How To Start a Camtasia Free Trial

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Here’s How You Can Get a Camtasia Free Trial

Camtasia is a software suite developed by TechSmith, used for creating presentations and video tutorials. It allows multimedia recording that can be directly integrated into PowerPoint.

Snagit is another piece of recording software developed by TechSmith that focuses on screenshots and still-image editing. It has video editing functionalities, but they are not as developed as Camtasia’s.

These programs are useful for creating interactive and engaging video content. TechSmith offers free trials for both Camtasia and Snagit.

How Does the Camtasia Free Trial Work?

If you want to check out the program, TechSmith allows you to download a free version of Camtasia for a limited time. The trial lasts 30 days and includes all of the paid features of the program.

It comes with a significant drawback—every produced video will feature a TechSmith watermark. This severely limits the applications of the produced video outside of the program. You can’t export a video without a watermark until you’ve switched to the paid version of Camtasia. You can still edit videos and explore the different functions Camtasia has to offer.

Techsmith can terminate your trial at any time and for any reason, which could lead to losing content as you’re working on it.

How To Sign Up for a Camtasia 30-Day Free Trial

Signing up for Camtasia is a pretty straightforward process. All you have to do is:

  1. Visit the TechSmith website
  2. Go to the Store section
  3. Click on Learn More, located below the Camtasia tab
  4. Hit Download Free Trial
  5. Choose the operating system you use and proceed with the download
  6. Follow the install wizard’s steps until Camtasia is installed

You can only install Camtasia’s free trial on a single device. The TechSmith website states that you can’t use the free trial for commercial or benchmarking purposes.

How Does the Snagit Free Trial Work?

Snagit can also be installed as a free trial that lasts 30 days. There are no limitations, and you can use the full functionalities of the program during the trial.

Users that sign up for the TechSmith Video Review extended trial also receive 15 days of Snagit for free. Once the trial is over, you can sign up for the regular 30-day Snagit trial to continue using the program.

You can only sign up once for the Video Review trial and the standard Snagit trial. After they run out, you’ll have to pay for the program to continue using it.

How To Sign Up for Snagit Trial Version

If you want to install the Snagit free trial version, you have to:

  1. Go to the TechSmith website
  2. Navigate to the Store tab and click on the Learn More option on the Snagit tab
  3. Select Free Trial in the top-right corner
  4. Choose your operating system
  5. Download the program
  6. Follow the installation wizard

You can immediately start using Snagit and enjoy all of its functionalities, including:

  • Premade template layouts
  • Screen capture and recordings
  • Simplify tool

The projects can be edited and exported without watermarks.

How Much Do Camtasia and Snagit Cost After The Free Trials End?

The paid versions of Camtasia and Snagit can be bought individually or through a TechSmith bundle. You only pay for them once, but TechSmith offers a subscription service for the programs’ maintenance. Here are the Camtasia and Snagit prices:

The Programs

Free TrialsPricing for Paid Versions

Maintenance Subscriptions


30 days

  • $294.18 one-time purchase
  • $58.55 per year


15 days + 30 days

  • $58.83 one-time purchase
  • $15 per year

Camtasia + Snagit Bundle

No free trial

  • $323.61 one-time purchase
  • $64.49 per year

Do Camtasia and Snagit Free Trials Auto-Renew Into Paid Subscriptions?

No, you won’t be charged for Camtasia or Snagit after the free trials end. The programs are one-time purchases, and they don’t require a subscription to use.

The maintenance subscriptions for Snagit and Camtasia auto-renew on a yearly basis. You will have to cancel them before the end of the billing period to avoid being charged again.

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