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How Much Does It Cost To Mail a Postcard—Postcard Mailing Rates

Are you visiting fun places and want to surprise your friends or family members with a postcard? Do you want to try out a different marketing strategy and send promo postcards of your business to existing and potential clients? Whatever the case may be, you’re probably wondering, “How much does it cost to mail a postcard?” DoNotPay is here to give you an answer! Read our guide to find out more about the cost of mailing postcards.

and learn how to send mail without going to the post office or searching for the nearest USPS mailbox!

How Much Does It Cost to Mail Postcards?

The price of sending a postcard via snail mail depends on the postcard’s dimensions and weight. Another factor that influences the cost is the destination. Mailing a postcard to an address in the U.S. will be more affordable than sending it overseas.

Consult the table below to check how much you need to pay to mail a regular postcard that doesn’t weigh more than one ounce:

DestinationMail ClassPriceNumber of Stamps
U.S. statesFirst Class Mail$0.36One postcard stamp
International First Class Mail International$1.20One Global Forever stamp

What Qualifies as a Postcard?

Postcards come in various shapes and sizes, and not all of them qualify for the postcard mailing price. The table above shows the prices for postcards that are:

  • Rectangular
  • At least five inches long, three and a half inches high, and 0.0007 inches thick
  • No more than six inches long, 4.25 inches high, and 0.016 inches thick

How Much Is It To Mail a 5x7 Postcard?

If your postcard exceeds the previously mentioned dimensions, the Postal Services will consider it a letter and charge letter-size postage accordingly. For example, sending a First Class Mail 5x7 postcard that doesn’t exceed one ounce in weight costs $0.55.

How Much Does It Cost To Mail a Letter?

Mailing a letter is more expensive than mailing a postcard, and it depends on the:

  • Mail class
  • Shape of the envelope
  • Weight of the envelope
  • Dimensions of the envelope
  • Destination

The following table shows how much you need to pay to send a letter depending on mail class:

Mail Class

Postage Price

First Class Mail Letter$0.55 for the first ounce

$0.20 for every additional ounce

First Class Mail Flat$1 for the first ounce

$0.20 for every additional ounce

First Class Mail International Letter$1.20
Priority MailFrom $7.16 for one pound (zones one and two)
Priority Mail ExpressFrom $22.75 for half a pound (zones one and two)

Should You Send Letters Instead of Postcards?

While postcards are more affordable, they offer limited space that can’t fit much text. You need to include both the address and your message on only one side of the postcard.

Do you want to write more than just a couple of sentences? You should consider paying a little extra to mail a letter. You can even include a few photos in the same envelope.

A regular one-ounce letter usually includes four pages, which is more than enough to write a nice and personal message.

Learn How To Write Letters Properly

If you like the idea of sending a letter, you should know how to format it correctly.

The rules for writing formal and informal letters are different. Business letters require you to obey certain formatting rules and include the following sections:

  1. Your info—start the letter by writing your:
    • Name
    • Street address
    • City and ZIP code
    • Phone number
    • Email address
  2. Date of writing
  3. The recipient’s info—include the recipient’s:
    • Title and name
    • Company (if applicable)
    • Street Address
    • City and ZIP code
  4. Formal salutation—address the recipient with a formal greeting, such as:
    • Dear Sir or Madam
    • Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. + last name
    • Dear + full name
    • Dear Hiring Manager
  5. Introductory paragraph—introduce yourself—if necessary—and explain the purpose of your letter in a few short sentences
  6. Body of letter—provide more details
  7. Conclusion—finish the letter by thanking the reader and asking for his or her answer
  8. Formal closing—choose one of the following closings to sign off the letter:
    • Regards
    • Kind regards
    • Your truly
    • Sincerely
  9. Hand-written signature
  10. Typed signature

When writing to a friend, you don’t have to follow strict formatting rules. If you want, you can organize your letter like this:

  1. Date of writing
  2. Informal greeting
  3. Body of letter
  4. Informal closing
  5. Hand-written signature

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