How to Get a CDKeys Refund in No Time

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A Detailed Guide to Requesting Your CDKeys Refund Fast and Easy

CDKeys is one of the most popular websites for game key reselling. Other than selling activation codes for games, CDKeys also offers merch—mugs, T-shirts, phone cases, and other accessories.

Third-party game key resellers like CDKeys aren’t authorized, and that’s why many people consider them shady.

Key Things to Know About the CDKeys Refund Policy

If you want to request a refund for the game key you bought, you should do it within seven days of purchase. Another condition is that the activation code wasn’t redeemed during that period.

Your refund will be credited to the original payment method. The CDKeys team looks into each refund request individually. If they notice the key has been redeemed, you won’t get your refund.

When it comes to merchandise, Spreadshirt makes all of the merch items for CDKeys, and their return policy applies to those products. You are free to return the item within 30 days of purchase if it didn’t meet your expectations or if the size doesn’t fit you. Keep in mind that you will pay for the shipping both when getting and returning the package. You decide how to be refunded—you can:

  • Receive your money back
  • Exchange for another product
  • Exchange for a voucher

You will have to return the product by mail in a “like new” condition. The Spreadshirt team will control the merch and issue a refund if the products aren’t damaged.

Ways to Request a CDKeys Refund

Here are the options you can choose from to request your CDKeys refund:

Can You Request a Refund Via

Yes / No










How to Request Your Game Key Refund Through the CDKeys Website

You can contact the CDKeys customer support by completing the contact form on the website. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Support page
  2. Complete the ticket with all the necessary info
  3. Choose “Refund” in the “What type of support question you have?” field and select why you are requesting it
  4. Explain your problem in the “Description” field
  5. Click “Submit”

Other Options for Requesting a Game Key Refund on Your Own

You can also dial +1 855-534-4806 if you prefer requesting a refund over the phone. The third option is to send an email to

Request Your CDKeys Merch Refund Through Spreadshirt

Before you mail back the products you want to return, make sure to give the Spreadshirt customer support agents a call by dialing +1-800-381-0815 (U.S.) or +1-724-832-1993 (international). The working hours of their call center are Monday–Friday 9 am–6 pm. You’ll need to have your order ID to be able to request a refund.

Another option is to write an email and send it to

DoNotPay Will Navigate the Phone Tree for You!

DoNotPay customer service

Getting in touch with customer support agents can be stressful for some people. That’s why DoNotPay can hold the line for you and notify you once one of the representatives is ready to talk to you so that you don’t have to waste time on the phone.

Other than helping you call the CDKeys and Spreadshirt customer care agents, DoNotPay will also assist you in jumping the phone queue when contacting other companies, such as:

DoNotPay Helps You Request a CDKeys Refund Hassle-Free

Want to avoid wasting time requesting a CDKeys refund on your own? DoNotPay has got you covered! We will help you ask for your refund in no time, and we will also automatically fax the request to your bank. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account either from a
  2. Click on “Get Protected” in the “File a Chargeback” field
  3. Answer all of the questions
  4. Type in “CDKeys” as the name of the merchant
  5. Verify your signature
  6. Select “Submit”

DoNotPay will make sure to send a letter that contains all the Visa or Mastercard codes. If you don’t feel like contacting the merchant and collecting the evidence yourself—as requested by the Fair Credit Billing Act—DoNotPay will do it for you.

Here’s what other refund requests we can help you with:

How Long Will I Wait for My CDKeys Refund?

When requesting a refund for a game access code, you can expect to receive your money seven to ten days after requesting it.

If you want to return a merch item, it will take a bit longer to receive a refund, but not more than 30 days.

Still Haven’t Received Your Money? Check Your CDKeys Refund Status

Are you still waiting to receive a refund even after a few weeks? You can call your bank or credit card issuer and check what’s blocking the transaction. Another option is to dial +1 855-534-4806 (CDKeys) or +1-800-381-0815 (Spreadshirt) and ask them if your refund is on its way.

Potential Issues You Might Come Across When Requesting a CDKeys Refund

There are a few problems that may stop you from receiving a refund. Other than being mindful not to redeem a game key you want to request a refund for, you should also make sure to complete the ticket on the website correctly. If the info you provide is not correct, the company won’t approve of your refund request.

When it comes to merchandise, you need to be careful not to damage the product you’re returning. Also, make sure to ship back everything that you received together with the product—receipt, original packaging, etc. Another important thing to do is contact the Spreadshirt customer support before you send back your order. They won’t issue a refund if you don’t inform them about it first and provide your order ID.

Keep in mind that CDKeys is a third-party, unauthorized game access code reseller, which means that it can potentially be a scam. That’s why receiving a refund for them can’t be guaranteed.

Save Your Time and Money—Sue CDKeys With DoNotPay

Do you feel like your consumer rights have been violated? You can sue CDKeys in small claims court with DoNotPay if your case qualifies for it. We will determine that by asking you questions regarding the reason why you want to sue CDKeys and the type of compensation you hope to get.

If your case is eligible for small claims court, we will help you write a demand letter, complete all of the forms, collect the documents, compose your statement, and serve CDKeys justice.

This will make the process less stressful and leave you with only two tasks that you will have to do by yourself—filing the complaint and showing up in court.

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