Do You Qualify for NYS Scholarships for Academic Excellence?

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NYS Scholarships for Academic Excellence — Everything You Should Know

New York State awards several thousand scholarships and grants to high school seniors who must be top students in their high school in achievements and conduct. NYS Scholarships for Academic Excellence (SAE) are worth up to $1.500 per student and are awarded annually.

If you don’t qualify for this grant, there are many others you may be eligible for. to find them quickly and avoid wasting time on online research, especially because many opportunities come with various limitations—such as availability for women only, middle schoolers, or other specific student categories.

What Are NYS Scholarships for Academic Excellence Eligibility Requirements?

Nominees for New York State Scholarships for Academic Excellence must fulfill strict requirements to apply for the scholarship, and these are:

  1. They have to be New York State residents or qualifying non-residents and study full time
  2. Candidates must have graduated from a New York State high school and matriculated in an approved undergraduate program of study in an NYS post-secondary educational institution
  3. Applicants must be in good academic standing
  4. Nominee must not be late with any federal or state loan or repayment

Candidates that haven’t attended a New York State high school cannot apply for the NYS Scholarship for Academic Excellence.

How To Apply for an NYS Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Consult with your high school guidance counselor to learn if you are eligible for a New York State Scholarship for Academic Excellence. Note that only high school officials can submit the Nomination Summary and individual application forms on behalf of candidates, not the applicants themselves.

What Else Do I Need To Know About New York State Scholarships for Academic Excellence?

Some other facts you should know about this scholarship before applying relate to:

  • Award amount
  • Duration
  • Notification procedure
  • Revocation

Award Amount

New York State awards 8.000 scholarships to exemplary high school graduates. Of these:

  • 2.000 grants are worth $1.500 and awarded to top scholars in their respective high schools
  • 6.000 scholarships are worth $500 and are given to outstanding graduates

How much money recipients will receive depends on their grades, specifically Regents exams. Awarded candidates may also enjoy other non-loan types of financial aid.

Scholarship Duration

If granted, you must use the scholarship within seven years, starting with the first academic year for which the payment was awarded. During this period, you are entitled to:

  • Financial aid for up to four years if you study full time
  • No more than five years of financial aid if you enrolled in a bachelor degree program that normally takes five years to complete

Notification Procedure

If your high school officials nominate you for a New York State Scholarship for Academic Excellence, you will receive a notification from the State Education Department. After that, you must apply at the Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) respecting the predetermined deadline to receive an awarded payment and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


If you enroll in a program of study at an out-of-state institution, you cannot receive this particular scholarship. The revocation is in effect even if you subsequently enroll in a program of an NYS institution.

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