Learn About All Changes on Ohio’s Montgomery County Sex Offender List

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Montgomery County Sex Offender List—Timely Updates on Every Offender in This Ohio Constituency

In Montgomery County, Ohio, there are around 1,000 registered sex offenders.

Most registrants from the Montgomery County Sex Offender list live in Dayton—around 870 of them.

The good news is that you can stay informed about the whereabouts of these criminals. The sharing of this info has been regulated with the passing of Megan’s Law in 1996. This piece of legislation requires every state to have a public sex offender registry.

DoNotPay takes the accessibility of this information to the next level. because our Sex Offender Search feature enables you to receive weekly reports on offenders’ movements within a specific area. It's a convenient way to stay away from predators and keep yourself and your family safe.

Montgomery County Sex Offender Search

Montgomery County Sex Offender Registry is available on the County Sheriff’s Office website. There are six criteria you can choose from when researching:

  • In your area—Once you provide the following info, the results will be shown in a list:
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • ZIP
    • ZIP Plus
    • Offender Address Type
  • Name—you can search for an offender by:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
  • City
  • Non-compliant—This is where you can find a list of all non-compliant offenders within the county
  • Internet names/email—Any online alias or username can be used to search this registry website section
  • Phone number

If you live in Montgomery County, you can also use the Ohio State Sex Offender Registry but both of them offer the same info and lack the offender map search function.

The only automated search option is signing up for notification emails. The sign-up process isn’t complicated, but you can encounter difficulties receiving the alerts because your email service may view the messages as spam and reject or send them to your Junk folder.

Montgomery County Sex Offender Registry and Applicable Laws

According to Montgomery County sex offender registration laws, most offenders need to register. There are even certain juveniles who need to update their status regularly. All registrants are divided into tiers and must follow the requirements and restrictions imposed by the court.

Montgomery County Sex Offender Classification

According to the County's official website, Montgomery was among the first constituencies to adopt the tier/level classification.

Tiers are the expression of an offender’s recidivism potential. Here are the details:

TierRecidivism PotentialMinimum Registry Period
Tier 1Low15 years
Tier 2Medium25 years
Tier 3HighLifetime

Restrictions and Procedures the Offenders Must Follow in Montgomery County

After the initial registration, all offenders must update and report their data regularly to the authorities. Here are the time frames:

  1. Once a year—verification of all data (Tier 1)
  2. Every 180 days—verification of all data (Tier 2)
  3. Every 90 days—verification of all data (Tier 3)
  4. Within 30 days from entering the county— all offenders traveling from other states
  5. Within ten days from the change of address—all offenders

Note that the offenders are allowed to change their addresses without limitations as long as they respect the residential restrictions. According to the sex offender rules and regulations in Montgomery County, they aren’t allowed to reside within 1,000 feet of a school.

In case the offenders fail to register or comply with all behavior guidelines, they will face consequences. The first omission to report or update the data is observed as a first-degree misdemeanor, while all subsequent failures to comply will be considered a fourth-degree felony.

The consequent convictions can range from six-month to five-year imprisonment. In some cases, the sentence for non-compliance can even be of the same degree as for the original crime.

Montgomery County Sex Offender Updates—Use DoNotPay To Automate Your Search

When your city is as densely populated by sex offenders as Dayton, you can hardly overdo the protection measures. One of the most important steps is telling your family or the whole community who to avoid and which neighborhood areas to stay away from.

Your safety measures can be useless if you aren’t aware of dangerous sex offenders’ whereabouts at any given moment.

DoNotPay has introduced a new tool to help you get the updates automatically!

The main advantages are:

  • Fast and easy navigation
  • Numerous search parameters
  • Adjustable search perimeters
  • Self-generating weekly reports based on your search criteria

To take full advantage of these benefits, you should:

  1. and find Sex Offender Search
  2. Enter an offender's name or the location details
  3. Select the vicinity that you want to scan (one, two, or three miles)
  4. Set up personal reports

Our app will scan your neighborhood and send weekly reports to make sure you stay alert and safe.

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