How to File a Complaint Against "I Saw It First" and Hear Back

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How to File a Complaint Against "I Saw It First" and Hear Back

Many people consider fashion and the way they dress a top priority. When someone purchases 'I Saw it First," they want to receive a good value and don't want to spend time on problems or negative issues. Luckily, DoNotPay offers a product that helps customers deal with regarding effectively and efficiently.

Founded in 2017, 'I Saw it First' may qualify as a relatively new company. But it didn't take long to impress the younger fashion-conscious crowd. They pride themselves in appreciating all ethnicities and body types. One of their primary selling points concerns originality and individuality.

Customers who want to get noticed for their unique style don't want to spend much time dealing with problems or chasing refunds. DoNotPay lets them return to enjoying life.

How to Request a Refund and Report an Issue through I Saw It First Customer Support:

The basic return policy at 'I Saw it First' states that you may expect a full refund if they receive the returned garment within 28 days. After receiving the garment, it may take I Saw It First up to 21 days to issue a refund.

Customers in the U.K. should follow the steps below closely to ensure timely receipt of their refund

  1. Log into your account or create one to view your order.
  2. Select 'create a return' on the appropriate order.
  3. Select the items you wish to return, state the reason, and then select the courier you want to use for the return.
  4. Make sure to place your returns note in the bag before posting.

Additionally, you may select between two couriers when returning your item(s). The options below come at no cost to the customer. If you choose another courier, you will pay the shipping costs.

Returning with InPost

  • Locate the nearest InPost Locker and take your parcel there with your QR code.
  • Scan the QR code, place your package inside the locker, and shut the door.
  • Your return will receive a label from the courier.
  • You'll receive a notification once I Saw It First processes your return.

Returning with Royal Mail

  • Locate the nearest Post Office and take your parcel there with your QR code.
  • Present your QR code to the Royal Mail Employee. They will print the label.
  • Make sure to ask for a receipt.
  • You'll receive a notification once I Saw It First processes your return.

When you have s you can either do so with their website or social media

How to Reach I Saw it First Customer Support
WebsiteContact Us
PostI Saw It First Returns

Torque Logistics Ltd,

Standbridge Lane,

Kettlethorpe Wakefield,



How Else to File an 'I Saw it First' Complaint

Though they try to make it seem relatively simple to return a garment from 'I Say it First,' it does come with challenges and complications. In addition to signing into or creating an account, you also need to choose a courier and physically travel to a location to drop off your return.

Additionally, you must return your item within 28 days of the purchase. The item returned should appear unworn, unwashed, and contain the original tags.

Even if you follow the laid-out steps perfectly, you may still need to wait 21 days for your refund. And, of course, we know that returns rarely go as planned. What if you wear your new dress, wash it, and then it falls apart? Other options exist to file a complaint if you don't receive satisfaction from the company.

  1. ADR Schemes

Alternative dispute resolution uses mediation or arbitration to help the two parties agree on a solution. Once made, the decision becomes binding and final.

  1. Ombudsman

If you've exhausted all other options, you may want to reach out to an Ombudsman. In the U.K., Ombudsmen specialize according to their profession. Those dealing with retail would employ an Ombudsman in the category. The Ombudsman will help reach an unbiased solution to the problem.

  1. Small Claims court

Filing in Small Claims Court represents the final option to try and resolve your issue. You must demonstrate that you exhausted other avenues, so save written correspondence and take detailed notes on any phone or in-person conversations.

The total amount of money you may claim in Small Claims Court in England and Wales is £10,000; in Scotland, you may claim up to £5,000; and in Northern Ireland, you're limited to £3,000.

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Here are the steps you have to follow

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