5 Ways to Cancel Your National Geographic Magazine Subscription

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Cancel Your National Geographic Magazine Subscription In 120 Seconds

One of the longest-running magazine publications in America, National Geographic launched in 1888 and has since served a good 60 million subscribers in over 40 languages around the world. Whether you want your fix on biology, history, science, or technology, National Geographic has been the gold standard for generations.

However, you likely want your subscription to come to an end and wish to do away with all those stacks of magazines piling up at home. Not to worry! Let show you how you can get your National Geographic subscription canceled in a quick and simple manner.

How to Cancel Your National Geographic Subscription

National Geographic has outlined ways you can cancel your magazine subscription. They are as follows:

As you can possibly guess, most of these methods take a long time and patience to get your subscription canceled. members agree that a few minutes with the “Manage Subscriptions” product is better than to skip long, indefinite waits for representatives or replies.

If you’re subscribed to a digital subscription through a third party such as Google Play or Apple, there are ways to cancel on those platforms that don’t involve NatGeo.

How To Cancel National Geographic Using DoNotPay

offers the fastest and simplest way to cancel your NatGeo magazine subscription. Here’s how to cancel that subscription with the “Manage Subscriptions” product.

  1. Sign up for a DoNotPay account on your web browser or with the DoNotPay mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store. After you log in, search for the “Manage Subscriptions” product.
  2. When asked which subscription you’d like to cancel, type in “National Geographic magazine”.
  3. Enter your account details such as your user name and email address and click or tap on “Enter”.

It’s that easy! Check your email inbox for a message that confirms your subscription cancellation.

Does National Geographic Offer Refunds?

National Geographic has issued a refund policy, stating that if you cancel your subscription, you’ll receive a pro-rated refund for the portion of the subscription that you would cancel.

For example, if you’re eight issues into your $54 Print and Digital subscription, and you decide to cancel, you’ll be refunded for the five issues that you won’t receive. As each issue is worth $4.15 in the annual subscription, you would receive $20.75 back in your bank account.

NatGeo doesn’t specify publicly how to get a refund, which might be confusing for those looking for one. However, so long as you request your cancellation, you should be entitled to get a portion of your money back.

If you don’t get your refund, can request one on your behalf! Here’s how that would work.

  1. Log in to DoNotPay.
  2. Look for the “File A Chargeback” product in our menu.
  3. Type in “National Geographic” as the service you want a refund for.
  4. Enter your credit card details so you can process your refund ASAP.
  5. Explain why you need your refund. With this information, we can draft a well-written letter that NatGeo staff can read.

And with that, we would send it right to NatGeo’s customer support to indicate you didn’t get the refund you deserved.

Should You Switch To Another National Geographic Subscription?

National Geographic currently has several subscriptions for all kinds of readers. If you’re looking to end your subscription to save money, perhaps you can look at another subscription that doesn’t cost as much.

Here are all the subscriptions available from National Geographic and how much they cost at regular price:

SubscriptionNumber Of Issues Per YearAnnual Price
National Geographic Print + Digital13$54
National Geographic Digital13$29
National Geographic Kids10$34
National Geographic Little Kids6$34

National Geographic Digital can be accessed on the National Geographic App from the Google Play Store or App Store. You can also purchase National Geographic Digital subscriptions and single issues from third-party platforms such as Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Zinio.

What Other Kinds Of Subscriptions Can DoNotPay Help Me Cancel?

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