How To Get an ABCmouse Refund With No Hassle

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How To Get an ABCmouse Refund With No Hassle

ABCmouse is a membership-based educational platform featuring loads of learning materials and interactive exercises for children under the age of eight. This initiative offers thousands of accessible books, sheets, and activities.

At first glance, one might think that an offer that includes a one-month free trial and a low monthly subscription price sounds fantastic. Not everything is that great though, as negative reviews on numerous websites testify to the opposite and blame the founding company—Age of Learning—for the multi-million fraud.

Does ABCmouse Give Refunds?

To cut a long story short—no, they don’t.

The complicated process of canceling the ABCmouse service has been causing deep dissatisfaction for former users for a long time. As per TheHomeSchoolMom reviews, not only does the subscription renew even after you cancel the service manually, but the company doesn’t offer refunds for such mistakes either.

Customers who choose an annual subscription in most cases end up being charged again once the membership period ends, even though they didn’t authorize it. Also, when they choose the ABCmouse free trial, they usually get charged right away—not at the end of the trial period.

To make matters worse, it seems that ABCmouse customer support hardly ever assists with such issues. Most reviewers stated that representatives refused their refund requests right away if they were lucky enough to get in touch with an agent at all. Having all this in mind, it’s not difficult to conclude that fighting this type of injustice might be a challenge.

Are There Any Exceptions?

The only exception this company proposes as a possible solution are online store purchases, as the products that belong to this learning base are available for this type of shopping, too.

In case you purchase defective or wrong goods, or they don’t include the described features, you have the right to return the faulty items and get your funds back. The deadline for reporting irregularities is 30 days from the day you receive the parcel.

Is It for ABCmouse Not To Offer Refunds?

Every company has the right to decide whether its policy will include the possibility of a refund in certain cases. This factor depends on the goodwill of the founder. Merchants know that including a compensation option will help them gain customers’ trust, and they usually do practice it.

What has to be fulfilled is a clear emphasis on business principles. State laws stipulate that companies with a no-refund policy are required to state this publicly and thus let customers know how the organization operates.

The parent company of ABCmouse didn’t comply with the following rules and requirements:

  • Their policy doesn’t contain any parts that inform the users about the subscription auto-renewal after the cancellation
  • Their initiative system led to unfair billing and unauthorized charges that weren’t presented to customers

The situation escalated in September 2020, resulting in an official complaint made by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) due to misrepresentations of the company’s policy. This organization is dedicated to exposing companies who perform fraudulent activities and providing the affected customers with convenient help. Their initiative enabled hundreds of ex-users to retrieve their money back.

How To Contact ABCmouse Customer Support

In case you want to get further explanations, you can try contacting the ABCmouse customer support via:

  1. Ticket submission
  2. Phone
  3. Chat

Note, though, that these methods might not get you a refund—they will only help you get in touch with the company.

How To Get in Touch With ABCmouse Customer Support via Ticket Submission

Here’s how to submit a ticket on the ABCmouse official website:

  1. Go to the Contact Us page
  2. Click on Submit a Ticket
  3. Leave your email address so that they can reply and specify the issue
  4. Attach the proof of unauthorized purchase or any other evidence you might have
  5. Hit the red Submit button

How To Get in Touch With ABCmouse Customer Support via Phone

Customers usually have a hard time finding a suitable phone number as they couldn’t find it on the initiative’s official website. Such info does exist though—you can call them on (800) 633-3331. Once the agent picks up your call, try to explain what happened and ask for a possible solution to the problem.

How To Request a Refund from ABCmouse With DoNotPay

If you belong to the group of users that were affected by this incident, we have some good news for you—you won’t need to go anywhere or speak to anyone to get your money back. All this can be done within seconds thanks to DoNotPay—an amazing AI-based app and your new online assistant. Here are the steps you need to follow to request your refund with the help of our app:

  1. Run DoNotPay in your
  2. Choose the File a Chargeback feature
  3. Click on Get Protected
  4. Enter all the details from dialog boxes and confirm the name of the merchant
  5. Add transaction details
  6. Add your digital signature and submit the form

A refund request letter then goes straight to your bank, along with a credit card reason code letter to support your case, as prescribed by the Fair Credit Billing Act. We will do our best to end this procedure with no fuss and bring back your money as soon as possible.

Can You Request a Refund ViaYes/No
In PersonNo

Still No Trace of Your Compensation? Let DoNotPay Help You Send Demand Letters To ABCmouse!

Requesting a refund from ABCmouse might not go as smoothly as expected—there may be a scenario in which neither a satisfactory solution nor an agreement can be reached.

Are they ignoring the requests you keep submitting? If this is the case, you might start thinking about escalating this matter further—and DoNotPay is here to stand up for you in this situation as well.

Our app offers the possibility to help you take the company to small claims court and makes this procedure as easy as one-two-three. It acts by gathering evidence in your stead and proving that you have already tried to resolve the situation with the collected paperwork.

This system increases the chances of winning the case—that’s why we were awarded the American Bar Association Louis M. Brown prize for Access.

Get Rid of Unwanted Charges With DoNotPay by Your Side

Burdensome situations like this usually get the worst out of us and make us think there’s no solution, but DoNotPay is here to reassure you. We understand that ABCmouse isn’t the only company with such a policy, which is why we encourage you to request compensation from any company that offers no refunds with our help.

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