Bypass Viber Phone Number Verification

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Bypass Viber Phone Number Verification the Easy Way

In the search for secure ways to communicate online, many people have turned to Viber. This messaging app promises to keep your information private with end-to-end encryption, but if you choose to take advantage of its security features, you'll need to provide a phone number to set up your account. sign up safely.

Why You Might Not Want to Hand Your Phone Number Over to Viber

You have to provide a number for . As well, there are a few other ways that your number may become visible to other users.

Direct ShareUsers connect to individuals by sharing their phone numbers directly. While this is convenient, you may not want to interact with the same people on the app.
Community ChatsIt's possible to chat with someone who isn't in your contacts without exchanging phone numbers by entering a "community" chat. However, unless you take extra steps each time, your phone number will be visible to everyone in the chat.
HackersAs Wired points out, hackers are increasingly skilled at creating "interaction-less bugs." These enable them to eavesdrop on messaging app conversations without being detected, leaving your account, and therefore your phone number, vulnerable.

Why Viber Asks for Your Phone Number

Once you have an account set up, you can use the same Viber account on multiple devices. However, you can only sign up from a smartphone and if you provide a phone number. To get a Viber account you have to go through the following steps:

  1. Download the app to your smartphone from Google Play or the App Store.
  2. Click "Start Now," and you'll be prompted to provide your phone number.
  3. A verification code is texted to that number.
  4. Input the code, and your account is up and active.
  5. Once the account is working, you can download software to use Viber to use on your desktop. It will work on Windows or IOS operating systems. The app will then ask for access to your contacts, so it can help you connect with people you know who are using the service.

How to Verify Viber Without a Phone Number

For the reasons listed earlier, people aren 't always happy about . There's no way to get around providing a number to create an account, so users have come up with other solutions.

Workarounds for Viber Phone Number Verification

  • Buying a burner phone and using that phone number.
  • Googling fake phone numbers.
  • Borrowing a friend 's number.

Problems You May Encounter

A burner phone will work to activate your Viber account, and they're widely available at big-box stores such as Target. However, it's an expensive option, especially if you only need the number for a few minutes to verify an account.

Googling to find a fake number for Viber is a gamble because anyone else could have already used that number, making it invalid. You may also end up with a blocked number because people have tried to use it multiple times.

If you have a friend who's generous enough to let you use their number, be sure to buy them a drink the next time the opportunity arises! But you should both acknowledge that you're opening them up to the same security hazards you're trying to avoid.

How to Solve These Problems With DoNotPay

Fortunately, you can sidestep all these issues with DoNotPay's burner number service. It's a fake phone number app that generates phone numbers that work for single-use, ensuring that you get a usable, unique temporary phone number that is not blocked and used by hackers after you.

Getting your burner phone number is quick and easy.

  1. Access DoNotPay on your web browser.
  2. Choose the Burner Phone tab.
  3. Select Viber and click "Create a temporary number."
  4. When Viber texts your authentication code, DoNotPay will display the message.
  5. Input the code on the vibe app. It will delete the text immediately and get the phone number deactivated after 10 minutes.

For Another Layer of Protection Online, Try a Virtual Credit Card

Viber offers in-app purchases, such as Viber Out, which lets you make phone calls from the app for $5.99 a month. However, providing your credit card information can open you up to more serious security problems. DoNotPay offers the Free Trial Card feature to respond to these concerns, so you can sign up for services without risks. It works like this:

  1. We create a virtual credit card linked to a false name, email address, and security code.
  2. Use your new credit card number to initiate a free trial.
  3. When the trial expires, you will not receive a charge for a full subscription because there is no association between the card and your banking information.
  4. You get unsubscribed automatically without keeping track of the deadline to cancel your free trial.

Other DoNotPay Services

While burner phone numbers are a useful tool, they're far from the only services we offer. We have a long list of ways we can help you hack your life - both online and offline - to make it easier. Here's just a partial list of ways we can help:

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