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How To File Dish Network Complaints and Get Compensation for Poor TV and Internet Service

Dish Network is a satellite company that provides TV and internet service. The company serves over 23 million Americans by providing an affordable viewing experience for over 160 channels.

Some Dish Network customers report experiencing poor service—lack of access to certain channels, loss of signal, and poor internet connection. Another issue frequently brought up by users is that they are receiving significantly worse service than other customers.

If you fall into one of these two categories, you may be due compensation for the damages done by this company's negligence or for the outrageous monthly fee they charge for their services.

How To File Complaints to the Dish Network Complaint Department

Contacting Dish Network and filing a complaint with the company can prove to be quite difficult.

You can try to file your complaint with a customer support representative through the online chat on the company's Support page, but the problem is that the page is slow to load, and it can take a while to connect to a support agent.

The company's Contact page doesn't feature a form through which customers can file complaints. Instead, it merely provides the Dish Network complaint line: 1-800-333-3474. The phone response times are pretty slow, approximately 30 minutes.

You can also contact Dish Network by sending an email at, but it's highly unlikely you'll receive a response from the company.

If the customer service representatives fail to give you a favorable response, you can try to send a letter to Dish Network's Executive Office at:

Dish Network LLC, 9601 South Meridian Blvd Englewood, CO 80112, United States

The most likely outcome is that your complaint will be forwarded to a customer support representative, and you will have to start at square one.

If all else fails, you can try emailing the company's CEO at, but we advise against it unless you've exhausted all other options and the matter is urgent.

How To Contact Dish Network
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Have Complaints About Dish Network? Here’s How To File Them

In addition to the above options, you can also file a complaint against Dish Network with several agencies that are charged with protecting customers against fraud, deceptive business practices, and unfair competition.

The agencies you can file a complaint with include:

  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

How To File Complaints Against Dish Network With the FTC

To file a complaint with the FTC, you need to send a written complaint letter to:

The Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Response Center, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC 20580.

If your complaint is valid and you are asking for reimbursement from Dish Network, you may also need to contact your own credit card company or bank that issued your card or check for further assistance.

File Complaints Against Dish Network With the BBB

To file a complaint with the BBB, you can complete the online form on the Bureau's website. The BBB will then examine your claim and decide whether to endorse it. If the Bureau does endorse your complaint, the company will receive a formal alert regarding the complaint.

In case the Bureau decides to investigate your claim, you will be contacted by an investigator who may ask you for more information regarding your complaint.

If you feel that there is a pattern of Dish Network customer service representatives failing to solve your complaints or if there is a pattern of Dish Network systematically violating consumer protection laws and guidelines, don't hesitate to contact BBB.

How To File Complaints Against Dish Network With the CFPB

The CFPB reviews complaints and takes action against companies that are disreputable in their business practices if they deem it necessary.

In order to file a complaint with the Bureau, you must complete and submit an online complaint form on their website.

If you feel that Dish Network is deliberately violating consumer protection laws and you have been a victim of the company's unscrupulous business policies, contact the CFPB.

File Complaints Against Dish Network With the FCC

To file a complaint with the FCC, you can complete a complaint form online or by sen a written request letter to the FCC's Consumer Center at:

Federal Communications Commission Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau, Consumer Inquiries & Complaints Division 445 12th Street, SW Washington, DC 20554

You must include all details of your complaint in order for it to be examined by the FCC.

Have Dish Network Complaints? Here’s How To Send Demand Letters To Dish Network in Small Claims Court

If filing complaints with various agencies and taking action against Dish Network proves hard or the company doesn't give in to pressure, you can file a small claims lawsuit against them. Small claims court is meant for disputes between individuals and companies that are worth less than $10,000.

To start the process against Dish Network, you must first draft a demand letter and send it to the company as proof of your intent to send demand letters to. The demand letter must include the following details:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The name and address of the corporation being sued
  • A statement of your intention to file a lawsuit
  • A statement that you are willing to accept compensation for damages caused by Dish Network's misconduct and negligence.

The last part is crucial because you must provide the company with the opportunity to resolve your complaint and pay you for the damages done before taking the case to court. If the company agrees to compensate you for your losses, it's possible that your case won't even go to trial.

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