Do You Need a Rent Payment Letter Sample?

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Looking for a Rent Payment Letter Sample? We Can Help!

Is your tenant a few days late with his or her rent? While you can call to remind him or her to pay, a better option is to send a written notice via snail mail. If you’re not sure how to compose the notice, one option is to search for a rent payment letter sample, but it’s not your only choice. In this guide, you’ll learn what to include in your unpaid rent demand notice and how to mail the letter in two minutes.

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How To Write a Letter Requesting Rent Payment

Before you start writing your demand letter for unpaid rent, you should review the lease agreement to ensure all the data is accurate. Try to be polite and to use short, straight-to-the-point sentences to avoid confusion. The letter should be formal since it can serve as evidence if you have to go to court.

Which Sections Should Your Rent Payment Letter Include?

When writing your demand letter, you should abide by specific formatting rules and include the following sections:



Your infoStart a letter by writing your:
  • Name
  • Address
  • City, state, and postal code
  • Phone number (if the tenant has some questions and wants to contact you)
Date Include the date of writing the letter
The tenant’s infoWrite the tenant’s:
  • Name
  • Street address and house or apartment number
  • City, state, and postal code
Formal greetingOpen the letter with “Dear” and follow up with the tenant’s name. You should avoid the “Dear tenant” greeting as it is considered impersonal
Body of letter Remind the tenant that he or she is late with the rent. Make sure to include the following info:
  • The exact date the rent was due
  • Terms of the lease agreement
  • The section of the agreement that covers late payments
  • The amount that the tenant owes (include late fees if necessary)
  • The new due date for the total amount (rent + late fees)
Formal closingEnd the letter with “Sincerely” or any other appropriate formal closing
SignatureSign the letter by hand and include the typed version of the signature as well
List of enclosuresInclude this section if you decide to send a copy of the original lease agreement or any other document to the tenant

Where To Find a Sample Demand Letter for Unpaid Rent

If you need some ideas about what to write in the body of the letter, you can find various samples online. Some of the most popular websites are pdfFiller,, and Word Templates Online.

A Guide to Addressing the Rent Payment Letter

Once you finish writing the letter, you should know how to label the envelope correctly to ensure the letter reaches the tenant. The front of the envelope should include:

Both the return and the tenant’s addresses should look like this:

  1. First row—Name
  2. Second row—Street address, including the number of house or apartment
  3. Third row—City, state, and ZIP code

How Much Does It Cost To Mail a Demand Letter for Unpaid Rent?

The price of postage depends on multiple factors, such as the mail class and the width, height, and length of the envelope. If your rent payment letter is one page long, it will probably fit the standard envelope, and it shouldn’t weigh more than one pound. This means that you can send it via First Class Mail and pay $0.55 for one Forever stamp.

If you decide to include other documents and your envelope is heavier than one ounce, you will have to pay $0.20 for each additional ounce.

Do You Need To Go to the Post Office To Send Mail?

While sending your rent payment letter via snail mail is a better solution than sending an email, going to the post office can be bothersome. Luckily, visiting the post office isn’t the only choice you have.

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