How to Secure an Overwatch Refund

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Exaggerated Reviews? Boring Gameplay? Get an Overwatch Refund With DoNotPay!

Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter created by Blizzard Entertainment and released in 2016. Each game includes two teams of six “heroes” with unique play styles. There are around 50 million people playing the game worldwide in 2020. Overwatch is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Overwatch Refund Policy

You bought Overwatch, played it on your device, and realized it doesn’t live up to the hype — now what? Asking for your money back is the most logical course of action, but you might not be sure how to proceed and whom to talk to.

The procedure for getting a refund for Overwatch will depend on where you bought the game. Here’s the overview of platforms that offer Overwatch with available refund options:

Digital Platform

Options for Requesting Refunds

  • DoNotPay
  • Website

PlayStation Store

  • DoNotPay
  • Website

Microsoft Store

  • DoNotPay
  • Website

Nintendo Switch

  • DoNotPay

How to Get a Refund for Overwatch With DoNotPay?

DoNotPay is the best way to handle all your refund requests regardless of where you purchased your Overwatch game. Most platforms that sell digital games for various gaming devices have rigid refund policies, if at all. They will try their best to make you jump through customer support hoops, hoping that you will give up and relinquish your refund rights.

Is it fair to lose the right to ask for your money back after downloading and trying out the game? We don’t think so, and that’s why we have created an app that represents customer advocacy at its best. You won’t have to go from page to page, studying different refund methods. There is no need to spend hours waiting for customer support representatives to pick up the phone nor exchange numerous emails to little or no avail.

DoNotPay has a user-friendly interface and a refund request procedure that takes just a few minutes:

  1. Access DoNotPay from a
  2. Find File a Chargeback when you log in
  3. Answer a few questions about your bank
  4. Provide details about the Overwatch purchase
  5. Verify your personal information and submit your dispute

No more long and time-consuming contact forms—just an easy-to-use questionnaire that asks only the most important questions. When you submit all the information we need, our app will send a dispute letter to your bank and the merchant in question.

On rare occasions, when you might need extra support for your claim, DoNotPay will provide you with a letter consisting of the most important Visa and MasterCard policies to make sure your refund request goes unhindered.

How to Get a Refund for Overwatch on PC

Blizzard games are usually not available on Origin or Steam, so you probably bought Overwatch for your PC on, Blizzard’s online gaming platform. Almost every gamer has heard of World of Warcraft, which made this platform immensely popular. While Blizzard is not generous with their refund policy, you still might try to ask for your money back on their website.

Try these steps if you want to test your luck with customer support:

  1. Open the Support page in a web browser
  2. Select Overwatch in the section under What can we help you with? — Blizzard Games
  3. Click on I would rather categorize the issue when you get to the Tell us about the issue field
  4. Select Payments and then Refunds
  5. Log in and finalize submitting your ticket usually gives out refunds only if you haven’t played the game. Additional issues can occur if you request a refund after three days from the moment of purchase. Another essential piece of advice when purchasing Overwatch and other games for your PC is to check the hardware requirements for the game and make sure that your computer meets them.

Can You Get a Refund for Overwatch on PlayStation 4?

PlayStation Store is the default choice for people who play Overwatch on PlayStation consoles. While the PlayStation refund policy for digital games is more transparent than’s, it is still strict.

You won’t qualify for a refund if you download the purchased game to your console. Since this is what most users do after buying a new game, you should know that other refund requests are honored only in the case of malfunctioning items. As if that weren’t enough, the time window for refunds is 14 days.

If you meet all PSN refund policy requirements, you can proceed with the following steps:

  1. Open the PSN Support page
  2. Hit Request a Refund
  3. Select Refund Chatbot
  4. Click on New Refund Request in the new window
  5. Have your account details at hand (PSN ID, date of birth, email address)
  6. Provide answers to the chatbot’s questions and get connected to a representative

PSN customer service representatives will decide if your refund request can be honored. In case you’re successful, the money will be returned to the original form of payment or your PSN wallet in a few business days.

Overwatch Refunds From Microsoft Store

Another popular option for Overwatch players is Xbox One. If you own this gaming console, you probably purchased your Overwatch game on the official Microsoft Store (formerly known as Xbox Store).

Changing your mind about digital game purchases for Xbox users is possible within the first two weeks, just like with PlayStation Store. One big difference is that Xbox users can accumulate up to two hours of gameplay and still request their money back if they encounter an issue.

In case the game is faulty, or you experience issues of another kind, ask for your Overwatch Xbox refund on the Request a refund page:

  1. Sign in with your Xbox account credentials
  2. Locate the Order history
  3. Find Overwatch in the list of games you’ve purchased
  4. Click on Request refund
  5. Pick the most appropriate reason for your request
  6. Add more information if required
  7. Verify your email address and finish by clicking Submit

A customer support representative usually reaches out within three business days. If your refund request goes through, the funds are returned to the original form of payment whenever possible. The time necessary to process the refund depends on the payment method you used, but it usually doesn’t take more than several business days.

Overwatch Refunds for Nintendo Switch Gamers

Nintendo Switch was released in 2017 and has taken the world by storm. Many games have been re-released for this portable gaming device, and one of them was Overwatch.

If you purchased this game for your Nintendo Switch and then decided it’s not for you, you might be in a tough spot. Asking for refunds on other gaming platforms is no easy feat, but Nintendo explicitly states on their Customer Support page that refunds and exchanges are not possible.

This information doesn’t mean you will never see your money again. DoNotPay can offer assistance even in situations when companies offer no refunds for their products.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

The simple answer to that question is—a lot! DoNotPay offers invaluable help for gamers who find themselves in a position where they need to navigate the complicated terms and conditions of different gaming platforms and online stores.

We can assist you in securing refunds for Minecraft, Fortnite, League of Legends, to name a few. Besides most popular digital game stores, we can handle refunds from retailers like G2A or GOG.

With our virtual credit cards, you can enjoy free trials and never get charged when the trial ends. Do you need to cancel your WoW subscription? No problem!

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