How to Get a Chegg Refund

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How to Obtain a Chegg Refund in Nothing Flat

Chegg is an American education technology company specializing in online tutoring, physical and digital textbook rentals, internship search engine, and other associated services. The platform counts over three million subscribers.

In addition to offering the “homework help” service Chegg Study, the platform allows its users to buy or rent physical books and e-books through retail partners.

Get a Chegg Subscription Refund With DoNotPay

Why go through the lengthy motions of manually applying for a Chegg Study subscription refund, if DoNotPay can do it for you in the bat of an eye?

Here is how to go about the process:

  1. Go to DoNotPay in your
  2. Click on Get Protected under the File a Chargeback option
  3. Answer the chatbot’s questions about your bank, the company you need to get the refund from, and other key details
  4. Verify your signature and submit the request

When we receive all the essential details from you, we will automatically fax the refund request to your bank. We will also add relevant VISA and Mastercard codes and regulations that will help with winning the case. If you want to reach out to the vendor first, DoNotPay can do that on your behalf, too.

Manage a Chegg Refund Request On Your Own

If you would like to get a refund on your Chegg Study subscription, get in touch with their customer services department, and request a credit for the unused tutoring minutes. This can be done on the Chegg website and phone.

Find out how to cancel your Chegg subscription.

Can you request a refund via

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Contact Chegg for a Refund Over the Phone

Give Chegg’s customer service team a ring on 1-855-868-1054 from Monday to Friday, 5 am-6 pm Pacific time. Explain why you’re canceling, and why you’d like a refund.

Contact Chegg for a Refund on Their Website

Reach out to customer service through a live Chegg chat on their Contact Us webpage. Select the Live Chat button on the right edge of the screen, and submit your request for a refund.

What Is Chegg’s Refund Policy?

In general, Chegg’s Terms of Use state that if you received Chegg Credit as a refund or in lieu of goods or services, it will not expire. The company also reserves the right to turn the credit to cash and send it to your address.

If you accepted credit that was specifically intended as redemption for cash, you can convert that credit to cash. If you get credit from customer support, you will not be able to redeem it for cash.

You can check your Chegg credit balance on your Payment info page under My account.

Based on users’ reviews, it appears that Chegg can be flexible about refunds and return windows under special circumstances. This is how one user described her experience with Chegg on Consumer Affairs:

“When illness and death in my immediate family forced me to take an unexpected leave of absence from my studies early in the semester, Chegg graciously accepted my return of three rental textbooks. They gave me a full refund, even though I returned these way outside the 21-day return window. I offered to pay the return shipping on the books, but they paid for that, also. I am extremely grateful for their compassion and flexibility and will use them again when I return to school in a year.”

Chegg’s Specific Refund Policies

Chegg also has service- or product-specific refund policies about:

  • Chegg Study membership
  • Bought or rented physical books
  • Bought or rented digital books

Chegg Study Membership

Chegg states that you can swap your Chegg Study membership within the first 30 days after you are billed for your annual subscription. You will be automatically refunded for the amount you were charged when you signed up for your annual Chegg Study subscription. You will receive the refund back on your original method of payment within five business days.

Bought or Rented Physical Books

If you’re not satisfied with the physical book you received, or you realized that you don’t need it, refer to Chegg’s Satisfaction Guarantee Return Policy, This policy states that you simply return the book to Chegg’s third-party partner in the same condition within 21 days using their box and prepaid UPS shipping label. Chegg will give you a full refund minus the original cost of shipping.

The eligible refund period of 21 days starts on the day you submit your order. All refunds must be handled at the point of purchase where you got the book.

Bought or Rented Digital Books

Chegg’s Digital Return Policy says that if you’re not satisfied with any digital book that you rented or purchased from them, or you canceled a class you didn’t need, you can give it back and secure the full paid amount back within the first 14 days.

Go to My Account page and follow the instructions for returns. It’s possible to return the same digital book only one time. If you rent or purchase a digital book after you’ve returned that same book, you’ll not be eligible for a return.

What’s the Average Chegg Refund Time?

On average, credits can take up to five business days to show up in your account. It could take a bit longer, which will vary on your bank.

How to Check the Status of Your Refund From Chegg

You can view the current status in the following way:

  1. Open Chegg’s homepage and go to My Account
  2. Click on Orders page
  3. Choose Order number

You will also get an email containing information regarding when you can expect to receive your credit.

Are There Any Issues With Chegg’s Refunds?

Some users reported that they kept getting charged for Chegg Study service even after cancelation.

Claudia of Huntington Beach, CA, said on Consumer Affairs that she called Chegg’s customer service team and that they would only refund her for the last few months, not the entire nine-month period her daughter had not used the service. She advised everyone who signed up for Chegg that they monitor their credit card charges from the company, and have their card issuer block Chegg after they cancel the service.

If Chegg has wronged you, you can rely on DoNotPay’s help to send demand letters to them in small claims court.

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