How To Start a NordVPN Free Trial

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Can You Get a NordVPN Free Trial? Learn How With DoNotPay

NordVPN is a service providing a virtual private network to users wanting to stay safe and anonymous online. It is one of the fastest VPNs at the moment with apps available across various operating systems.

If you are considering NordVPN, read on to learn how to try it for free.

What Are the Most Popular Advantages of NordVPN Subscription?

NordVPN comes with a lot of perks, and some of the most appealing are:

  1. Secure internet
  2. Ultra-fast connection
  3. VPN servers everywhere
  4. Ease of use
  5. Multiple devices
  6. Strict no-logs policy
  7. Worldwide access

If you would like to check all the NordVPN benefits, go to this page.

How Many Devices Does One NordVPN Account Support Simultaneously?

You can connect up to six devices to one NordVPN account simultaneously, though there is a catch.

If multiple devices are connected to the same server, you will have to apply different protocols. You can connect one device to one of the four protocols (NordLynx, OpenVPN TCP, IKEv2, and OpenVPN UDP), which means that only four devices can be linked to the same server.

You can connect all your devices if you set up NordVPN on your router.

Does NordVPN Offer Free Trials?

NordVPN’s General Terms of Service stipulate that the company may offer free trials for their paid subscriptions. NordVPN can also determine your eligibility for a free trial and limit or withdraw the offer without any prior notice at their sole discretion.

Should you register for a trial run, you agree that your payment method will be billed regularly at the end of the free trial period.

Each time your subscription plan automatically renews, you will be charged the then-current service price. You will be charged at least five days for your monthly plan, i.e. at least 14 days for other plans before the next billing cycle.

If you want to avoid subscription auto-renewals, you should cancel automatic payments before the end of the free trial, i.e. your current subscription period.

What if NordVPN Has No Free Trials at the Moment?

In case there are no free trials when you decide to sign up, you can purchase the subscription, which comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The plans that NordVPN usually offers are:

  • 1-month plan
  • 6-month plan
  • 2-year plan

How Do I Sign Up for a NordVPN Trial?

To register for a NordVPN plan, you should head to the NordVPN Checkout page or click the Pricing button at the top of the service’s homepage and follow these steps:

  • Tap the plan you want, then click Continue to Payment
  • Choose a payment method
  • Fill out the form you see on the screen
  • Hit the Continue button
  • Follow the instructions to complete your purchase

Note that all payments are made in USD.

Sign Up for Free Trials Risk-Free With DoNotPay’s Virtual Credit Card

As subscription services usually offer free trials on condition that you provide payment details, DoNotPay’s Free Trial Card is an excellent tool to avoid automatic charges that follow the expiration of your free trial.

The Free Trial Card is a virtual credit card with a standard 16-digit card number you can provide on free trial pages, though not on subscription ones.

Aside from a temporary card number, our Free Trial Card also creates a fake identity, home address, and email address, thus keeping your true identity private.

Extra perks of DoNotPay’s Free Trial Card are:

  • Not linked to any funding source
  • Looks legit to any merchant

Note that you won’t be able to use the Free Trial Card for NordVPN’s promotion that does not include a free trial. In case the service offers a free trial, you can try out our card.

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What Should I Do if I Haven’t Received an Activation Email?

If you followed all the registration steps outlined in the How Do I Sign Up for a NordVPN Trial? section but didn't get an email with your NordVPN account credentials, you should do the following:

  1. Once you register, wait for a few minutes for your email to arrive
  2. Check other categories, including spam, junk, or promotions
  3. Reset your password by clicking Forgot your password? on the NordVPN login page and following the prompts

What To Do if My Account Is Still Inactive After Purchasing a NordVPN Plan?

Depending on your payment method, payment verification can take between 40 minutes to 24 hours.

In case the service has flagged your payment for fraud suspicion, NordVPN will revert your payment to your credit card. Should this be the case, you will have to contact their support team to complete the purchase.

What Is the Price of Each NordVPN Plan?

Before you commit to NordVPN subscriptions, you should check the price of each plan in the table below.

NordVPN Plan

1-month plan

Monthly: $11.95 per month

6-month plan

Every six months: $54/$9 per month
2-year plan

First two years: $89/$3.71 per month

What Payment Methods Does NordVPN Accept?

NordVPN accepts a broad range of payment instruments, such as:

  • Credit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Sofort
  • AmazonPay
  • PayPal

For more information about the payment methods that NordVPN accepts, follow this page.

Is Your Money Tied Up in Subscriptions?

To help you better manage your subscription expenses, DoNotPay has designed a fantastic tool—Find Hidden Money.

This functionality operates on a simple principle:

  1. You link your email or bank account to our app
  2. We inspect all your subscriptions and mark the ones you seldom use

If you want to get rid of them and save money along the way, DoNotPay can handle the process for you.

When Can I Cancel My NordVPN Subscription? Can I Get a Cancellation Refund?

You can cancel your plan anytime, but you will only get a full refund if you cancel within 30 days of your initial purchase. In other words, you won’t get a partial refund for any unused portion of the ongoing subscription period after the initial 30-day subscription window.

If you are not sure how to cancel your NordVPN subscription or how to request a refund, you can get assistance from DoNotPay by following the respective hyperlinks.

What Are the Most Popular NordVPN Alternatives?

Perhaps you are not satisfied with NordVPN’s service, and you are thinking about switching to another provider? You can find some of the most popular VPN services in the table below.

VPN Provider



  • Monthly: $11.95 per month
  • 12-month: $71.88/$5.99 per month
  • 24-month: $47.76/$1.99 per month


  • Monthly: $12.95 per month
  • 6-month: $9.99 per month
  • First-year + 3 free months: $99.95/$6.67 per month

How Do I Stop Getting Promotional Emails From NordVPN?

In case you decide to stop getting marketing emails from NordVPN, you can contact them via

If you want to avoid dealing with NordVPN’s representatives, you can unsubscribe from the service emails via DoNotPay’s Spam Collector functionality.

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