Disputing Parking Tickets In Charleston In Minutes, Without a Lawyer, For Free

A new chatbot has been successfully helping hundreds of thousands of people appeal their parking citation for free, according to BBC News. The app, called DoNotPay, was programmed by a British teenager after going through the same dilemma with citations, time and again. Aside from helping in infraction disputes, the world’s first robot lawyer can also assist when seeking compensation for delayed flights, the report added.

DoNotPay makes it easy for you to appeal your Charleston parking ticket, and it starts with downloading the app. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you:

  1. DoNotPay is free for download using an iPhone. But you can also appeal your ticket using a web browser if you are not an iOs user.
  2. Be prepared to answer a few questions when disputing your parking ticket. These questions could include where you received your infraction, what type of citation was handed to you, as well as why you’re contesting it.
  3. Uploading a photo of your ticket and other pieces of evidence in the app can also solidify your dispute.
  4. After providing all the necessary details, DoNotPay generates a compelling argument to dispute, and potentially beat your parking ticket. 

Watch how people are disputing their tickets in minutes:

Is contesting a parking ticket in Charleston worth the hassle? Can I beat it?

cbs describes how donotpay can help people save millions on parking citations

Contesting a parking ticket could be worth the effort. Despite being guilty of committing a parking violation, simply disputing your ticket could potentially reduce your fine. 

And with DoNotPay doing almost everything for you, there’s just no reason why you shouldn’t appeal your infraction. Back up your appeal with solid pieces of evidence, and you’re halfway there. Here are some pieces of evidence that might be of great use to your dispute:

  • A potential mistake on your ticket
  • Visible corrections or alterations
  • Crucial information not included in your parking ticket
  • Photos of street signs and the area where you were parked and ticketed

You may not believe it, but little errors can be crucial when it comes to citation appeals. These small mistakes can make or break your case, and can even be the sole reason for its dismissal. So always check the little details and ensure the accuracy of the information in your citations. It could save you a few bucks!

DoNotPay also gives suggestions that can help you build a substantial dispute, including:

  • Missing information on the ticket
  • Faded paint on street signs
  • Missing street signs
  • The car was sold before the citation was issued
  • The vehicle owner wasn’t driving at the time

However, in some more severe cases, taking citations to court might be necessary. But before proceeding, make sure that you give these considerations some serious thought:

  • It won’t hurt if you check the Charleston’s regulations first.
  • Do you have witnesses who could stand up for you?
  • Do you have concrete evidence?
  • Are you sure the lengthy process is worth your time?

Charleston is a fair city, though recent changes to its parking regulations, especially in commercial loading zones, can cause even its residents a headache. If you wish to understand more about these rules, read this Reddit thread.

How much time does DoNotPay save?

Gizmodo on DoNotPay helping appeal hundreds of thousands of parking tickets for free

DoNotPay saves you a ton of time. Appeals usually take hours since you’d have to collect information and gather evidence to support your dispute. This data-gathering could also include interviews with witnesses whose statements you can use to help your case. Appealing a parking ticket also means you’d have to write a formal letter and mail them to city authorities all by yourself if you do it manually.

Can DoNotPay help me fight and beat tickets from private parking companies in Charleston?

DoNotPay helps citizens overturn parking tickets in two minutes

Yes! You read it right! DoNotPay can help you fight off both government-issued tickets, as well as citations from private companies, including:

  • Towne Park
  • Imperial Parking, aka Impark
  • Douglas Parking
  • Ace Parking
  • ABM Parking Services
  • SP+, aka Standard Parking
  • Laz Parking
  • Lanier Parking

Is it worth finding a parking lawyer in Charleston?

With Do NotPay’s do-it-all app, you don’t have to spend hundreds or even thousands of bucks to a lawyer. You don’t need a lawyer when appealing simple parking infractions. Since citations usually cost around $40 to $150 depending on your infraction.

But should you feel the need to hire one, ensure that your lawyer has these qualities:

  1. Credentials
  2. Expertise in parking regulations
  3. Experience in parking trials

Finding a lawyer who specializes in parking tickets may not be as easy as looking for one with other specializations. But here’s an easy guide:

  • Ask for referrals.
  • Check your state bar association. It has every detail you need.
  • Create a shortlist of at least three lawyers, if possible.
  • Set up a consultation to know their expertise and rates.
  • Research on their work experience before choosing.

How much can I expect to pay for a parking attorney in Charleston?

Though Charleston is not among the most expensive cities in the US, things can be pretty costly here. According to the latest data, Charleston’s cost of living is four-percent higher compared to the national average. This includes everything – from primary commodities to services. So, expect to shell out more than you would in other cities if you decide to hire a parking ticket lawyer in Charleston.

Generally, a lawyer’s fee ranges between $200 and $1000 per ticket case. If you think a $40 infraction is worth the hassle and that cost, then go for it.

But DoNotPay can do what your lawyer will be doing for you.

If I lose my appeal, how can I pay my parking ticket in Charleston?

money.com article about Joshua Browder's DoNotPay app helping people overturning parking citations

It used to be easy to find a parking space in Charleston, and sometimes even free. However, with recent changes to the City’s parking regulations, it may get harder and more expensive now.

The Charleston government has vowed to intensify its pursuit of parking violators and those who don’t take responsibility for their infractions. So, if you don’t want to receive bench warrants, risk being taken into custody and forced to face the consequences of a simple citation, pay your ticket, or dispute it.

Use Do NotPay’s free app to determine whether your parking ticket in Charleston is beatable. However, if not, pay its corresponding fees

You can pay Charleston parking tickets using these options.

  1. If you have a valid debit or credit card, your citation number or license tag number, you can pay online using the City of Charleston Parking Portal link.
  2. You may also pay by mailing your payment to Revenue Collections Parking Division, 2nd floor, 180 Lockwood Boulevard, Charleston, SC 29403. However, only checks and money orders are accepted using this option.
  3. You can also pay in person. Just go to the Revenue Collections Parking Office during office hours on weekdays.

The City allows you to request a review of your citation within 30 days from the date of its issuance.

Contest or Pay?

Ease Time it takes Cost Benefits
Dispute Appealing an appeal can mean answering just a few questions with an app Disputing parking tickets should take no more than two minutes Can turn out completely free When you appeal your ticket, there’s a high chance of having it reduced or dismissed
Pay You can pay in person or via mail, phone, or online The process usually takes hours and even weeks depending on the type of payment you use Depending on the mode of payment, you could shell out additional fees + the price of the ticket  Saves you from the hassle that comes with a dispute


Does Charleston reduce parking fines? 

Yes, you can have your parking ticket in Charleston reduced. Take this Reddit thread for an answer. 

The City is strict with parking rules, but it is also lenient with reductions, especially when you have a reasonable argument.

Money is pretty tight right now, what happens if I don’t pay a citation I get in Charleston?

Failure to pay parking tickets in Charleston, just like in all of the US, won’t result in imprisonment. However, if your ticket is marked “Appearance Required,” you must appear in court to avoid getting a bench warrant. Here are other consequences when you opt not to pay your parking ticket in Charleston:

  • Late payments always increase your fees
  • Refusal of your license plate’s renewal
  • License suspension
  • Unpaid parking tickets go straight to a collection agency, risking your credit score which may affect future personal loans
  • Your vehicle may be subject to towing

Can Charleston infractions go on my record?

Your driving record won’t show any citations or parking violations you’ve committed. However, having unpaid parking tickets can indirectly affect your renewal of license since your local DMV usually checks any violations under your vehicle registration.

This has severe implications. Your local DMV can suspend your driver’s license and refuse to renew your vehicle’s registration should you opt to ignore your parking tickets. So, instead of risking getting booted or having your license suspended, try disputing your tickets with DoNotPay! It will just take you a few clicks.

What if I never received a ticket on my car? Do I still need to pay it off?

Aside from the physical ticket parking officers hand out, they also notify violators via mail. So, yes, even if your parking ticket was blown off by the wind or stolen and went missing, you will still have to deal with the infraction. 

The only problem that could arise from this is when you failed to inform the DMV that you changed your address – in this case, you’re not going to see the notification via mail. However, if all your information in the DMV’s register is accurate, then you should not worry about missing citations – you also can’t use this as an excuse in front of a judge, so don’t even bother.

Can parking infractions in Charleston increase my insurance rates?

Your insurance company won’t know about your parking citations. However, insurance companies like StateFarm ask for your license as part of their requirements. 

Should the DMV suspend your license, we’re almost sure that you will have a hard time renewing your car insurance coverage.

I was driving from out of state, do I really need to pay a ticket I received in Charleston? Even if I don’t plan on coming back?

The answer is a resounding yes. You need to pay parking citations whenever you’re issued with one and wherever you received it. It doesn’t matter if you reside in that state or not. 

Each city or state has its own parking laws that you are required to follow the moment you cross that state’s official land. Failure to obey a state or city’s law has consequences. No violation is negligible. However, some offenses, like parking citations, can be disputed.

And with DoNotPay, it’s so easy to appeal your infractions – even outside your state or country of residence.

Do Charleston traffic cops give tickets to people who are in their car?

You can get parking tickets even while you’re behind the wheel. Staying stuck in one place, even for just a few minutes, can result in an infraction. So, always mind your parking when you answer a call or an urgent text message.

Parking officers pay attention even to the smallest of details that we often miss. 

What about if I’m driving a rental car?

You should pay any citations you obtained while renting a car. Insurance companies, like Alamo, usually charge your credit or debit card automatically when you receive an infraction. However, a problem arises when you pay in cash. In situations like this, insurance companies expect you to pay via your credit card or mail.

Alamo makes it easier for you to pay car rental citations online. But if you prefer to pay via mail, you can also do so by mailing your payment and indicating your citation number, as shown in the notification letter that was sent to you beforehand. 

If you already pay the citation in person, you can submit a citation refund supporting documentation using this link.

How much does the City of Charleston make from parking tickets?

Charleston claimed $3.43 million from parking violations in 2018, and the figure is expected to spike this year after the City eliminated free evening parking to raise city revenue. In fact, parking meter revenue rose threefolds just months since the regulation was enforced.

The new regulation eliminated free evening parking, which has been in place in the City for a while now and doubled the price of parking meters to $2 per hour. Residents, especially those working in hospitality and restaurant industries, were struck by the changes since they can no longer get metered spaces at a low cost. But the changes don’t end there.

Charleston has vowed to be more aggressive in giving out and pursuing fines, especially those issued to non-Charleston residents. The majority of unpaid tickets in Charleston are out-of-state, according to a financial officer with the City.

Where has DoNotPay disputed the most parking tickets?

DoNotPay helps users dispute tickets in any city, but where DoNotPay disputes the greatest number from tickets are the cities that generate the most revenue from parking tickets.

In the US, New York City and Chicago top the list with NYC parking tickets generating almost one billion dollars in revenue from parking tickets alone in 2016 and Chicago parking tickets $272 million in 2018.

Over half of the revenue raised by fines in 2o16 was because of the parking tickets, and learning how to dispute NYC parking tickets should be on your mind.

At the time this article was written, DoNotPay has helped to dispute and win millions of dollars in fines in both of these cities.

What else can DoNotPay do?

DoNotPay can also assist you with:

When using Do NotPay’s free app, all you need to do is answer a few questions and wait for the result of your dispute. Appealing a citation has never been this easy! So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and make use of it now!

To summarize San Jose parking tickets:

You can appeal your tickets with little to no effort. DoNotPay can help you beat your parking ticket – as it did with 160,000 infractions since its launch.
Appealing a parking citation should not take more than 120 seconds. DoNotPay allows you to contest your parking ticket under two minutes.
DoNotPay can assist you with both government- and private company-issued infractions. DoNotPay offers services wherever you are in the US.
Failure to pay your parking ticket in Charleston can result in bench warrants, among other severe consequences. You won’t be jailed if you don’t pay infractions.
Parking infraction disputes can be worth the lengthy process and effort. However, with DoNotPay, you can save yourself from the stress and hassle that comes with disputes.
Charleston has several payment options: via phone, mail, online, or in person. But using DoNotPay, there’s a great chance that you won’t need to pay it at all.
The City of Charleston usually allows a reduction in parking tickets. You have to appeal your ticket within 30 days after its issuance.
Your parking tickets won’t be reflected on your driving record. But this doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay your citation.
You can’t use missing or stolen parking tickets in courts. The city will notify you whenever you have parking violations via mail.
Parking tickets don’t affect your insurance coverage. However, unpaid citations can result in the suspension of your license, which is a requirement to renew your insurance.
You can take your parking infraction to court. But court proceedings aren’t that necessary and could even cost you more in the long run.
You should pay citations you incurred, even if received in other states. Cities and states have different parking laws that should be obeyed at all times, all the same.
You can avoid parking tickets if you pay close attention to city regulations. Appealing a citation is always an option.
You can be ticketed even when you’re behind the wheel. Stopping to answer a call, a text message or an email can result in parking violations, and therefore, a ticket.
Car rental companies require renters to pay all parking tickets obtained during the rental. Infraction fees can be automatically charged to your debit or credit card. If you paid in cash, it is your duty to pay the car rental company via mail or online.
Charleston had launched sweeping changes to its parking regulations and vowed to pursue violators. The City rakes in more than $3 million in parking fines in 2018.
DoNotPay can assist you with your other needs for free! Appealing speeding tickets, canceling free trials, and seeking compensation for delayed flights are just some of them.