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Get a KLM Refund, Don’t Let the Opportunity Fly Away

KLM—Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V.—is an airline company from the Netherlands. You may know it as part of the Air France-KLM group.

Refunds from airlines can be bothersome, so let us take you on the journey to getting your money back.

Submit a KLM Refund Request With DoNotPay

When airline companies keep piling on various rules and regulations when it comes to what qualifies as a refund and how to get it, it may be too much to take. Luckily, DoNotPay can swoop in to save you the trouble of applying for a refund on your own. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open DoNotPay in a
  2. Create an account
  3. Select File a Chargeback
  4. Fill in your payment details
  5. Type in KLM for merchant
  6. Answer a few questions
  7. Verify your details

You’re all set! DoNotPay will send a dispute letter to both your bank and KLM to get you one step closer to gaining your money back.

What You Need To Know About the KLM Refund Policy

When you want to take matters into your own hands, the first thing you need to know is if you qualify for a KLM refund according to their refund policy.

You can request a refund of:

  • Your ticket
  • Extra options
  • Travel voucher

It is wise to note that, when you book via a travel agency, you should contact them directly.

KLM Ticket Refund Conditions

You are entitled to your money back only if the airline canceled the flight. In the event that you canceled the flight, you will not be given the money, but you can get a travel voucher to be used for future flights. A voucher may not be such a bad option, since KLM often offers 15% bonuses if you use it to pay for a flight ticket. You can also use it to purchase extra options.

Extra Options

What are extra options? You can claim a refund for extra option costs, like better seats, extra luggage, or an upgrade to Business Class. Being eligible for an extra options refund has to do with your ticket number.

Ticket Number Starts With

Request a Refund Via

KLM Refund Form


Air France

Delta Airlines

If your ticket number starts with 074, check out this KLM’s webpage, scroll down to find your extra option you wish to get a refund on, and click on the request.

Travel Voucher

A travel voucher has many perks, such as buying a new flight ticket or some extra options, even getting a bonus discount. You may just want to have your money back, though. You can exchange your voucher for cash if you haven’t used it for 12 months.

Handling KLM Refunds by Yourself

KLM’s website can be a bit confusing when it comes to finding a refund request form. They actually have a few lined up:

The third refund request form seems like the simplest option, although it doesn’t beat DoNotPay’s fast and easy way of getting money back to customers.

KLM’s Refunds Processing System

  1. Go to this KLM’s webpage
  2. Choose your language
  3. Select your country or region
  4. Choose the type of request—Ticket Refund, Extra Option Refund, or Travel Voucher Refund
  5. Select the correct Product Type if necessary
  6. Choose the Refund Reason from the drop-down menu*
  7. Click on Continue
  8. Tap on Confirm
  9. Fill in your Contact Details
  10. Select Continue
  11. Upload document files
  12. Complete the info about your ticket under Refund Details
  13. Follow the instructions and Confirm

*KLM specified that you can only get a cash refund if the airline canceled the flight, but it gives you plenty of other reasons for a refund in the request form, so you may as well give it a try. The reasons offered are:

  • Cancellation 24h
  • Visa denial
  • Canceled flight
  • Trip involuntary abandoned at the connecting airport
  • Death case
  • Refund according to ticket conditions
  • Denied boarding
  • The health situation in China
  • Flight disruptions
  • Flight delays

If you’re still not sure if you are eligible for a refund or which reason to choose, why not go with DoNotPay’s way and get it over with, the quick and painless way?

KLM Compensations

KLM offers refunds, as well as compensations. You can find the necessary info on their Refunds and Compensations page. DoNotPay also deals with airline flight compensation.

KLM Covid-19 Information About Refunds

If your refund reason is connected to Covid-19, this KLM website’s section offers up-to-date information, and most asked questions are answered on this webpage.

Ways To Contact KLM Support

When you’re sick of filling out forms on KLM’s website, you can add a personal touch by contacting them directly and getting the help you need. These are the ways you can contact KLM:

Contact Option

Calling the customer support center

+1 800-618-0104

Sending a WhatsApp message 24/7

KLM WhatsApp/+31206490787
Contacting KLM via Facebook 24/7

KLM Facebook

Contacting KLM via Messenger 24/7

KLM Messenger
Contacting KLM via Twitter 24/7

KLM Twitter

When Can I Expect To Receive My Money Back From KLM?

Once you request a refund with KLM, you won’t get an answer from them quickly. It could take up to 90 days for them to get back to you on your refund request, to process it, and to check if you qualify for it. They state in their customer support section that they will try to complete the request in 60 days. As soon as they process it, they will let you know via email. If they don’t contact you for 90 days, you should contact KLM customer support.

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