Does Justfly Give Refunds?

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Does Justfly Give Refunds—Justfly Refund Policy in a Nutshell

Justfly is an online travel agency whose website and mobile app you can use to book cars, flights, and hotels at an affordable price—though not without issues. Justfly, a FlightHub affiliate, suffered a major lawsuit in 2019 that unveiled the company’s dishonorable business practices.

If you’re experiencing issues with your Justfly booking, stick with us to learn how best to request and get a Justfly refund.

Justfly Refund Policy—What You Need to Know

If you browsed the Justfly website to learn what your customer rights are regarding refunds and cancelations and you were left with more questions than answers—it isn’t your fault! Justfly does not have a clear-cut refund policy. As a third-party booking service, Justfly states all your questions on refunds should be redirected to the airline.

That said, in its Terms and Conditions, Justfly notes that even though bookings are nonrefundable, there may be exceptions.

Justfly 24-Hour Refund Cancelation

The most notable exception to the Justfly strict no-refunds policy is the American booking for which you can be fully refunded if you cancel it within 24 hours (Eastern Standard Time) of booking. Even then, you will be charged a fee per ticket. The change, refund, and cancelation fees range between $75 and $200, and they are nonrefundable.

Justfly also offers the 24-hour cancelation protection policy that you can buy for $19.99 after you make your booking. Once you do, if the refund or cancelation is possible for your booking, you won’t be charged an additional “penalty” fee.

Justfly Future Travel Credits

The other special case in which you can be refunded with Justfly is if the airline of your booked flight gives you Future Travel Credits. How you can use the credits is restricted and determined by the airline’s terms and policies. The most significant rule you must be aware of is that the travel credits can only be used by the person they were assigned to and within a specific time frame the airline determines.

Even if you are granted the travel credits, you may still be charged the Justfly’s applicable fees for changes, refunds, and cancelations.

The Car and Hotel Bookings Refund Policy

When it comes to your Justfly bookings of the car and hotel services, there are no loopholes through which Justfly will grant you a refund. If you need to cancel the car or hotel reservation, you must contact the service you booked and consult them directly. The practice is usually standard with booking companies like Justfly—just read about the Expedia refund policies.

Let DoNotPay Help You Get a Justfly Refund

DoNotPay is always ready to assist you with canceled flights and flight delay compensations. Whether you need to request a refund from Justfly, FlightHub, or the airline itself, DoNotPay does the trick!

The process is also straightforward and doesn’t take more than a minute to complete. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

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Just like that, our AI Consumer Champion sees to it that your refund request is sent to your bank immediately. DoNotPay will notify you by email as soon as the process is done. We can also write up a letter with all your credit card laws and codes, so you have a stronger chance of winning your case.

Even though airline and booking companies are strict with their policies, you can always try to get a refund for plane tickets.

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What to Do if You Want to Request a Justfly Refund on Your Own?

If your booking is eligible for a refund, you can request your money back manually in several ways. To get a Justfly refund, you can:

  • Cancel the booking on the company’s website
  • Contact Justfly by phone
  • Send the company an email

How to Cancel a Justfly Booking on the Website

As noted, you’re eligible for a Justfly refund for the same-day cancelations. Regardless, even if you’re canceling past the 24-hour deadline, you might get travel credits. To cancel your booking on the Justfly website, take the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Justfly account
  2. Locate the Booking page
  3. Choose the Cancel Booking option in the menu
  4. Follow the prompts from the cancelation form

Once again, keep in mind that you’ll have to pay a cancelation fee even if you cancel your booking as early as hours after you made it.

How to Contact Justfly by Phone

If you’re experiencing issues with canceling your booking on the website or want to request a refund by speaking to Justfly, you can reach the company’s agents by phone. These are the two Justfly customer service contact numbers:

  • +1 (800) 717-5015
  • +1 (902) 620-0689

Phoning customer service representatives is never an ideal option to request a refund. Usually, hundreds of people wait in line to speak with the company's agents, and if your request is urgent, you might feel irritated and disappointed.

How to Contact Justfly Through Email

Your third and final option to file a refund request to Justfly directly is by emailing the company.

Justfly Customer Service Email Address

When to Use It

  • If you’re applying for a refund after the 24-hour deadline

  • If you’re using the 24-hour cancelation policy

Note that the Justfly refund can take up to two to eight weeks to arrive. Take care to check your bank’s policies on returns as well.

FlightHub Refund Policy

Being partners, Justfly and FlightHub are almost the same companies, and their policies are likewise similar. FlightHub encourages its users to change rather than cancel flights they booked. If this is not possible, you can cancel your FlightHub booking and be eligible for a refund if individual airline policies allow it.

Check the Itinerary page on your FlightHub account to see if you made a booking that qualifies you for a refund. Two notable bits of information are that:

  1. FlightHub can help you file your refund request to the airline you booked
  2. If you’re granted a refund, you might wait up to 18 weeks to receive it

Of course, you can also cancel your FlightHub booking with DoNotPay, and ditch all the back and forth with airlines themselves.

The Refund Deadline Passed, and I Didn’t Get My Money Back

If you were granted a Justfly refund but didn’t receive it even after the eight weeks passed, you could take action against the online travel agency. After all, you would only be among thousands of people to have experienced issues or filed complaints against Justfly.

If you’re intimidated by the prospect of filing a lawsuit—have no worry! DoNotPay can help you send demand letters to anyone, including Justfly and FlightHub.

We make you sail smoothly through the whole process by drafting your paperwork and helping you file a perfect claim. Your only task then is to show up in court when the day comes and win your case.

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