How to Delete Your Club Penguin Account Easily

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How to Delete Your Club Penguin Account Easily

Club Penguin was a massively popular multiplayer online game discontinued on March 29, 2017, after the Walt Disney Company issued copyright claims. Since the 2017 shutdown, people have launched their unlicensed versions of the game, including Club Penguin Online and Club Penguin Rewritten that allows fans to continue playing games into the future. Whether you have an inactive original Club Penguin account or the newer versions, you must from their servers.

An old Club Penguin account is a massive risk factor that can compromise your data. Unfortunately, deleting old online accounts can be challenging if you don't remember your login credentials. DoNotPay's Delete Old Accounts product can help you bypass these challenges. DoNotPay will contact the owners of Club Penguin on your behalf and request that your account be deleted according to the data privacy laws.

Aside from deleting your Club Penguin account, we can also assist you in removing your accounts in:

Reasons to Delete Your Club Penguin Account

Old Club Penguin accounts hold crucial personal data that can erode your privacy and compromise security. The personal data associated with your old accounts provide hackers an easy way to guess the passwords you use on other websites and online platforms. In a nutshell, the most obvious reasons why users learn include:

  • Protecting your privacy
  • Avoid risks of cyber-attacks and data theft
  • Avoid the inconvenience of spam emails

DoNotPay provides an easier way to delete old Club Penguin accounts so you can have peace of mind knowing your data is secure.

How to Delete Your Club Penguin Account by Yourself

While there are no simple DIY methods to delete your Club Penguin online accounts, there are a couple of ways to do it. These include:

Sending an Email
  1. Use the steps outlined below to delete your account by sending an email:
  2. Go to an email account that is registered with the application.
  3. Create an email and key in the appropriate email address. For example, if your account is Club Penguin Rewritten, use the email address If you want to delete the original Club Penguin, use the email address
  4. On the subject type: Request To Delete My Club Penguin Rewritten Account or Request To Delete My Club Penguin Account.
  5. Write an email message stating why you want to delete your old account. Include your details, such as your user ID.
  6. Send the email and wait for a response.
Use the "Change My Password" Trick
  1. Click on the "change password" icon within the browser for the game
  2. Club Penguin will reply with an email to reset the password.
  3. Instead of resetting the account, reply to the email and ask them to delete the account
  4. You will receive another email asking you if you are sure. Reply to the email and confirm
  5. Check your account to see if it has been deleted
Leave the Account for 90 DaysAnother way to delete your account is by leaving it inactive for three months. Club Penguin will automatically delete your account if you don't play on that account for 90 days. However, some users complain they established their accounts were still active even after the three months of inactivity.

The above methods to delete your old Club Penguin account are lengthy and tedious. Even after taking the provided steps to request the removal of your account, you are not sure if and when the company will reply and take action. Fortunately, DoNotPay provides an easy and more convenient way to close and delete your accounts permanently.

Issues You Might Run Into Deleting Your old Club Penguin Accounts on Your Own

You are likely to encounter several challenges when deleting old Club Penguin Accounts on your own. Because most providers require you to log into the account before taking the recommended steps, deleting an account becomes an insurmountable task, especially if you have forgotten your login credentials. Specifically, some of the challenges to anticipate include:

  1. Failure to log in to your old account due to forgotten credentials
  2. Failure by the provider to reply to your email requests
  3. Challenges deleting a deceased loved one's account.

DoNotPay can help you overcome these issues. If you have forgotten your login credentials, you can tap into DoNotPay's Recover Passwords product to recover them. Besides, DoNotPay's Delete Old Accounts product will submit a demand letter to CP on your behalf, verifying your account ownership and demanding that the old account be deleted according to the provided privacy laws.

How to Delete Old Accounts Using DoNotPay

If you want to delete old accounts but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 7 easy steps:

  1. Go to Delete Old Accounts product on DoNotPay.

  2. Select the type of account you are trying to delete, such as email, streaming service, social media, gaming, eCommerce, and more.

  3. Tell us more about your account, including usernames and associated emails / phone numbers.

  4. Help us verify your account ownership by entering the date you first created the account, when you last logged in, any payment methods saved under the account, etc.

  5. Upload photographic evidence if you have any that can help prove your account ownership.

  6. Enter any last known or previously used passwords.

  7. Enter your contact information and submit the task!

DoNotPay Can Help You Delete Club Penguin Accounts Today

With the revelation that cyberattacks have gone up nearly 600% since the pandemic, it is crucial to take proactive action to avoid being a victim of vicious hackers. Old penguin accounts are an easy target for cybercriminals since they are rarely monitored. Unfortunately, deleting these accounts on your own is such a tedious task.

Fortunately, DoNotPay's Delete Old Accounts product can submit a demand letter to Club Penguin on your behalf, verifying your account ownership and requesting that the old account be deleted. Contact us today to learn more.

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