What is Way2Go's Customer Service Number?

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How to Contact Way2Go Customer Service

Way2Go is a prepaid card program designed to provide recipients of government payments with easy access to their funds. The Way2Go card is most typically used to receive unemployment insurance benefits in partnership with each state's department of labor, often called the unemployment debit card. However, Way2Go is a flexible and widely used program. You may find the program in use for housing subsidies, child support, home care support, TANF, foster care benefits, firefighters, and other government financial benefit programs.

Here's the catch: It is nearly impossible to get Way2Go - or even to sort out which phone number. Way2Go doesn't have a unified office or a single phone number. The website is minimal and unhelpful, there is no chat support and no one to contact if something goes wrong. What they do have is over 50 different phone numbers.

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Way2Go Support Contact Number and Email

Did you know that Way2Go is available in over 20 states? Nearly half of the union uses Way2Go for unemployment and other government financial benefit programs. Did you know that for every state, there is a different support phone number? In fact, some states have multiple phone numbers for Way2Go support, depending on which program you are calling about.

The only bright side is that they report their customer service lines (all 50+ of them) are available 24/7.

Here's a quick run-down of state-specific . However, because sometimes there's more than one program/number per state, check your details on the Way2Go contact page. Use the first drop-down to select your state and program, and the second just in case there are two programs on the same listing. Then find the number listed in the third paragraph (otherwise, all page text is the same) to find your Way2Go support number.

Alabama Way2Go Support833-888-2779
Arizona Way2Go Support833-915-4045
California Way2Go Support844-318-0740
Pennsylvania Way2Go Support800-304-1669
Detroit Way2Go Support888-929-2460
Florida Way2Go Support833-888-2780
Georgia Way2Go Support888-929-2460
Illinois Way2Go Support877-567-1769
Indiana Way2Go Support833-959-2436
Iowa Way2Go Support844-207-3225
Michigan Way2Go Support844-649-9843
Mississippi Way2Go Support855-709-1077
North Dakota Way2Go Support844-893-3119
New Hampshire Way2Go Support877-246-1311
New Jersey Way2Go Support888-929-2460
Nevada Way2Go Support844-542-1115
Oklahoma Way2Go Support844-893-3121
South Carolina Way2Go Support855-270-4445
South Dakota Way2Go Support844-893-3123
Tennessee Way2Go Support844-246-8558
Utah Way2Go Support800-241-9499
Virginia Way2Go Support800-961-8423
Wisconsin Way2Go Support877-253-3686
Wyoming Way2Go Support844-893-3122
Way2Go Support/FAQ SiteContact Us

Where to Find Quick Help for Your Way2Go Problems

If you want to self-help your way out of a Way2Go issue, this is probably your best bet. You can find their FAQ answers on the Way2Go FAQ pdf, though the questions and answers are basic to use of the card and not complex issues that may arise. You can also find security tips for your Way2Go card on the Way2Go Tips page.

To Reach the FAQ

  1. Navigate to GoProgram.com
  2. Click the Captcha Box (this is normal)
  3. Select "FAQ" in the footer bar on the login page
  4. Way2Go will open the FAQ PDF

Way2Go Corporate Address

Want to ? Want to show up and shout angrily about your card problems or the 50+ phone numbers to choose from?

Unfortunately, Way2Go is not listed on any map. They do not appear to have a central office or even offices in every state where they operate. This is impossible, of course, but the Way2Go offices are certainly unlisted.

If Way2Go Refuses to Help Me, Can I Send Demand Letters To Them in Small Claims Court?

Yes. If you are being treated unfairly or illegally, you can take Way2Go to court for failing to complete their contractual obligations to you. DoNotPay can help.

  1. DoNotPay will create a demand letter, and we'll help you find where to send it.
  2. If the demand letter isn't answered, we'll help you fill out the court forms and provide copies to submit.
  3. We'll help you find where and when to submit your small claims court documents.
  4. Way2Go will be served your lawsuit documents to let them know they are being sued.
  5. You arrive for your day in court. DoNotPay will give you a great script to cover your points before the judge.

Get in Touch With Way2Go Customer Service Using DoNotPay

So you've finally found the right phone number for your Way2Go program, and you've called customer service. There's just one hitch: Now you're on hold. You don't have time for this; there are other things on your to-do list. That's why DoNotPay is here to provide the Skip Waiting on Hold product. We know you don't have time to wait on hold and that Way2Go is hard to get in touch with to start with. So let us do the waiting part for you.

All you need to do is find the right phone number, and we'll do the rest. Let us know where to call, and DoNotPay will do the waiting on hold. We'll ping you when a live customer service agent finally answers so you can take over to explain your problem from there.

Here’s How You Can Use Donotpay to Skip Way2Go Phone Queue:

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That's it. DoNotPay will let you know the instant someone picks up so you can talk to a customer support representative without having to spend a second waiting on hold.

DoNotPay Can Help You Skip the Phone Queue for Any Company

Our Skip Waiting on Hold product works for any phone number and any company's customer service line. If you find yourself on hold, call back through DoNotPay, and we'll let you know when it's your turn with a live agent.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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