How To Get a BYU Academic Scholarship With Ease

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BYU Academic Scholarship—Details and Application Requirements

Applying for college scholarships is easier said than done because there are many opportunities with different eligibility requirements. When applying, you have to research various websites, which makes the process strenuous. You also need to check whether some have specific requirements, such as mandatory recommendation letters or particular eligibility criteria (graduates or women only).

If you want to compete for a BYU Academic Scholarship, this guide will help you grasp the application process without effort. can help you find similar if not better scholarships in no time.

BYU Academic Scholarship Types

BYU (Brigham Young University) offers several scholarships types tailored for various student categories, and these are:

Scholarship TypeWho Is Eligible?
New Freshman ScholarshipFirst-year students for undergraduate scholarships
Former and Continuing Student ScholarshipStudents that completed at least 12.0 BYU credit hours as a day continuing student
Transfer Student ScholarshipTransfer students—They can apply as continuing students if they completed at least one full enrollment (12 credit hours) at BYU
BYU College/Department ScholarshipEach department has specific rules, so you must contact them
Spring & Summer ScholarshipsStudents that didn’t claim full-time enrolments can get these awards
International Student ScholarshipFreshman and former students

New Freshmen Scholarships for BYU

Students can apply for undergraduate scholarships during the initial semester or term at BYU. High school grades are the main academic indicator, and ACT/SAT scores are optional.

Former and Continuing Student Scholarship

Your BYU cumulative GPA (which doesn’t include transfer work) must meet the cutoff to qualify you for a scholarship. The university calculates cutoffs based on ranking students in their colleges and awarding scholarships until funds are available.

Transfer Scholarship

To be considered, you must complete the required number of credit hours by the specific deadline, depending on the entrance date.

BYU College/Department Scholarship

Contact your department and college advice center to learn about available opportunities.

Spring & Summer BYU Academic Scholarships

Students can apply for this particular scholarship if they fulfill at least half an enrollment credit.

International Student Scholarships

Freshmen and former students must submit their applications by:

  • December 15 for spring, summer, and fall semesters
  • August 1 for the winter semester

What Are the Basic Brigham Young University Scholarships Eligibility Requirements?

Basic BYU scholarship requirements relate to:

  • Minimum hours and dropping classes
  • Eligibility limits
  • Multi-year scholarship policies

Minimum Hours and Dropping Classes

You must register for the required number of credit hours (typically 12 for a fall/winter semester) to get a scholarship. Note that you must maintain the number of hour credits. Language exams and audited and Independent Study courses don’t count toward those.

If you fall below the minimum hour credit requirement, your scholarship will be canceled, and you will have to pay tuition and discontinuance fees. If extraordinary circumstances cause you to drop classes, try to inform your enrollment service counselor in advance.

Eligibility Limits for Financial Aid

If granted, you can count on financial aid for eight fall/winter semesters. Spring/summer semesters do not count.

Multi-Year BYU Scholarship Requirements

To keep your scholarship, you must maintain at least a 3.60 BYU grade through the end of the winter semester. BYU usually expects students to enroll in a two-semester equivalent every academic year. In case you drop a major semester, you can move the scholarship to spring and summer terms of the same academic year.

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