How to Cancel Veterans' Lottery Membership in 3 Easy Steps

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How to Cancel Veterans' Lottery Membership in 3 Easy Steps

If you're looking to save money or quit gambling, is low-hanging fruit. With inflation rising, every dollar in a household budget counts, and in an especially tight budget saving £10 a month can really make a difference. And if you're seeking treatment for gambling addiction, it's essential to remove gambling subscription services from your life. In either case, you should cancel your Veteran's Lottery membership as quickly as possible. But doing so may not be as easy as you think.

What Is Veterans’ Lottery?

Beyond its prize money offerings, you may not be particularly familiar with the . But unlike many other legalised games of chance, the Veteran's Lottery supports a great cause.

  • The Lottery is organised by the Veterans' Foundation and raises funds to help veterans of the British Armed Forces.
  • The Foundation offers grants to other charitable organisations that help veterans deal with issues ranging from PTSD to healthcare access.

To play the Veterans' Lottery, you can either complete an online form and submit it along with your £10 a month payment. You'll be entered into drawings for one of 12 cash prizes between £100 and £5000. There's also a rollover each month, so you could take home a lot more if you win.

The Veterans' Lottery should not be confused with the Veterans' Raffle. Though if you did confuse the two, it would be understandable. Veterans' Raffle is also a £10 a month fee for its raffle, which also provides contributions to charities that support veterans.

Why Is a Veterans’ Lottery Membership May Not Be Good For You

If you're facing rising expenses, spending extra money on a lottery is not likely the best use of your money. While you could win a decent amount of money, hundreds of thousands of Britons play the Veterans' Lottery each month without winning at all. And if you're going to spend £10 a month to make money, you'd probably be better off saving or investing that money.

Further, if you have a gambling addiction or suspect you may have one, a Veterans' Lottery membership is the last thing you need. While the Lottery only allows each player to enter and play once a month, playing can make it more difficult to manage your addiction. It's easy to rationalise a Veterans' Lottery membership because the money does go to a good cause. And £10 a month isn't that much, right? Because, depending on your income, the amount may seem negligible, maintaining your membership may not seem like a big deal.

But the fact is, maintaining your membership can facilitate your engagement in other gambling activities. You'll optimise your chances of successfully managing your addiction if you simply cancel your subscription and quit other gambling activities while seeking treatment.

There are several other reasons why engaging in lottery services may not be the best option:

  1. Losing is more likely than not.
  2. Modelling poor behaviour for others in your family.
  3. Winning has unintended consequences, including tax liabilities, paranoia, depression, isolation, and broken relationships.
  4. Not all lottery services spend most of their money on veterans.

Despite the benefits to veterans, you may not want to play the Veterans' Lottery. You can always donate directly to veterans' organisations instead.

How Do I Cancel My Veterans’ Lottery Membership?

According to the Veterans' Lottery website, you can cancel your membership at any time by sending an email to and asking them to close your account. But this seemingly straightforward process is not necessarily so straightforward.

For one thing, there are multiple similar lotteries, such as:

  1. Veterans' Raffle
  2. The Forces Lottery
  3. Blind Veterans UK
  4. The Veterans' Charity Lottery
  5. Combat Stress Lottery

And more. You may be signed up for multiple lotteries or, at the very least, be signed up for email newsletters from several different ones. Each has its own cancellation procedures. And in the process of trying to find the exact cancellation method for the Veterans' Lottery, it's easy to mix it up with others.

Further, the Veterans' Lottery has a specific cancellation window buried in their Terms of Services. So cancelling your membership may or may not stop your next debit immediately or result in a refund of monies you may have paid by check in advance.

And if you're looking to cancel your Veterans' Lottery membership to save money or to manage addiction, chances are there may be at least one or two more lottery services that you'd want to cancel. Wouldn't it be great if you could cancel your Veterans' Lottery membership and all other lottery services at once?

You can contact Veteran’s Lottery to cancel your membership via:

Contact Number0333 999 3899
MailVeterans' Foundation, 1-2 Thistle Court, Thistle Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1DD

An Easier Way to Cancel a Veterans' Lottery Membership

Well, you can cancel your Veterans' Lottery membership, along with all other unwanted lottery memberships, very simply with DoNotPay. All you need to do is log in and:

  1. Search for "Manage Subscriptions."

  2. Enter the name of the subscription service you want to cancel (in this case, "Veterans' Lottery.")

  3. Provide your subscription account details, such as your email address and username.

Once you do, we'll get to work cancelling your subscription and getting you the refund to which you're entitled.

What Else Can DoNotPay Help Me Cancel?

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