Contest Parking Tickets in Boston, MA

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Dispute Boston parking tickets in a 2 minutes

There is no need to go to great lengths to contest a parking citation anymore. The world’s first AI Consumer Champion will do it for you in a blink of an eye in any city in the US. With the DoNotPay app, the whole process of appealing to an infraction is reduced to only a couple of minutes, free of charge, with a high success rate.

Beating parking citations has never been easier

The incredible amount of beaten tickets so far attests to how successful our app is. According to Gizmodo, the DoNotPay app has managed to fight over 160,000 citations and counting. How come it is so efficient? Well, because it takes only a couple of minutes for the app to dispute infractions in any city in the US.

Watch how you can dispute parking tickets in any city in the US:

Contest Boston infractions in less than 120 seconds

Parking Clerk within the City Hall of Boston handles parking spaces, violations, and regulations in this city. Their website contains all the information both residents and visitors to Boston need to know about parking policy.

Although there are parking permits available, with Boston being the capital of Massachusetts, residents still violate parking regulations on a daily basis. Since most of them don’t want to bother themselves with disputing those tickets, they pay what they owe.

But, with DoNotPay, they can contest their infractions much quicker and easier. All they have to do is:

  • Open their web browser
  • Provide details about the citation you want to beat
  • Upload the picture of the infraction

The app will, in turn, generate the appeal letter suitable to your state’s laws and policies.

With the DoNotPay app, the process has never been easier and simpler.

Is appealing a citation really worth it?

The success rate and the number of beaten tickets so far indicate that with our app, it is absolutely worth the trouble. Contesting a citation all by yourself is a complicated process that will take at least a day only to submit all the documents and wait for the authorities to reach the decision. To appeal a ticket in Boston, you can select one of the four options:

  • Online - before you contest, you have to provide information such as:
    • Your full name, surname, and address
    • The reasons behind your appeal
    • Your plate and registration number
    • The eight-digit number of your citation
    • The country where your car is registered
    • All the documentation you have to support your claim

Then you have to fill out the form, and wait 7-10 days to notify you of their decision.

  • In person - with the same information as in online application, you visit the Parking Clerk at this address:
    • 1 City Hall Square, Room 224
    • Boston, MA 02201
    • Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4:30 pm
    • They will mail you the decision in 7-10 business days.
  • By mail - send a letter containing the same information as provided above to:
    • City of Boston
    • P.O. Box 55800
    • Boston, MA 02205
    • You will receive their decision on your appeal in 7-10 business days.
  • By video call - This option is allowed only to those who aren’t residents of Massachusetts, their vehicle isn’t registered in this state, and their ticket isn’t more than three weeks old. Send an email containing the same details as those from above to and wait for them to schedule your hearing.

In any case, if the authorities deny your contest, you have ten days to pay the citation.

Every option is complicated to some degree. But you don’t have to go to such great lengths to appeal to your infraction as the DoNotPay app can achieve this within minutes.

How much time does DoNotPay save?

As noted, the process of beating a ticket all by yourself takes time and energy, and you don’t even know whether it will pay off. With the success rate of 74%, the DoNotPay app can save you money, time, and energy as the whole process only lasts a couple of minutes, and it is highly efficient. There is no need for you to bother with any of this alone and wonder whether you have missed something or you need some additional papers.

Will DoNotPay help me fight parking tickets from private companies?

As the capital and the most densely populated city in Massachusetts, Boston has problems with parking spaces. As a solution to this problem, the City offers government and private parking facilities to help Bostonians and visitors to find a free parking space much easier and faster.

Our app helps dispute both the government-issued parking infractions and those received from the private parking companies. Besides, in case you get an infringement in some other city in the US, the DoNotPay app can appeal that ticket too, since it can be used in any city in the country.

Whether it is Boston or any other town in the US, chances are you will encounter private parking spaces belonging to some of the most popular private parking companies in the country such as:

  • Laz Parking
  • Towne Park
  • Douglas Parking
  • ABM Parking Services
  • Imperial Parking
  • Ace Parking
  • SP+ or Standard Parking
  • Lanier Parking

So, with our application, there is no need to worry about your parking tickets, as it can successfully dispute them, no matter whether they are from the government-owned or private parking.

Do I need a lawyer to dispute a parking citation in Boston, MA?

No, there’s no need for an attorney. But some people feel more confident when someone experienced helps them with this case, so they hire representation. Hiring a lawyer is complicated, and it requires a few steps, such as:

  1. Determining whether you can afford the cost
  2. Selecting the best candidates out of many attorneys in such big of a city as Boston
  3. Meeting one-on-one to present them your case and discuss the next steps as well as their fee and coming up with a payment plan

Most importantly, the attorney will cost you much more than the ticket itself! Why waste your hard-earned money on lawyers when you can download our app and let the world’s first AI Consumer Champion dispute the ticket for you completely free of charge?

How much does a parking ticket lawyer cost in Boston?

Attorneys in Boston cost $278 on average. Add to that their level of expertise and experience, and you will probably spend your entire salary on a lawyer! Not to mention that your citation costs way less. If you compare the average price of representation and the price range of the Boston parking citations between $25 and $120, you can conclude which one is more expensive.

With the DoNotPay app, you won’t spend any money whatsoever! Just download the app for free and let it work its magic!

How do I pay for the Boston parking ticket?

The City of Boston offers four options to pay for the citation. Residents can select which option suits them the most and settle their debts within the allowed time limit. These are:

  1. Online or by phone - On the official website of the City of Boston, there is a section devoted to parking infractions. To pay the ticket, you have to insert violation number, notice number, or plate number, without adding any spaces or hyphens between the digits. They accept only Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. It takes a while for your violation to show up in the system, so wait at least three days after its issuance to complete the payment. To pay by phone, call 617-635-3888 and have your citation number ready. They accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.
  2. By mail - Write a letter to the City including your name and address, ticket and registration number, and payment of the fine in the form or a personal check or money order, and send everything to the following address:
    1. City of Boston
    2. P.O. Box 55800
    3. Boston, MA 02205
  3. In person - By visiting the City Hall at 1 City Hall Square, Room 224 in Boston, MA. They accept debit or credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express, cash, or checks and money orders payable to the City of Boston. If you decide to pay with your debit or credit card, bear in mind that there is a non-refundable service fee of 2.5% of the total amount. The City Hall works Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4:30 pm.
  4. By using an app - Download the app on Google Play for Android devices, or through Apple’s app store. You can find information about unpaid tickets, and make secure payments with this app.

Should I pay or contest?

EaseTime CostBenefits
PayOnline, by the app, and in person is super easy, but by mail, it takes a bit more time to fill out the paperworkPaying by mail takes time up to a week, while online, by the app, and in person takes at least two days for the money transfer and the procedure completionFrom $25 do $120Your record and insurance remain intact
DisputeWith our app, quite easy and simpleA couple of minutes the mostNo costDNP saves time, money, and energy as you won’t have to pay the ticket or at least pay a considerably reduced amount

What happens if I don’t pay my ticket?

In Boston, you have to pay or appeal the fine within 21 days of getting your citation. If you fail to do this in the given time limit, additional late fees will be added on your ticket. For example, if you get an infraction for parking in a handicap ramp, which costs $100, the late fee of $33 will be added to your fine. If you manage to collect five or more overdue tickets, then your vehicle is most likely to get booted or towed. In this case, you will have to pay for all your tickets and fees, as well as the removal fee and storage charges.

Do parking tickets go on my record?

Parking tickets aren’t as serious as traffic and speeding citations, or DUIs so they don’t go on your record. But, if unpaid and piled up, they can cause problems with the DMV. Unless paid for or appealed within 21 days of the issuance date, license and registration will be sent to the Registry of Motor Vehicles to prohibit your renewal. To avoid complications, it is better to pay or dispute all parking infractions within the time limits provided.

Do I need to pay parking fines I receive in another state?

When traveling to a different state, it is always useful to familiarize yourself with its traffic violations and parking policy so you can abide by them and avoid any possible problems with the law.

If you do get fined during your stay in another state, you still have to pay it. It doesn’t matter if you live there or not. Most cities have an online, app, phone, and mail payment options, so it is easier for everyone no matter where they come from to pay what they owe. This is where our app comes to use. The DoNotPay app can dispute parking fines in any city in the US in just a couple of minutes.

Do I have to pay for the tickets I get in a rental car?

Absolutely. Whether the car belongs to you or the rental company, it doesn’t matter. If you get fined, you have to pay for it. When you skip paying your parking citations, rental companies such as U-save will use the credit or debit card number you provided when renting your vehicle to charge you for the fine. Besides, they will add a service fee on top of your penalty, so the whole infraction will cost you much more than you would have paid in the first place.

Can my car insurance go up?

As parking citations aren’t moving violations as traffic and speeding tickets are, they don’t necessarily raise your insurance. At least not immediately. The car insurance companies such as Ez Center usually don’t get notified when you get fined. But, if you happen to accumulate several unpaid or undisputed citations, the DMV notices that and prevents you from renewing your registration until you settle all your debts and additional late fees. This leads to problems with car insurance companies because without a valid registration you can’t maintain your car insurance.

Can I get a ticket while I’m in the car?

Of course you can. It doesn’t matter to parking officers if you are in the car or standing somewhere outside, taking a phone call or replying to a text. They only care about the improperly parked vehicle, which specific parking violation it committed, and how to adequately issue a parking ticket.

You still have to be aware of the rules and the signs, no matter if you are going to be parked for a minute or a more extended period. Watch where you park to avoid being fined.

How much does Boston make from parking tickets?

In 2017, Boston brought in almost $58 million in parking citations only, with 685,000 infractions issued. The statistics further show that the parking fine revenue is $84.67 per ticket. The following year, the city introduced higher fines intending to use the income at the end of the year for the road infrastructure.

DoNotPay helps users fight and beat tickets in any city

DoNotPay helps users fight parking tickets in every city in the US and UK. Here are a few cities we've helped users dispute the most tickets in:

What else can DoNotPay do?

Aside from disputing parking tickets, DoNoPay can also:

To summarize

How easy is it to beat a ticket?With the DoNotPay app, it takes a few clicks and less than 120 seconds.
How long does it take to dispute a citation?Our app gets it done in less than two minutes.
Is fighting an infraction waste of time?No. You have a high chance of winning with DoNotPay.
Does it help rebut tickets from private parking companies?No matter who owns the parking space, our app helps refute both types of tickets.
Do I need a lawyer for this? Not a real one. The world’s first AI Consumer Champion handles contesting citations successfully.
How much will I have to pay the attorney?Lawyers are incredibly expensive, but the robot one is free.
Which option should I use to pay for the ticket?There’s no need to pay for it, as with our app, you can dispute it favorably or considerably reduce the fine.
What consequences will I face if I don’t pay for my citation?Late fees will be added, and your vehicle may get booted or towed.
Will parking infractions show up on my record?No, but you won’t be able to renew your license and registration.
Am I legally obliged to pay the citations I receive in other countries? Yes. With DNP, you can dispute them in any city in the USA.
If I rent a car and get fined, do I have to pay the citation? Yes, or the rental agency will charge your credit card for the fine.
Will my insurance increase if I get a ticket?No, but without valid registration, you won’t be able to insure your vehicle.
If I’m in the car, can I still get a citation?It doesn’t matter where you are; if your vehicle is improperly parked, you will get a fine.

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