How To File a Kmart Customer Service Complaint Fast

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Is There a Way To File Kmart Customer Service Complaints?

Kmart was once a very popular retail chain, with hundreds of locations all over the world.

After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2002, Kmart was merged with Sears, but Sears Holdings also filed for bankruptcy in 2018. The remnants of Kmart were sold to Transform Co in 2019, but stores kept closing due to loss of profit. Today, there are only 21 Kmart stores still operational in the United States.

The remaining Kmart locations are all located in the South, such as Atlanta, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. There are also Kmart stores in Puerto Rico that have been sold to a non-profit organization called "Kmart Puerto Rico Support" and reopened under their banner.

Because of this, Kmart is very unpopular with many customers. It's not uncommon for customers to have an unpleasant shopping experience in Kmart stores since all of the workers are paid so little that they couldn't care less about customer satisfaction.

The common consensus regarding Kmart stores in the U.S. seems to be that nobody wants to be there.

The bad customer service policies enforced by Kmart managers are also a byproduct of the company's poor performance. If management isn't doing a good enough job to help Kmart regain profitability again, then they won't get paid. This is why it's nearly impossible to get a refund at Kmart, even if the product you bought is defective or passed the expiration date.

If you've had an awful experience when shopping at one of the remaining Kmart stores, we'll show you to file a complaint and, if necessary, sue the company in small claims court.

How To File Kmart Customer Service Complaints

Kmart doesn't have a standalone customer support phone number you can call. Instead, when you eventually manage to navigate the maze that is Kmart's website and find the "additional contact information" link, you'll be redirected to Sears customer service page.

The numbers you can call are:

  • Sears Online Customer service: 1 (800) 697-3277
  • Repair Home Services: 1 (800) 469-4663
  • Sears Parts Direct: 1 (888) 873-3829
  • Sears Delivery Tracking: 1 (800) 732-7747

As you can see, the phone numbers are specific to different services, and none of them would work well for filing a Kmart complaint. You'd likely waste half an hour on hold, only to be told by a Sears customer service representative to contact Kmart through their website.

The "How Do I Contact Kmart'' page provides links for different pages of the website, which provide generic information regarding the services the company provides.

The links under Order Management allow you to look up your order, cancel it, or request a return or exchange. Neither of these provides an actual feedback form that you can use to file your complaint.

Kmart also gives you an option to chat with them live regarding existing and new orders, but the agents on live chat are sales representatives that will try to get you to spend money with the company rather than providing an actual resolution to your complaint.

How To Contact Kmart (Sears) Customer Support
  • Sears Online Customer service: 1 (800) 697-3277
  • Repair Home Services: 1 (800) 469-4663
  • Sears Parts Direct: 1 (888) 873-3829
  • Sears Delivery Tracking: 1 (800) 732-7747

So, what can you do if you can't reach Kmart or if you keep getting generic answers from customer support agents that can't or won't address your issue?

How To File Kmart Customer Complaints

If you can get your complaint through to Kmart, or if they keep ignoring it, you can file complaints with government agencies and even local consumer protection groups.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is a good place to start since they'll be able to refer your complaint to the appropriate agency that will be able to help you gain some satisfaction from Kmart.

If Kmart engaged in unfair and deceptive practices, they could face fines from the FTC. You can report Kmart to the FTC using this online form.

Another agency you can file a complaint with is the Better Business Bureau. The BBB is a non-profit organization responsible for holding businesses accountable for any illegal, unethical, or unfair business practices that they've engaged in.

You can submit your complaint through this online form. The Bureau will then investigate the complaint and publish their findings on this website.

As you can see, there are multiple ways you can try to address a poor customer service experience that you've had with Kmart. However, in most cases, these options will be very slow and ultimately unsuccessful.

If these agencies can't help you resolve your complaint against Kmart, the only course of action left is to sue the company in small claims court.

Is Your Kmart Customer Complaint Being Ignored? Sue Kmart in Small Claims Court

You can take Kmart to court if you're unable to resolve your complaint through the official channels. If you've suffered monetary damages due to the company's illegal, unethical, or unfair business practices, you can file a claim in your local small claims court.

Keep in mind that small claims courts have some restrictions and requirements regarding the types of cases they hear and the amount of money that's at stake.

In California, for example, the maximum amount you can sue Kmart for is $10,000. You'll also have to fill out a complaint form and get your summons and complaint approved by the court clerk in order to proceed with the case.

It's best to contact a local small claims court, explain your issue, and ask the court clerk's office to provide you with instructions for filing the claim.

Before the case can reach court, you'll also have to send a professional demand letter to the company. The letter should provide detailed information regarding the issues you're complaining about, as well as a copy of your receipt or proof of purchase for the items you purchased.

The following information needs to be included in the demand letter:

  • Your name, address, and phone number;
  • The nature of your complaint (i.e., what happened to you);
  • When and where the incident took place;
  • Your contact information (your name, phone number, and address);
  • The details surrounding your complaint (including dates).

Kmart will have 15 days to respond to your demand letter and provide a written answer to your complaint. If they don't respond within 15 days or if they refuse to compensate you for the damages, the case will go to trial.

If you prove that Kmart engaged in unfair and deceptive practices, you'll be awarded damages or compensation for the purchase price of the items or any other losses that you suffered as a result of dealing with Kmart.

DoNotPay Can Help You Sue Kmart In Small Claims Court

Kmart is slowly dwindling away, causing the company to treat its customers more poorly by the day. The employees and management aren’t too helpful either, which is understandable given that they’re crew members of a sinking ship. Still, that doesn’t mean you should just accept the fact that Kmart wronged you.

Most people just drop the issue because they don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on lawyers and waste a ton of time on complex legal procedures. Thankfully, DoNotPay is here to offer you a much better alternative! With our award-winning app, you can bypass the convoluted bureaucratic process and file your claim against Kmart in under 15 minutes, without spending a penny on an attorney.

Here’s how you can file a claim against Kmart in a few easy steps:

  1. Select the Sue Now product
  2. Tell us how much the company owes you
  3. Select a reason for your lawsuit
  4. Answer a few simple questions
  5. Provide any evidence that supports your claim

That’s it! DoNotPay will send a demand letter to the company, with a 14-day deadline to provide an official response. We’ll also help you submit all the required court paperwork, so if Kmart fails to respond or refuses to pay the damages you are seeking, you can take the case to court.

DoNotPay can also help you check your Kmart gift card balance and redeem it for cash no matter the state you live in!

File Your Complaints Effortlessly

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