Keep Your Personal Information Private and Verify Line Account Without Phone

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How to Safely Verify Line Account Without Phone

You want to make your life easier by creating an account with LINE, so you can send messages, pay bills, listen to music, chat with a doctor, and more. However, during the sign-up stage, you need to verify your phone number.

When you provide your actual phone number, you give up a piece of your privacy and may find yourself with an avalanche of spam. There is a way to protect your information. With the Burner Phone app through DoNotPay, you can verify a phone number without revealing your own.

Why People Use Burner Phones

When you sign up for a service such as LINE, you must submit a working phone number to receive a verification code. Using your phone number reveals private information and subjects you to spam text and robocalls.

Television has led you to believe that only drug dealers, spies, and cheating spouses use burner phones, but this isn't the case. You can use one, too. A allows you to enjoy all the perks of a LINE account while your personal information remains private.

Why LINE Asks for Phone Verification

Like any service provider, LINE will send a code via text or call on your phone to verify that you are a real person. However, it seems like you hear about another corporation that's been hacked every month, and your personal information is in danger.

Companies such as LINE have added a layer of protection for accounts when they ask for phone verification. However, you may still not want to give your phone number for fear of dozens of unsolicited texts and your loss of privacy. A burner phone creates a layer of security for your personal information while you enjoy the benefits of a new LINE account.

How You Can Avoid Phone Verification

When it comes to protecting your phone number when signing up for LINE and other services, you are not alone. There are ways to circumvent the phone verification process, so you can send messages, listen to music, and use all that LINE offers.

Here are a few ways to avoid using personal phone numbers during the LINE registration process:

Use a fake number from Google.There is no guarantee that the numbers generated will work.
Employ Google Voice.You need a Google account to use this, so you would still be giving out personal information.
Buy a burner phone.This phone can be an expense that's wasted if you don't have another need for a burner phone.
Get a friend to let you use their phone number.Doing this can create tension in the future if the number you used receives spam.

A fake phone number can save you money and keep your friendships intact while helping you with phone verification.

Potential Issues With Phone Verification

It 's become common for subscription services, social media platforms, and other online websites to use as part of their security measures. It isn't uncommon to encounter various issues with phone verifications, such as:

  • You don't have your phone with you to receive the verification number.
  • The website you used to get a fake number has been banned by the service you're trying to sign up for.
  • There are times the verification code doesn't appear on your phone. This can happen for two reasons:
  • The website that sends the phone verification code has an issue, and the code never arrives.
  • The receiving phone blocks an unknown number or sends the information to a spam folder.

A fake phone number from DoNotPay can help you avoid some of these issues when creating your LINE account.

Use DoNotPay To Sign Up for LINE Without a Phone Number

You might think that using DoNotPay to generate a temporary, fake phone number is difficult or time-consuming. However, it only takes a few simple steps to secure a phone number you can use to verify your LINE account:

  1. Select the Burner Phone service in your DoNotPay app.
  2. You'll see a list of companies, and you need to choose LINE.
  3. Click on the "Create a temporary number" option.
  4. DoNotPay generates a fake phone number for you to use for your LINE account.
  5. Use the provided number to complete your LINE registration.

Don't take too long to complete your registration with LINE; the number created by DoNotPay expires in 10 minutes.

Use a Virtual Credit Card for Additional Security

It can be daunting to hand over your credit card information to any website, even if it seems secure. Hackers are becoming more skillful at breaching websites with top-notch security. You can protect your financial information online when you use a virtual credit card.

A virtual credit card provides you with numbers linked to your card. You specify the vendor you want to pay, and a virtual credit card is created for the payment. The system even gives you the mechanisms to limit the amount that a vendor can charge.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay can offer you many more services than masking your phone number and credit card information. Some of these services include:

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