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An A+ Way To Avoid Application Fees—How To Get an AACOMAS Fee Waiver

College tuitions in the U.S. are expensive enough without application fees, yet most colleges require them. Since students want to save as much money as possible, fee waivers are highly sought after.

If you’re looking to apply to a university through the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service (AACOMAS), DoNotPay can help you ease the financial burden of college applications.

What Is an AACOMAS Application Fee?

Colleges in the U.S. tend to burden prospective students with numerous fees. Many require that applicants pay a fee before they can start the application process.

When you apply for a college in the AACOMAS program for the first time, you must pay a $196 fee. Subsequent applications to another college in the same program require a payment of $46. Individual colleges in AACOMAS may require additional fees, but they vary from school to school. You should contact the administration to find out what else you might have to pay when applying.

What Are College Application Fee Waivers?

As their name suggests, college application fee waivers help you avoid paying an application fee when applying to a college.

These fees pale in comparison to college tuition costs, but most students will try to minimize the amount of money they have to pay for any college fee. Applying to multiple colleges makes the process even more expensive.

A fee waiver can help reduce the cost of applying to multiple colleges and provide low-income students with more opportunities to access higher education.

AACOMAS Application Fee Waivers

AACOMAS provides a list of eligible applicants that can request a waiver for its college application fees. These applicants are also granted access to the Big Interview platform, which will prepare them for the college interview process.

The waiver only applies to first-time applications. The college doesn’t waive the $46 fee for subsequent applications.

If you applied late and the waivers have already been granted for the following year, AACOMAs encourages you to request one anyway. It can help the colleges determine eligibility for the next application cycle.

What Are the Qualification Requirements for an AACOMAS Fee Waiver?

Under specific circumstances, prospective students may be eligible for automatic application fee waivers. To qualify for an AACOMAS application fee waiver, you must meet one of these criteria:

  • Have a filled Federal Income Tax Return Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ that determines you fall below the Low Income Level
  • Be listed as a dependent on one of the aforementioned forms

The individual requesting an AACOMAS fee waiver must send their request before applying to a college. Once approved, the prospective student must apply to the college within two weeks, including weekends or holidays.

AACOMAS uses the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services poverty guidelines to determine what counts as Low Income Level. Here’s a chart that can help you figure out if your household income qualifies you for an automatic AACOMAS fee waiver:

Number of Family Members in HouseholdHousehold’s Adjusted Gross Income Level

To calculate the eligible income level for larger families, add $8,960 for every additional member. Dependants count for the total number of family members.

How To Request an AACOMAS College Application Fee Waiver

If you decide to apply to one of the AACOMAS colleges, you should take the necessary steps to reduce the number of fees you have to pay. To request an AACOMAS college application fee waiver, you have to create an account on the official website. The association will not accept requests sent through unofficial channels, even if they meet the necessary criteria.

Here’s how you request a fee waiver:

  1. Log in to your account on the AACOMAS website
  2. Click on your name in the top right section of the page
  3. Select the Fee Assistance Program option
  4. Type in your household's adjusted gross income and the number of family members in the household
  5. Attach a copy of the Federal Income Tax Return form filed by you or someone that lists you as a dependant
  6. Submit your request

For a quicker and more convenient option, use DoNotPay’s specialized feature for college application fee waivers. It’s even easier than getting a fee waiver in the Common App.

How Long Does It Take for AACOMAS To Process a Fee Waiver Request?

Once you’ve submitted your request, AACOMAS will begin processing it to determine your eligibility for a fee waiver. The process can take up to ten days to complete. You can monitor the status of your request by checking your email and application inbox. The association will send you updates periodically.

During the time it takes to process your fee waiver request, you can’t start the application process for an AACOMAS college. If you want to start applying at an earlier time and forfeit your request, you can do so from the Fee Assistance Program tab. Click on the Cancel Request option, and AACOMAS will immediately discard your request.

Get an AACOMAS Fee Waiver Using DoNotPay

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Once you’ve completed the steps, we’ll fill out the necessary forms and send them to your counselor or mail it to the financial aid office directly.

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