Dispute MSU parking tickets in 120 seconds

A new AI-powered chatbot can now help you appeal and beat citations. Developed by a British teenager in frustration over accumulated parking tickets, since it was launched in 2014, the app has helped more than 160,000 people dispute their parking tickets. The app has helped these people save millions of dollars in parking tickets with an astounding 64% success rate, as Business Insider has reported.

business insider describes how donotpay can help people save millions on parking citations

Now, you no longer need to hire a lawyer to appeal your parking tickets in person at your local parking office. You can do so successfully with DoNotPay. All you have to do is follow these simple steps to enjoy the many benefits the app offers:

  1. Avoid unnecessary infraction fines by disputing parking tickets using the app, which can be downloaded for free on any iOS device, or submit your info via the DoNotPay website.
  2. The app will ask a few questions, which may include when you received your ticket, the type of infraction you received, in which city or campus you received it, and the reason behind your appeal.
  3. You will be asked to upload a photo of your parking ticket to the app.
  4. After sending all the necessary information, DoNotPay will give you a letter that you can send to the city or the university.

I don’t have a lot of free time. Is fighting an MSU parking citation worth it?

appeal parking tickets and citations with DoNotPay

MSU allows you to appeal your parking tickets within seven days after the date of issuance. According to the Parking Office, appeals may be made in writing, via a phone call, or online. Phone appeals are handled from 7:30 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday. Reddit users have mixed opinions on whether it’s worth appealing your MSU parking tickets. However, with an app that can help you fight parking tickets in under two minutes, there’s no reason for you not to consider disputing your citations.

Contesting a parking ticket is very worthwhile, especially if you have strong evidence and a solid case. But how do you build a strong case? Gather the pieces of evidence that can be crucial in your dispute. These could include:

  • Visible corrections or alterations on your ticket
  • Incorrect information on the ticket
  • Critical information not listed on the ticket
  • Photos showing the area’s street signs or the lack thereof
  • Photo of the area where you were ticketed
  • Photos of nearby cars that should have received the same ticket

Minor errors in your ticket can save you a few bucks and can even be the sole reason for your citation’s dismissal, so thoroughly inspect your parking ticket for minute errors and pay attention to any details that should’ve been included on your ticket but were not.

Aside from those mentioned above, DoNotPay also suggests that you check the following things that could play a crucial role in your appeal:

  • Faded street signage
  • Missing details on the ticket
  • You sold the vehicle before the ticket was issued
  • The car was not in your possession when you were ticketed

Your appeal may involve a court appearance. But this involves a more complicated and more expensive process. Before taking your dispute to court, consider these things:

  • Check the university’s parking regulations first.
  • Do you have substantial pieces of evidence to support your case?
  • Do you have witnesses who can vouch for you in court?
  • Do you think the cost will be worth it?
  • Do you have the time for court trials?

You don’t have to take a $50-infraction to court, especially when you have an app that can help you reduce your fine or get it dismissed without all of the hassles that come with disputing in court!

How much time can I free up by using DoNotPay?

cbs describes how donotpay can help people save millions on parking citations

Appealing an MSU parking ticket takes up half a day’s work on average. The entire process includes gathering pieces of evidence, interviewing witnesses, taking every document to the parking regulations office, or writing a formal letter, and mailing it with the documents to authorities. Some cities and jurisdictions allow you to do everything online. This saves you some time since you won’t have to go to their offices in person. However, the resolution of your dispute may take a long time since the offices often suffer from massive backlogs. But you don’t have to deal with this if you use DoNotPay instead!

The world’s first robot lawyer not only saves you from losing your hard-earned money on parking tickets, but it also helps save you precious time!

If I get a parking infraction at MSU from a private company, will DoNotPay help me fight it?

how to contest parking infractions with DoNotPay

DoNotPay can help you challenge parking tickets issued by private companies, including:

  • Towne Park
  • Ace Parking
  • Douglas Parking
  • ABM Parking Services
  • SP+, aka Standard Parking
  • Laz Parking
  • Imperial Parking, aka Impark
  • Lanier Parking

Is it necessary to seek legal counsel to fight an MSU parking ticket?

money.com article about Joshua Browder's DoNotPay app helping people overturning parking citations

Technically, you don’t need to hire a lawyer when appealing parking tickets in MSU. Aside from the fact the getting legal services can cost a lot, we can all agree that a mere $50 infraction is just not worth all the hassle and expenses legal council could bring.

However, should the need for a lawyer arise, make sure that you get your money’s worth by getting a competent parking ticket lawyer who has these qualities:

  1. Sound credentials
  2. Professional background
  3. Expertise and experience in handling parking ticket cases

Finding a parking ticket lawyer is not any easier than finding a criminal defense lawyer or similar. Follow these simple steps to help you find the right one:

  1. Check your state bar association for the list of practicing lawyers in your area. The association has all the necessary information you need to contact the right lawyers.
  2. Ask for referrals from friends and colleagues.
  3. Create a shortlist of lawyers using the information and professional history that you find online.
  4. Set up a consultation and ask for the fee upfront before signing a deal.

How much will it cost me to retain a lawyer to fight a parking citation at MSU?

Gizmodo on DoNotPay helping appeal hundreds of thousands of parking tickets for free

Though you generally don’t have to hire a lawyer when disputing citations, some cases call for legal services. In Michigan, lawyer fees range from $100 to $1000, depending on the case. Lower court representation services can cost you somewhere between $100 and $200 per ticket case.

When you take anything to court, there are higher chances of multiple appearances and of course, additional lawyer fees. This could cause a severe dent in your bank account. So, whenever you receive an infraction, appeal it using your best option: DoNotPay. With DoNotPay, the appeal process is utterly free and usually results in your fine getting canceled.

If I end up with no choice but to pay the fine, how can I do that?

In rare cases, your appeal may fail, and you will have to pay the fine.

You are required to pay MSU parking tickets within seven days from the date of issuance, according to the MSU parking office. All late payments and appeals will incur a $10 or $15 late fee on top of the fine depending on the violation. All violations that remain unpaid after ten days are also subject to a non-waivable administrative processing fee.

You can pay parking fines in person at the Police Department in the Parking Office or through the 24-hour drop box located in the lobby of the Police and Public Safety Building. MSU authorities also allow you to pay via mail or online.

Mail payments should contain only checks or money orders and should be made payable to Michigan State University.

Dispute or Pay?

Ease Time it takes Cost Benefits
Dispute Disputing with DoNotPay is easy and hassle-free DoNotPay takes no longer than two minutes Completely free or reduced fee Getting parking ticket fines canceled
Pay There are various ways to pay infractions: in person, via mail, drop-box, or online Can take hours or even days depending on the payment option you choose Price of the ticket + administrative fees + transportation cost Necessary if your dispute is not successful

What are the chances of getting my parking fine reduced?

Appealing your tickets increases your chances of having it reduced. Though it is unlikely that MSU parking police will reduce your fine if you appeal your ticket, you can direct your dispute to the City of East Lansing, where it will be handled like East Lansing parking tickets. Some Reddit users have said they have achieved some success and even got their ticket waived by transferring their disputes to the City of East Lansing.

MSU is notorious for its stringent parking regulations, but you can always challenge parking tickets using DoNotPay!

If I don’t pay my MSU parking fine, what’s the worst that can happen?

Failure to pay your MSU parking tickets could result in some significant consequences, but it won’t get you in jail. According to this Reddit thread, unpaid tickets may result in vehicle towing and impoundment.

The more severe implications are that it can affect your student record. According to MSU’s Parking Office, they have the right to withhold your class registration, among other possible actions. In the Reddit thread above, a user said he accumulated around $1300 in parking tickets while he was attending MSU, and the university did not release his diploma until the total bill was paid off. 

Do MSU police parking infractions show up on my driving record?

Your infractions won’t be reflected on your driving record, but can affect your financial history! So, the next time you try to ignore your parking tickets, think again. Unpaid parking tickets go straight to a collection agency – which isn’t good news for your future loan applications.

Having unpaid tickets can also result in the suspension of your license and your vehicle registration.

What if I got an East Lansing citation and someone took it off my car? I never saw it.

You may have received an infraction but didn’t find a physical parking ticket on your windshield due to extraneous circumstances. Maybe the wind blew it off. Nevertheless, you will be notified via mail of whatever violations you have been ticketed for.

Should you receive an unexpected letter regarding a parking violation, it is best to call the city hall to verify.

Will an MSU parking infraction make my car insurance rate rise?

Getting a parking ticket won’t affect your car insurance. Your insurance company does not have access to your parking violations record. However, insurance companies like American Family may increase your premium if they find out about your unpaid parking tickets. 

Also, if your unpaid tickets have been forwarded to a collection agency, chances are you’d have difficulty renewing your coverage.

I’m not from Michigan. Do I really need to pay off my MSU parking citations?

You have to pay parking tickets that you obtained while you were outside your state of residence. 

MSU requires you to pay parking violations regardless of whether you are a non-student or a non-resident of East Lansing. Each university, city, and state has various parking regulations aimed at ensuring the smooth flow of its traffic. So, before driving within their premises, make sure that you are familiar with their rules.

Appealing out-of-state parking tickets is best done with DoNotPay – which can help you with the entire process without you having to be physically present.

Can I get a parking ticket even if I’m still sitting behind the wheel?

Getting a parking ticket while seated behind the wheel is not uncommon. So, ensure that you are legally parked whenever you’re making a quick stop to answer an urgent call or an important message. Some cities are strict, even when briefly stopping within specified areas, so always pay attention.

If I get parking citations while driving a rental car, do I really have to pay them?

You have to pay for all the parking tickets you obtain while you are renting a car. Car rental agencies such as Budget include this in their policies, so it should be clear that all the infractions you get while driving one of their cars are under your obligation.

It’s hard to get out of paying infractions you got during your rental. Companies will be notified of it and will charge your card. Some companies even charge you with extra administrative fees.

How much income does MSU earn from issuing parking tickets?

MSU Police have issued more than 99,400 parking tickets between August 2017 and April 2018, collecting more than $1.7 million through fines, including late fees, according to a report from statenews.com. This is even more than the fines collected by the East Lansing police, which only came to $568,000.

Where has DoNotPay disputed the most parking tickets?

DoNotPay helps users dispute tickets in any city, but where DoNotPay disputes the greatest number from tickets are the cities that generate the most revenue from parking tickets.

In the US, New York City and Chicago top the list with NYC parking tickets generating almost one billion dollars in revenue from parking tickets alone in 2016 and Chicago parking tickets $272 million in 2018.

Over half of the revenue raised by fines in 2o16 was because of the parking tickets, and learning how to dispute NYC parking tickets should be on your mind.

At the time this article was written, DoNotPay has helped to dispute and win millions of dollars in fines in both of these cities.

What else can DoNotPay help with?

DoNotPay can also help you with:

Summary of dealing with MSU parking tickets

Appealing your parking tickets can take little effort. DoNotPay has helped more than 160,000 people save millions of dollars by successfully appealing their infractions.
You can contest a parking citation in under two minutes. Download DoNotPay and dispute your parking infractions with a few easy steps.
DoNotPay can also help you win parking ticket battles with private parking companies. You can use DoNotPay’s services anywhere in the United States.
Ignoring your parking tickets can result in severe consequences. Fortunately, jail time is not one of them.
Disputing a parking infraction is worth your effort. With DoNotPay to prepare the dispute for you, there’s no reason for you not to appeal your parking tickets.
You can pay your ticket in person, via drop boxes, via mail or even online. However, if your DoNotPay is successful, then you won’t have to pay a thing.
You can have your parking ticket fee reduced. In some cities, simply appealing your ticket can save you a few bucks.
Your driving record will not include your parking violations. But your financial history can take a huge blow from unpaid tickets.
You still have to pay infractions despite not finding a physical ticket tucked in your windshield wipers. You will get notified of any violations via mail, so you can’t use a missing ticket as an excuse not to pay.
Your insurance premiums may go up if you have unpaid parking tickets.  Unpaid tickets can also result in the refusal to renew your insurance coverage.
Taking your parking ticket to court is an option. But before going that far, try DoNotPay, so you don’t have to spend anything!
It is your obligation to pay all the tickets you received during an out-of-state trip. You must obey all parking laws wherever you are in the US and despite being a non-resident.
Avoid parking tickets by being familiar with parking regulations. Dodge parking fines by appealing them!
Getting a parking ticket when you’re behind the wheel is common. You should park legally before stopping to answer an urgent call or an important message.
Tickets you receive while renting a car are your responsibility. Some car rental agencies charge an additional administrative fee if you don’t pay your infractions on time.
Cities make hundreds of millions from parking tickets annually. MSU collected more than $1.7 million in parking fines and late fees between 2017 and 2018.
DoNotPay has other services that can assist you. Services include canceling free trials, seeking compensation for delayed flights, and appealing speeding tickets.