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How To Label a Letter Properly

Knowing how to label a letter correctly is crucial if you want to ensure your letter reaches its destination as quickly as possible. There’s no point in spending hours learning how to start, finish, and format your letter the right way if the recipient will never get to read it. Rely on DoNotPay’s simple guide and learn how to address your letters with ease.

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An In-Depth Guide to Addressing a Letter

A properly addressed front of the envelope has to contain:

  1. The return address in the upper left corner
  2. The mailing address in the center
  3. The right number of stamps in the upper right corner

How To Write the Return Address

Consult the following table to learn how to format the return address:

Where To WriteWhat To Write
First lineName
Second lineStreet address and house or apartment number
Third lineCity, state, and ZIP code

While the rule of thumb is to write the sender’s address on the front of the envelope, you can also place it on the flap side. Most people avoid doing that because the flap side can tear easily while the recipient is opening the letter.

How To Write the Mailing Address

When writing a mailing address, it’s important to keep in mind the formality level. If you’re sending a letter to a friend, the recipient’s address should be formatted the same as the return address.

Are you writing a formal letter or sending mail to an individual in a certain company? In that case, you should follow slightly different rules. In the table below, you can see the correct formatting for both situations:

Where To WriteAddressing a Formal LetterAddressing a Letter to an Individual in a Company
First lineTitle and full name (e.g., Mr. John Doe)Company name
Second lineStreet address including the number of house or apartmentc/o Title, full name, and job position
Third lineCity, state, and ZIP codeStreet address of the company
Fourth line-City, state, and ZIP code

When sending mail outside of the U.S., you should check the address formatting rules of the state you’re mailing the letter to. The good news is that most countries use the same mailing address format as the U.S.

How Many Stamps Should You Affix?

You can ask a post office clerk to calculate the number of stamps you should place, or you can try to figure it out on your own by:

  1. Measuring the weight, length, height, and thickness of the envelope
  2. Opening an online postage cost calculator to type in the measurements and choose the mail class
  3. Dividing the postage price by the cost of a single Forever stamp

As you can conclude, the postage cost influences the number of stamps you need to mail a letter. If you’re sending a standard 4x6 letter that weighs no more than one ounce, you will pay $0.55. This means that you should affix only one Forever stamp.

Postage Rates Explained

If you wish to know more about the postage cost of each mail class, you’ll find the following list useful:

  • Postcard—$0.36
  • First Class Mail Letter—$0.55 for one-ounce letters and $0.20 for every additional ounce
  • First Class Mail Flat—$1 for one-ounce letters and $0.20 for each additional ounce
  • First Class Mail International—$1.20 and up
  • Priority Mail—$7.16 and up
  • Priority Mail Express—$22.75 and up

Why Do People Still Send Letters via Mail?

As opposed to email correspondence that’s free, quick, and convenient, sending letters via snail mail is tiresome, time-consuming, and sometimes expensive. Even though tedious, snail mail is usually the only option people have when they need to:

  • Send papers and business documents
  • Mail resignations, recommendations, job cover letters, and rent increase notices
  • Apply for universities, federal grants, compensation programs, and similar
  • Cancel certain memberships

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