Steps to Getting the Blue Apron Free Trial

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How To Have Your Cake and Eat It Too—Try the Blue Apron Free Trial

Blue Apron was established in 2019 in New York. Their CEO has a clear vision—to make you fall in love with meal prep. They provide you with carefully picked ingredients and step-by-step recipes delivered at your doorstep. Then you can enjoy cooking without the added stress of figuring out what to prepare and going shopping. Besides meals, they also offer wine subscriptions, and kitchen utensils.

Does Blue Apron Have a Free Trial?

Every once in awhile, Blue Apron offers free trials and special sales, so be on the lookout. Even if they don’t have a ready free trial, you might snag a meal plan for a marked-down price and/or add some coupon, and you have the recipe for a real bargain.

What You Need To Know About Blue Apron

Blue Apron aims to give you the freedom to choose what you eat without the fuss of mulling over what ingredients you need for a certain dish and going out to buy them. Here’s how they envision their nifty meal-plan kit:

  1. Choose your food
  2. Open the Blue Apron kit
  3. Get cookin’
  4. Dine-in

At Blue Apron, they understand how different people’s tastes are. Not to worry, that’s why they created personalized menus based on your preferences. Are you a vegetarian or allergic to certain foods? They’ve got you covered.

Deliveries are not an issue, either. You have the option to skip or cancel delivery. What’s more, the food is placed in refrigerated boxes so you can rest assured that the ingredients are fresh and waiting for you. Do you want to know when exactly your food arrives? They thought about this too. You can track the delivery box and check the precise time. Find answers to any other delivery questions on this webpage.

Check out this video to see what Blue Apron is all about, and watch the nutritious and delicious food that they offer.

What Does the Free Trial for Blue Apron Include?

When it comes to Blue Apron’s free trials, it all depends on the current offer. As stated in their terms of service under free trials, they offer them occasionally and on certain subscriptions. All the information about the terms and conditions of the trial will be found on their website under that specific offer.

What you should know is that you can get only one free trial for one household. Learn more below!

How Do I Apply for a Free Blue Apron Trial?

There are three things you can do to save money when it comes to using Blue Apron’s services:

  • Catching a free trial
  • Finding a sale
  • Applying a coupon

When it comes to Blue Apron’s free trials, they all have one thing in common—you have to register on their website. We’ll help you along the way:

  1. Visit the Blue Apron’s webpage
  2. Make sure to read their Privacy policy and Terms of use since they collect plenty of personal info
  3. Sign up with your email address, Apple device, or Facebook account
  4. Create a password
  5. Click on Sign up
  6. Fill out your personal details
  7. Select Continue to Billing
  8. Choose the first delivery date in the bottom-right corner
  9. Enter your credit card information
  10. Tap on Place orders & Choose meals

Besides free trials, be alert to sales and coupons.

Sales can be found in their pricing section.

Comb through different coupon sites below, and you might seize an awesome deal:

Will Blue Apron Charge Me After the Free Trial Expires?

Yes, they will! Blue Apron charges its users immediately upon the free trial’s end. It’s also good to know that they will keep charging you until you cancel. You need to cancel before the free trial period expires, or else you’ll lose money and get deliveries you didn’t intend to.

Learn how to cancel the Blue Apron subscription, and find out if you qualify for a refund by reading this DoNotPay’s article.

Stop Automatic Renewals Once and for All

Free trials should be just that—free. They should be an opportunity for people to get the flavor of a certain service or product. It is difficult to keep track of every free trial’s expiration date so that we don’t lose precious money. Free trials will more often than not cost you if you forget to cancel them.

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How Much Are Blue Apron’s Services After the Free Trial?

The price of Blue Apron’s meal kits depends on the free trial in question. You can compare the selection of their meal plans and prices in the pricing section on Blue Apron’s website.

Here’s the price range you can expect:

Recipes per Week

SignatureSignature for 4Vegetarian
2$47.95 weekly total$71.92 weekly total

$47.95 weekly total


$59.94 weekly total$95.88 weekly total$59.94 weekly total
4/$119.84 weekly total


If you want to compare Blue Apron with other similar meal delivery companies, you can read this article. Be aware that prices may not be up to date.

Never Again Deal With Spam Email or Text

Blue Apron collects your personal details, email and actual address, as well as your phone number. These pieces of information are needed so that you can receive their service. They will also send you emails and/or text messages about their offers, though. This is noted in their terms and conditions, and you agree to it when you register.

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