out because it's cheap, easy to join, and has a huge variety of equipment.

Most people are satisfied for the first couple of weeks, but then they start noticing various issues—their workouts are interrupted by other people or faulty equipment, there's no help if you need to use a machine, and the gym never seems to be clean.

Planet Fitness has received numerous complaints from customers about various problems in the past. The most notable issue arose in the Planet Fitness gym and club in Irving, Texas, when nine members of the Planet Fitness gym and club left a local police station after filing complaints about their treatment by a Planet Fitness manager at the location.

If you've had an unpleasant experience at one of Planet Fitness gyms, this article will show you how to file an official complaint and, if the company refuses to resolve it, take the matter to small claims court.

How To File Planet Fitness Corporate Complaints

If you want to voice your complaint regarding a specific gym or a gym manager, you can do so through the Contact Us page on the company's website.

Each Planet Fitness location has a dedicated phone number you can call, as well as a mailing address you can send your written complaints to.

On the Contact Us page, type the location (city name) of the club you have a complaint against, and select the appropriate gym. You'll be provided with a phone number you can call, as well as an online form you can fill out to file your complaint.

Planet Fitness typically responds to complaints within a few days, sometimes even within 24 hours. That said, it may take longer if the complaint involves an employee or if it involves a moral issue that requires more than a single reader's response.

Along with the response, the company will send you any other details on how to pursue the issue further, if necessary.

There's also a Planet Fitness corporate number for complaints, but it's reserved for the company's employees who want to report their concerns, issues with managers or other employees, and violations of the company's Code of Ethics.

Alternatively, you can mail your complaint to the company's corporate headquarters at:

4 Liberty Lane

West Hampton, NH 03842

United States

There is no email address provided on the official website, but you can try to reach out to Planet Fitness on Twitter. They usually respond within a day, and many customers have reported that the company has resolved their problems in a short amount of time.

How To Lodge Planet Fitness Complaints
PhoneSpecific to gym or club; find the appropriate number using the Contact Us page
TwitterPlanet Fitness

How To File Planet Fitness Complaints

Planet Fitness has been under fire from customers and employees alike for a number of years now.

If you're unhappy with your local gym or club's experience or policies and can't get the issue resolved after contacting the company, you can file a complaint with:

  • The Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Filing Planet Fitness Complaints With the BBB

The BBB is a consumer-friendly organization that publishes information about businesses for people who want to make an informed decision before purchasing any type of service or product.

You can file your complaint against Planet Fitness using this online form. The Bureau will forward your complaint to the company, giving them a 30-day deadline to respond.

Keep in mind that the Better Business Bureau isn't an enforcement agency. They can mediate the dispute but cannot force Planet Fitness to change its policies.

Filing Planet Fitness Complaints With the FTC

If you can't get your complaint resolved through the BBB, or if you think that Planet Fitness' policies or practices are unethical and illegal, then you can report the company to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The FTC will investigate the company's practices and policies and might file a suit against the company. If found guilty, the company will be forced to change its policies.

You can file your complaint using this online form. You'll be asked to provide an email address and any relevant details about your complaint.

The FTC encourages consumers to file complaints on their website no matter how small the problem or where it occurred. The Commission says that the more complaints they have about a business, the more resources they can devote to the investigation.

How To Fight Planet Fitness's Unfair Practices

If you can't reach a satisfactory resolution through any other means, you can fight Planet Fitness in small claims court.

Small claims courts handle cases involving money claims of lesser value than most other lawsuits. The upper limit varies between states and districts, but you can usually fight a business for up to $5,000 in damages.

Viable reasons for suing Planet Fitness in small claims court include:

  • A failure to provide services as promised, or improper membership termination
  • Failure to refund membership fees
  • Failure to provide proper refunds for canceled memberships
  • Refusal to offer a trial period or a money-back guarantee on fitness equipment purchases
  • Unethical business practices that lead to physical injury or loss of income (if the gym's policies caused you to lose your job)

If you decide to proceed with the lawsuit, you will have to send a demand letter to the company, detailing the reason for your complaint and the amount of money you want them to pay you.

If Planet Fitness refuses to negotiate with you about the issue, you can file a lawsuit as early as 30 days after sending the demand letter. You can do so by filling out an online form on the small claims court's website or in-person with the court clerk's office.

The judge will schedule a court date for your case, and both parties will be notified. You'll have an opportunity to present your case, and if the judge rules in your favor, they will order Planet Fitness to compensate you for the damages.

If there is no clear winner in the case, the judge will determine the amount of money Planet Fitness should pay you based on a proportionate measure of fault. The judge may also decide that both parties will split their costs equally.

How To Fight Planet Fitness And Demand Compensation

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